Destruction of Amazon and Google Doorbell Surveillance Cameras

From Montreal Counter-information, Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Recently, we went on a nighttime stroll and removed some Google Nest and Amazon Ring doorbell surveillance cameras from a couple residential streets.

These products, which one can easily spot at night by their blue or green ring of light, are popping up more and more in Montreal and elsewhere. The cameras can store recorded video on the cloud for up to 60 days.

It’s been well documented that Amazon is using Ring to build a private surveillance network, fully integrated with police departments, under the guise of combating package theft.

On a positive note, these doorbell cameras make it easy to fight back against the giants of techno-capitalism right in our neighborhoods. They are easily removed with a small crowbar. It’s suggested to have a buddy with you and/or wear electrical insulating gloves as a precaution against the risk of shock from live wires. And be aware that the battery-powered camera may continue recording and transmitting even after being torn from the wall, while it’s still in range of its home wifi network; the user may also receive a notification on their phone.

Fuck Amazon, Google, and their encroaching techno-dystopia.

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I sincerely hope this tactic spreads. One thought: My understanding is that Ring cameras are low voltage (doorbell power) and therefore not hazardous to cut through. If you're more comfortable wearing insulated gloves go for it, but I wouldn't call it necessary.

Anyone knowingly installing these cameras and setting them up with Internet access is knowingly installing a part of a police surveillance network on their house. The cameras and those who install them are a clear and present danger to every marginalized person who dares to so much as walk down the street. Effectively they are video snitches on everyone passing their home who is not white or looks to be not as wealthy as the neighborhood's richest residents.

Someone somewhere will die because these cameras summon the cops for a "suspicious" person who simply does not look like their neighbors. When this happens, whoever installed the camera that led to the police being summoned will be guilty of murder.

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