Demonstrations against the state and against fascists in Idlib Province, Syria

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Demonstrations against the state and against fascists in Idlib Province, Syria

After revolutionaries in Idlib province, an area substantially controlled by Jabhat al-Nusra, demonstrated to continue the revolution, JaN attacked them and the next day attacked Free Syrian Army positions and captured many people. However, after days of sustained demonstrations against the fascists, a group lead by women stormed JaN's prison and freed the captives two days ago.

On the suppression of protest by Nusra:

Anonymous (not verified)
The demonstrations against

The demonstrations against Nusra continue in Marat Nouman - demonstrators also chanting against the regime.

Block of women with revolutionary flags at the back of the demo.

The banner at 2:14 says:
We will never stop demonstrating 1) blood of the martyrs 2) the prisoners 3) The Free Army's weapons 4) the return of the 13th division

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Revolutionaries in Marat al

Revolutionaries in Marat al-Nouman burn a Jabhat al-Nusra checkpoint and raise the revolutionary flag:

I know it's just one town in a far away place, but moments of revolt like this happen and have happened constantly thoughout the Syrian revolution - let's refuse attempts by mainstream media and ideologues to flatten the rebels of Syria into a caricatured 'islamist'.

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More demos against the regime

More demos against the regime and against Nusra in Marat Nouman this week.

"Today marks 21 days of civil resistance against Nusra and against the regime":

Video of the demo, showing the crowd:

Similar demo in Kafranbal, against Nusra and the regime, also in Idlib:

Anonymous (not verified)
Day 26 of demonstrations in

Day 26 of demonstrations in Marat Nauman was yesterday, against Nusra and against the regime.

The signs that aren't translated in the article say:
-Jolani we know about you! You lead the plans to hinder the Syrian people since your return to syria
-Syrian land for syrian people, not for you jolani

Anonymous (not verified)
Forty people killed yesterday

Forty people killed yesterday in regime airstrikes in Marat Nauman as probable retribution for demos the demos against the regime described above. Bourgeois press says:

Anonymous (not verified)
Demonstrations continue in

Demonstrations continue in Marat Nauman. Chants against the regime, but also still against Jabhat al-Nusra:

Anonymous (not verified)
Video of an anti-regime demo

Video of an anti-regime demo in Marat al-Nauman that gets attacked by some Jabhat al-Nusra fascist goons. People push them out of the demo:

Anonymous (not verified)
Demo yesterday calling for

Demo yesterday calling for the return of weapons stolen by Al-Nusra to the popular militias. Again, all the people who want to ignore women's involvement, there's a clip of a speech in this video by a woman who calls for respect across sects and to continue the struggle for freedom and dignity and the big crew of women . Translation of the sign held at :30 :
"Those who ignore the injustice done to the Free Army ignore the abuses carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra"

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Demos in Kafr Nubl (Idlib)

Demos in Kafr Nubl (Idlib) against Jabhat al-Nusra:

"On May 22, Jabhat a-Nusra extra judicially executed a young man in the southern Idlib countryside city of Kafr Nubl on charges of insulting the prophet. Three days after the execution, citizens from Kafr Nubl, and neighboring Saraqeb, continue to protest this latest incident in a series of arrests and killings by local armed groups.

“We demand an end to arbitrary arrests, an end to these armed groups interfering in civil affairs, and for these groups to leave the area at once,” Ubaida Al-Omar, a local citizen journalist, tells Syria Direct’s Nisreen A-Nasser.

In the small rebel-held town, power struggles between the armed factions—Jabhat a-Nusra, the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Northern Division and Ahrar a-Sham—often spill into the public space.

On Monday, a group of Kafr Nubl women protested Jabhat a-Nusra’s arrest of a local council member through the sharia courts. The women claim that the arrest stems from personal differences rather than legitimate causes, another example of armed rebel groups abusing their power.

From Kafr Nubl to Idlib city, tensions throughout the province between local residents and armed militias are not new. In Idlib province in particular, citizens express concern via regular protests over Jabhat a-Nusra’s salafi-jihadi ideology and large representation of foreign fighters."

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Demo last week - Day 77 of

Demo last week - Day 77 of calling for Jabhat al-Nusra to submit themselves to local courts for their attacks against FSA division 13:

A few days later, Marat Nauman was bombed by the regime. About ten people were killed. Here are some white helmets arriving afterwards:

Demonstration earlier today. Activists hold blank signs to show, there is nothing left to say:

Anti-fascist and anti-regime activity continues in this small city...

really? (not verified)
"Anti-fascist and anti-regime

"Anti-fascist and anti-regime activity continues in this small city..."

really, and who gave them weapons? the cia or russia? from where they have supply for the war (food, water, arms, fuel, money, etc)?

I am sick of fake revolution. there is nobody independent in the war there, all sides (including kurd) get weapons from america/europe or russia. only CNN anarchists believe in an anarchist revolution in Syria, the cia monkeys started to recruit even anarchists for the war in syria, the same as they use pro-isis/turkish in europe to recruit Muslims to go there to fight against Assad. Kobane and others would never come to the attention of international community without American interests. but surely any city would fall to isis without weapons from the U.S./Russia. I don't believe in anarchist revolutionaries that take weapons from the US/Russia.

it would be nice that somebody finally speak the truth about supply and war in rojava/kobane/etc. when people open mouth, they lie, nobody is independent in that war.

Anonymous (not verified)
What weapons? Did you read

What weapons? Did you read any of the links?

Yeah, its a proxy war. That states also have interests in areas where people are fighting for their lives doesn't make the struggles of those people any less valid. Of course Russia and the US are interfering, or course they're fueling war and making things worse. But fuck you for shitting on people who take up arms during a war. Fuck you for your moral purity, waiting for the people's gun factory to spring into existence before it's sufficiently anarchist to defend yourself from the state's goons. Fuck you for failing to see that the US opportunistically attaches themselves to liberatory struggles in order to frame and control them - we're in the post-MLF era of counter-insurgency, or hadn't you noticed?

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Just a reminder that this is

Just a reminder that this is still going on. Photos from day 111 of demonstrations against the regime and against al-qaeda (though by now it's like day 120)

Also, this interview with Abdul Basset Saroot is substantially translated and gets into depressing detail about the role of islamist fascist groups in attacking popular militias trying to preserve the values of the revolution while fighting the regime:

Saroot is the subject of the film, Return to Homs, set in an earlier moment of the conflict.

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