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  • Posted on: 9 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On the night of of august second we dismantled 3 police cruisers and 1 paddy wagon. Then attacked the NYPD (pizza shop) changing the signs to say suicide our cops a reference to a milwaukee hardcore band from the past.
On August 3rd we smashed the windows out of the obama campaign center. Leaving where is yr god on the wall.

expect more.

Fuck it, just do it.
Milwaukee </td><td><img title="Hit them where it hurts!!!" src=""></td></tr><...


Death to pizza!

up with pizza
down with cops

Today's pig is tomorrows bacon sausage and pepperoni meat lovers pizza.

Tomorrow's bacon sausage and pepperoni meat lover's pizza is the day after's long stay on the toilet. The circle of life!

Good to hear! Go Pack, Go!

Great to Hear, but fuck the packers

That's nice but I don't think you dismantled those cops cars.

haha! thats what i was gonna say.
that is a funny image, black blockers with socket sets not hammers.

I think they are poking fun at Atlanta's claim to having dismantled parking meters?

too bad your whole venture was for naught because the term "paddy wagon" is racist and use of this term therefore negates the positive value of anything you could ever do in your entire life.

whoever thinks that irish people represent an oppressed group in the us anymore is fucking delusional, and most likely a white anarchist that really really whishes they can get out of that stupid white guilt they feel.
also paddy wagon isn't racist, its "ethnically insensitive"

oh i seem to have missed what appears to be a joke... sorry

^ best comment ever ^

^best comment on a comment ever^

No, here's the joke: Ever hear the joke about the Irish brain surgeon?


hell yeah shit yeah fuck yeah

Bullshit. Never happened.

i tend to agree, or at least am very apprehensive, there have been several things claimed on this site that seem like they were made up... i dunno where's the media about this, im sure someone would cover the "dismantling" of 4 police vehicles

Yes, because the media always covers attacks on the police! Why wouldn't they?

Now if only people would get into an argument about it over the internet, spread gossip and provide leads for us lazy, clueless pigs!


Open pizza parties not clandestine eating!

Cannot stop the pizza!

???is this real? hostile media? i'm confused.

Yeah, news or it didn't happen. Plz.

no, i mean, it's categorized under hostile media.

if you are a privileged white boy, everything is "hostile."

you will absolutely not rustle my jimmies.

but what about your jammies? and rustlers in there?


yup whole lotta rustlers in them jammies! rollin' rollin' rollin' keep them jammies rollin' raw hiiiiiiiiiide.

how can i not be me?

why can't *I* be you?

because you can't be rustled.

everyday I'm rustlin

Every day I'm trollin' trollin' trollin'

Don't try to understand them, !?!?!?
Just tie them UP ??? AND BRAND THEM ????????
And I'll see you at the end of the ride!!!!

Typical authoritarian treatment! Treat people like herd animals, with cruelty and indifference, and casually enjoy your own selfish pleasures. Sad!

LOL whut? You make sense do not.

Strangers with Candy reference!

I do not believe this.

I'm telling you it IS butter.

Indistinguishable from a dead crab.

You mean the ones I'd eat if I wasn't ridden with justifiable guilt or the ones who make my sleeping with you a definite nada. Oh I'm so awful. Stop trolling me whovever you are or I will find you, AND I WILL DESTROY YOU.

Ya boy


guacamole, meatballs, whipped cream pouring liek waterfaaaalls

"Then attacked the NYPD (pizza shop) changing the signs to say suicide our cops a reference to a milwaukee hardcore band from the past."

Yeah hey great but WHAT THE FUCK does this sentence MEAN?

NYPD is the name of a pizza shop in Milwaukee. I know it's hard to comprehend that when reading " the NYPD (pizza shop) ".

Fucking idiot leftist.

Yeah, do you know that there's something slightly more famous than that pizza shop that goes by the name "NYPD"? And in fact it makes no fucking sense that a pizza shop is named NYPD? Just adding "(pizza shop)" afterwards clears it up about as much as saying "ACLU (bowling alley)". And also it makes no fucking sense that a pizza shop was "attacked" in solidarity with grand jury resisters, and it makes no sense that changing a sign is a "attack." The phrase "suicide our cops" also makes no sense, no matter if a hardcore band "from the past" (as opposed to, what, the fucking future?) once said it. It's not "hard to comprehend," it's fucking gibberish and to quote the concluding words, I guess I "expect more."

let me paraphrase what you are saying: "i dont know, therefore, this sucks"

nice leftism, bro.


There's a pizza place in Philly that's also called NYPD.

Its a big franchise. New York Pizza Dept. Colorful corporate aesthetic, 'good ole days' pictures of pigs, and less than mediocre zitti.

People from the burbs say its pretty decent. If I am gonna do franchise pizza I will stick with Mellow Mushroom. Real talk.

sbarro(pizza shop), by the slice. fucking idiot.

little place i know in nyc called sbarros

FUCK that hippie pizza. its too expensive. and fuck anywhere that has pineapple as a topping. id take a dollar slice from off st. marks any day

Its not really all that expensive and their veggie selection is excellent.

If you are going to "grab a slice off st marks" you might want to broaden your nyc pizza

fuck your pizza and fuck your NY

Did they attack the pizza shop because it's named after the NY Police Dept? Where I'm from we have a pizza shop named NYPD, but it stands for NY Pizza Dept.
Also I don't think this happened.



well, i, for one, think this is very nice.

I've hamburger freedom of thought!

yeah, I get that but is it vegan?

Yeah the only news I can find about ANY political vandalism in Milwaukee is from 2005 and 1994...

Cool, what happened in 1994.

some cop car was vandalized.

I'm a traditionalist, my pizza MUST be roma tomatoe paste with some virgin olive oil and sprinklings of aged cheese and olives. THAT'S ALL! I don't like leftist or capitalist pizza with all their expensive complexities! Just the raw earthy type for me please. Oh, and a pint of red wine to wash it down, and maybe a duet, acoustic grunge guitar and harmonica with satirical lyrics under the tree on the banks of the river, oh the simple pleasures of anarchist cuisine and liesure, without work. It's about style, not class or wealth,,,,

you are still leftist. you use agriculture. statist fuck.

Agriculture is domesticity and sedentary rather than nomadic hunter/gatherer, nothin to do with authority YOU FUCKING MORON!! Read a bbbboooooookkkkkk. B.O.O.K. O.K.

yo i know your kidding... but that sounds awesome

I'm pretty sure Milwaukee needs to be more Black Metal.

I'm pretty sure it's not 2005.

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