Delta squat (Thessaloniki/Greece) eviction

  • Posted on: 15 September 2012
  • By: worker

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<em>letter from the&nbsp;imprisoned&nbsp;comrades before the trial takes part. The trial finished today. 9 comrades&nbsp;released&nbsp;with&nbsp;<wbr></wbr>accusations&nbsp;and 1&nbsp;probably&nbsp;will be deported from&nbsp;Greece... please send us translations in your languages or links with actions of solidarity.</em>

We all live in an economic politic system, tightly closed and illiberal, which defends with every way the interests of the bosses, every kind, of overhead.

On the other side of the scale, there are the oppressed, all who face daily the problem of survival. The biggest part of the society, a few hundred million, are on the limits of poverty, receives daily attack from the small class of the bosses, with their protectors of their wealth, their command applicators, the state and the authority. Especially the last years, with the new economic crisis invented by the bosses, which is nothing but an obvious restructuring and re-accumulation of wealth for their benefit, and an attempt of total control of every aspect of society, more and more people find themselves in a desperate situation and they decide to take their lives in their hands.</div></td><td><img title="There are no slogans that can encapsulate how I feel. All I have are rollers. Roll." src=""></td></t...

So they decide to create unmediated social structures, away from the coercive logic of capitalism and the relationships which defined by money.</div>

As people who belong in anarchist and antiauthoritarian movement, we are against in every form of ownership and trade, economic relations. We support places and groups who act in self-organization, solidarity, antiierarchia and anticommercial. Such ventures are occupations, locals and social centers.</div>

Delta squat is one of them, one open, social and political space with antiauthoritarian characteristics. Inside the squat operating openly, self-managed workshops (photography, stained glass, silk screening), groups of self-education, library, open gym, translation team, self-organized prinding, free dance lessons and playground for children, open political meetings and discussions, video projections, social meals and self-organized, anticommercial &nbsp;concerts. These events gather money, available for support radical struggles and other needs of the movement.</div>

Delta squat, like many other political places, are part of a wide antiauthoritarian - anarchist movement, which operates competitive and hostile against the sociopolitical system and the fight for individual and social liberation and for this reason receives the non stop attack of state and power. Especially the last years we are witness of an orgy of repression against groups and places, not only in Greece but in the entire world.</div>

The abandoned buildings, which belongs to the state or privately owned, in this period that society becomes poor, stand defiantly, when all around us there are so many people who lack the basic need of housing. We, as anarchists, we stand in solidarity with the efforts of people to squat places and their development in areas of life.</div>

As our presence disturbs them, their goal is our extinction. From our side we will deny the accusations of the authorities and laugh with the machinations &nbsp;created against us.

A typical example is that the cops tried to charge us our permanent residence to Delta squat while we were declared permanent addresses of our homes.

Finally, while we consider not important to speak about the matter of body control, despite the denial and violent ablation of fingerprints, we would not ask from any authority to care about this issue. We just want to show that this is their democracy and they will &#8203;&#8203;find us against them forever.


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I'm actually surprised it lasted that long, although this is revolting it finally happened. Such a juge building to be guarded by a handful of people who stayed in the upper floors... Big, multi-storey buildings should have people spread into several parts of the squat.

Long live Delta!!! Love to the squatters!

translation source ->
translated by a member of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation
(and not the void network/void mirror - these people are overwhelmingly..void anyway)

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