Denman Island: RCMP Vehicle immobilized, spray painted with anti-police graffiti

  • Posted on: 25 June 2012
  • By: worker

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Vandals have caused thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to an RCMP vehicle parked overnight on Denman Island.

Sometime on the night of Wednesday, June 13 or very early Thursday morning, one or more vandals targeted a marked RCMP cruiser parked at the Denman Island-Buckley Bay ferry terminal, slashing all four tires and spray painting the vehicle with profanity and anti-police language.

The cruiser, parked at the terminal to allow the police to respond quickly to calls for help, was immobilized as a result.</td><td><img title="Help that comes fast is rarely help." src=""></td></t...

Const. Nicole Hall of the Comox Valley RCMP detachment said that Denman Island is generally a peaceful place, though police calls increase during the summer months when the population explodes and alcohol consumption goes up.

For much of the year, officers typically don’t stay overnight on the island, but visit during the day and respond to calls for help at all hours. In the summer, however, there is a greater police presence and many nights there are dedicated officers on Denman.

For those times when the RCMP are not on the Island, they leave a vehicle at the terminal. The damage to the vehicle put a temporary halt to that practice while the cruiser was repaired.

“The Comox Valley RCMP’s Rural Section has spoken with dozens of people, most of them residents of Denman Island. Many are disgusted and outraged at this act of vandalism and disrespect. There have also been many residents apologizing, feeling that this could be seen as a poor reflection of the island’s people. The RCMP realize this is not the case and appreciate any assistance identifying those individuals responsible,” said Hall in a news release.

“One woman posted a letter of support at the Denman General Store. While driving her teenagers to the terminal to catch the school bus that morning, her children saw the vandalism. They were deeply embarrassed by what someone had done and wanted to attempt to clean the vehicle for the police.”

Hall said that there has been a recent surge in vandalism around the island, with various locations suffering damage over the last month.

RCMP have not named any suspects in last week’s vandalism, but they are encouraging people with information to come forward.

“Most of the public have been awesome,” said Hall. “It’s a small island. We are hoping that somebody comes forward because those are the people with their ears to the ground.”


RCMP = Rack City Metropolitan Police?

Errr... so now yuppies wanna take over Denman island like they did with the more fashionable places on and around Vancouver island.

Power landgrab in 3 easy steps:

1- make small-scale insurrecto action to blame on the anarchist/hippie elements already implanted on the island

2- call for more security for State assets on the island


4- Ta-dam! Police station on the island

5- Condos and villas

6- Profit!

7- Anarchos and hipsters move to Downtown Eastside, or some cabin in the mountains, accordingly with their luck and circle of friends.

This is so made of win! Keep on truckin!

Sorry I forgot how to count.

But who cares about the fucking yuppies. They should all keep moving by the West coast, so they'll all die a horrible death from the Fukushima radiation fallout in a few years. In a way, a taste of their fucking medicine!

I only feel bad for the great anarcho folks in Seattle and the southwestern US... Comrades, consider moving to South America soon!

i dont get this nuclear fallout troll but keep going anyways

Translation: yuppies are the most hardcore supporters of techno-industrial civilization, and usually don't give a damn about the nuclear disaster in Japan and its fallout.

SO, if they get to move to the West Coast they'll be the first to be exposed to the nuke fallout, and will die in a few years of terrible, painful deaths, poetically as the result of their own support to this techno-industrial society, so we'll all be happy to see those careless zombie fucks die in their condos or BMW.

What about all the anarchists living on the West Coast? Do you have any empathy for them, or is your resentment so intense that they become 'collateral damage'? So are you organising evacuation plans for our comrades, or are you a bitter doom/gloom hater who is a pain in the ass?

So the police state is the fault of the people who attack the police? Great logic there mr. Wizard.

No. But in some given context, this can mean the eventual targeting of an island's populace by the State forces in order to get rid of the insurrecto "threat".

Of course, I don't really believe that just a flaming cop car will provoke any Spanish Inquisition soon, but be careful.

Lots of anarchs on Denman. They should have dismantled the vehicle, set it on fire, then shoved it into the harbour to douse it.

I rather tend to think it would have been a great opportunity for a car-bombing experiment. No?

Cars exploding on ANFO are always more fun to watch than just burning. Fun for the whole family! Proof? Michael Bay lol


Definitely not!

Explosives aren't really necessary when state hardware is left unguarded all night long.

Such is the picturesque innocence of Denman island, but if that coal mine goes in, times will change.

Not necessary but fun, and more in-your-face. But more dangerous too. Personally I'm not a fan of that shit, but there comes a time when...

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