Dear JennVicious: are anarchist lazy?

  • Posted on: 5 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Ask Jenn Vicious</a>

<strong>Dear JennVicious, are anarchist lazy, or just the ones I know? I know that anarchism has a long history of people doing hella (Emma Goldman, Sasha Berkman, Howard Zinn, and a half dozen others come to mind). If anarchists were not so myopically focused on their fucked up romances, disfunctional co-op houses, shitty jobs, and vegan lifestyles, we&#039;d already be in the midst of the rev. I know capitalism is hard and that the rev begins with our personal relationships, but WTF? -- Still Waiting</a> - Anonymous</strong>

<p>Dear Still Waiting,</p>
<p>Sorry it took me so long to respond. I was busy taking care of myself after having some drama where one of my housemates convinced my partner to eat meat behind my back. No, I&#8217;m just kidding about that.</p>
<p>Obviously, I don&#8217;t think anarchists are actually lazy (being an incredibly busy anarchist myself.) I do, however, think that anarchists are just people, and people have their flaws. And, anarchists in this country are people socialized into a lot of ridiculous expectations and meaningless work-ethics based on monetary rewards and social prestige. Sometimes when you take those things away from someone, there is a period of readjustment, of finding a new reason to be motivated to do things.</p></td><td><img title="Meat!" src=""></td></tr>...
<p>Sometimes it looks like this: wait, there&#8217;s no one telling me what to do? Sweet! I&#8217;m just going to sit on this couch all day, get drunk all the time, and eat out of the dumpster! Freedom!!!</p>
<p>Hopefully, these people you know will soon figure out that there are way better things they could be doing with there time. It probably wouldn&#8217;t hurt for you to point it out.</p>
<p>I agree with you, SW, that as anarchists, we sometimes get distracted from what ought to be our main goal: destroying capitalism. I know a fairly wise, older anarchist who often wonders what all these young anarchist kids are talking about all the time, with their workshops about veganism and co-ops. Are they trying to get rid of capitalism or are they just trying to make their lives under capitalism more comfortable, I&#8217;ve heard him ask. And it is a worthwhile question to ask ourselves.</p>
<p>I think that sometimes we get overwhelmed with how hard it is to change the big things, and so get stuck quibbling over the small things. I also know that a lot of us are dealing with some fucked up shit from how we were raised, and we are constantly working that shit out in our personal relationships.</p>
<p>Nonetheless, I do hope that we will find some balance of the personal and the political that allows us to live our lives to their fullest potential. And, personally, I hope that my fullest potential does at least some damage to capitalism.</p>


No, nothing is going to happen stateside until another, bigger storm or series of storms, blizzards and earthquakes makes New York, Washington D.C. and most of the east coast just uninhabitable. The pentagon will suck the last ounce of petrol out of the ground unless it is standing in 18 feet of water. All the cars will drive and airplanes will fly until they can't. Who cares if we live in a toxic furnace. This is a holy human truth.

And do you know whose fault it is in spades? The Anarchists and their co-ops, shitty jobs and vegan lifestyles.

This is also disingenuous. Here, let me help you with a little bit of history. Not that it would really help!! Obviously you have had more than enough access and assistance in learning to understand the world with any true depth!!! Too late for you ...but this site is....public....

what the fuck are these comments responding to?

i guess you had to be there...

Be where? Links or it didnt happen.

are you gonna marry a carrot?

You, anarchists, are to blame for the pentagon because you have an awful job and don't eat meat. NO MORE CRYING CAUSE IT'S YOUR FAULT

the black bloc's going to send as all to FEMA camps!!!!!

If anarchists were not so myopically focused on their fucked up romances, disfunctional co-op houses, shitty jobs, and vegan lifestyles, we'd already be in the midst of the rev.

This is something that really confused me when I first became an anarchist. Who are these people who care about their homes, jobs and romantic partners? It's like they're people, or something, with "personal lives" I thought we were all supposed to be unfeeling, inhuman guerrilla super-soldiers committed only to the destruction of everything?

Bane would be displeased.

And of the drama when I realized that some even had a family background! We're supposed to be entirely ideological entities, nope?

a family background? you mean not clones, or you mean "family values"? i say this only because my brother and I are clones.

There is going to be a rev. We are waiting and building for the all powerful strike that will bring us communism and a complete flip of the one ultimate social order. Until then I'm going to just have house shows, potlucks, weird relationships, sex, art, smash windows, write Graff, and steal so I can stay lazy and save my energy for when I'm in the midst of the rev.

Yeah, and experiment with stuff. For example, what exactly does $61 get you? Get on the net, do some research. What about $500,000, I bet I could buy a boat with that! That's what I do. I take random amounts of money, and try to see what that gets me, which is to say, I usually do it once a night, before I go to sleep. Sad, really. For everyone.

But in the end, I know one day I will bloom like a flower, but for right now, I'm going to drive my SUV around town, in the middle of the night, and maybe get some Taco Cabana.

See ya!

What in the Howard Zinn is going on ?

This Ask JennVicious website makes fun of "lifestyle anarchism" but the whole website seems dedicated to LifeStyle Anarchism.

Great detective work.

I just watched Sherlock on BBC...the practice helps. Thanks, mate.

"Dear JennVicious, are anarchist lazy?"

Yes they are. All one of them. As well as being lazy this singular 'them' is also useless, petty, and needy as fuck. You have your answer now go forth and be useless, petty, and needy as fuck.

-JennVicious (7th Tier Anarchist, Quibbling Division)

"the singular them"

So which word do you not understand: singular or them?

problably i am one of the laziest persons in my town but still i have been called a cool activist.

I know right? The saddest part of all is that showing up to one demo a month and a few hours of organizing work a week is usually way too much to expect from ... EVERYBODY?!

Age...I like this answer but age...not to be an "age-ist" but age.....

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