To Dante, with love

  • Posted on: 9 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>This is written in response to this article by SFWeekly, "Meet the Accused Black Bloc Protestors", and some of the more disgusting comments below:

My first words are for Dante. Dante! I remember meeting you around a year ago, as we congregated and slept in the concrete prison known as the Civic Center. I admired you for your persistence in spite of all the personal strife you endured. Then you were off, to Oakland, and in my heart I knew it was the right place for you to be. It was five months before I saw you again, In Oscar Grant Plaza, and I smiled at what you had become. The last news I heard of you before this was far from favorable - the State had locked you away for 2 months, just for masking your face on a college campus. I was outraged, I was ready to set the world on fire! How could some fat pig of a judge send you, a splendid young man, away for 60 days, just for attempting to preserve your identity in a world hell-bent on destroying privacy? But all I could do was sigh, and make sure the money we raised for you found its way to the Bay....</td><td><img title="love == fire" src=""></td></tr></table...

To the others mentioned in this toilet rag of an article - For the most part, we have never met though we have several mutual friends. I know Dante personally, but you are not forgotten. My rage is as much for you as it is for him. Yet, there is fear as well.... fear for the relentless retribution of the State. It is all too clear that the trial's outcome has already been decided. I have no idea of the events that led to these arrests, nor whether you are innocent or guilty. But the media is in bed with the state, and they will make examples of you as you are publicly hung.

To Erin Sherbet - You will regret the day you shot this heap of shit out of your ass and affixed your name to it. I am deeply shamed at what this country calls news, and not surprised at the poor excuse for justice on display here. American consumer, have you had your fill of spectacle for the week? If you have, I implore you to ponder whatever happened to "Innocent until proven guilty". Let us all be reminded that, despite what liberal organizers tell us, the mainstream media is NOT our friend, and the only thing a news van is good for is target practice.

To someguy5, Epicurus, ProtestorsGoHome, mrericsir, and others - your defense of the prison industrial complex and status quo does little to amuse us. Enjoy your petite bourgeois lives while you can. For you don't need the black bloc to destroy it - like a deadly virus, capitalism spreads and spread until it eats itself into annihilation. That day of collapse draws ever closer as we run dangerously low on land and resources. Eventually, the system you continue to defend will turn on even its most ardent supporters. I laugh at the notion of the black bloc being a "street gang", but if it should be so, then every gang has to have a gang hand signal. Ours is simple - an upraised fist.

Anarchists! If you feel as I do, do not let the State kidnap these fine individuals without cost. The State is on a campaign to strike fear in the hearts of those too fed up to go on supporting capitalism, and to paint those in black as demons. Let us come together and show them that we are proud of being enemies of Society! Just whatever you do, be safe and cautious, as much as the situation allows...

For the wild, for solidarity, for the day when all newspaper boxes are in the street and all news van tires are slashed!

-a San Diego anarchist


Dante, as a force of nature

I also have a comrade displayed in these pictures, an all around awesome person. Am hoping for the best, as soon as possible.

lol, "The Snitch"?!? ha! truth

Ewok Village!

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