Day Zero, redux

  • Posted on: 3 November 2014
  • By: worker

It's been three years or so since the last horrible data purge. Welcome to day zero... again.

Anarchist News was hit by the major horrorshow in drupal land (also called drupalgeddon) that I have valiantly been trying to fight off for the past two weeks but to no avail. The @news database and filesystem were deeply compromised and I could not solve the riddle of how the hackers were getting in. This left me one solution, rebuild.

Here is the rebuilt anarchist news. I'll get into the technical details of what went wrong (short version: drush upgrade in the wrong directory!!!) after I get some sleep. It's been a very long week. It does bring up another thing though... I'm finally ready to start building an editorial body to administer anarchist news. If you are interested email me at worker at Otherwise I'll find 3-4 friends around the end of the year.

PS The content from the past few years will be back! I got the comments back but something strange is happening with them that I will not deal with until I get some sleep.



things are back to normal again! Pro-tip : next time don't allow anti-Kurdish sentiment to proliferate on here ;-) peace comrades.

...and antisemites.

...and neonazis.

stop the virus before it spreads, right?! censor that fucking bullshit. this is fucking anarchy, we have policies against hate speech! if you talk about nihilism, post-left anarchy or anti-civ stuff you're likely a latent fascist.

ignorance is strength

the theory and practice of oligarchical collectivism

Keep the fractional reserve lenders out.The foul parasites they are.

Ron Paul's penis.

When someone talks about fractional reserve banking, you can tell they been reading right wing Lew Rockwell.

Funny story: back in the thirties there was a big inquiry after Gen. Smedly Butler was approached by a group of high-ranking businessmen attempting to engineer a military coup. Their central aim? Reinstating the gold standard, an obsession which would continue among American crypto-fascists up to the current day, and is now particularly popular with teabaggers, truthers, preppers, "libertarians"/an-caps, or generally anyone who wants to believe capitalism would work if it weren't for the Illuminati but know fuck-all about capitalist economics.

The only real reason I can see for anarchists to push for a gold standard is that it's such a colossally outdated and unworkable idea that it might actually end capitalism and collapse the state...

thanks for all your hard work keeping this site up.

Could you possibly change to a phpBB, vbulletin or Fudforum format?

That way you could post articles and have a separate discussion forum for a variety of topics. You could also link discussions to articles.

I second this!

I third this! Good idea.

those are horrible!

niggas come here mainly for comments cause theres no proper anarchism-themed forum
theres anokchan but, um, using imageboards for discussion is between annoying and stupid, and the jewish captcha is still there

Told ya to switch to Wordpress, foo'...

geocities ftw!

Angelfire comrades! Once posted, a website there lasts for a thousand years!

good web page

worker, thank you for keeping the spirit of anarchy alive, mediated through machines, for our insatiable hunger-consumption for teh newsies!

rollers against society!

The stamp of censorship can
succeed nothing more but remind us
that there’s always a cage ready for
whomever rejects the established ORDERS.

Yeah umm, omg I forgot the precocious quip I was going to utter to stigmatize paranoia!

SQL injection.

Fuck SQL. File allocation with text indexes best. Though the "unshifting" of pages sounds like it would be expensive, but isn't it expensive anyway

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