Don’t do anything illegal.

  • Posted on: 6 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">A... Independent Media Center</a>

“Illegal acts” are those which are prohibited by official rules or law. They are the product of rulers, legislative bodies and judges.

They are usually written down in law codes. In a well-ordered society, these are published and made known generally. In a cloudy—and often crime-ridden—society one has to consult an attorney or be specially trained to know them all: such a society will tell one that “ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.”

Any member of society, however, has a responsibility, whether young or old, for knowing what that society considers to be an “illegal act.” People can be asked, libraries exist where they can be looked up.</td><td><img title="Pee in the bushes! Smoke weed!" src=""></td></tr></...
An “illegal act” is not disobedience to some casual order like “go to bed.” It is an action, which if done, can result in punishment by the courts and state—being pilloried by the state propaganda machine, fines and even imprisonment.

When one does something illegal, small or large, one is laid open to an attack by the state. It does not matter whether one is caught or not, when one does an illegal act, one has weakened one’s defenses.

Almost any worthwhile thing one is trying to accomplish often can be done in perfectly legal ways.

The “illegal” route is a dangerous and time-wasting shortcut. Imagined “advantages” in committing illegal acts usually turn out not to be worth it.

The state and government tends to be a rather unthinking machine. It exists and works on laws and codes of laws. It is geared to strike down through its channels at illegality. As such it can be an implacable enemy, adamant on the subject of “illegal acts.” The rightness and wrongness of things do not count in the face of laws and codes of laws. Only the laws count.

When you realize or discover that those about you are committing “illegal acts,” you should do what you can to discourage it. You yourself, not even a party to it, can yet suffer because of it. The firm’s accountant falsifies the books: in any resulting commotion, the firm could fail and you could lose your job. Such instances can grossly affect one’s own survival.

As a member of any group subject to laws, encourage the clear-cut publication of those laws so they can be known. Support any legal political effort to reduce, clarify and codify the laws that apply to that group. Adhere to the principle that all men are equal under law, a principle which, in its own time and place — the tyrannical days of aristocracy — was one of the greatest social advances in human history and should not be lost sight of.

See that children and people become informed of what is “legal” and what is “illegal” and make it known, if by as little as a frown, that you do not approve of “illegal acts.”

Those who commit them, even when they “get away with them,” are yet weakened before the might of the state.

<p align="center"><strong><em>The way to happiness
does not include the fear of
being found out.</em></strong></p>


What the fuck is this bullshit?

Don't do anything illegal; do EVERYTHING illegal!

I think Worker just wanna troll us with phony hippy/hipster bullshit for a few funs.

A fairy having sex with a mouse... Weird.

This is from the "global newswire" section of indymedia which means atlanta aint guilty!!

Commit illegal acts!

Damn, a-news is on fire these days. First 'how is it to be fun,' now this!

That was a good read. I liked when the author cautioned against rich kids. The tip about the Chileans covering their shoes was on point as well. I'd like to see more like that written.


Atlanta Anarchist Reading Group is starting back up again soon.

After reading grouping has concluded be sure to stick around for an impromptu discussion of whether or not Against Me! is cool (the highest value) again now that Laura Jane Grace has come out as gender dysphoric and begun her trans-ition.

Atlanta @s just cannot make up their minds. First they are plotting to kill Obama and overthrow the government and now they are telling the rest of us not to do anything illegal.

this is funny as shit I have zero complaints

Sorry to not disappoint

Uh, worker, we know you have something against folks in Atlanta for some reason, but next time you decide to troll us by posting something like this please don't forget the Funny and Wingnut tags.


So basically, if you are considered criminal you are criminalized. shit. This is obviously a joke, because anyone who assumes you can "just stop doing crime" to avoid the states brutality is privileged enough to live a life where one could avoid being criminalized so easily. Embracing that privilege in the name of maintaining your own comfortable societal status is not Anarchist, nor is it Revolutionary.

Not even funny as satire.

Please to disappoint.

Disappointment assumes that something more was expected.

Where's the section on Thought Crimes?

So, since the state breaks its own laws, tgat pretty much means we okay.

Even from a liberal perspective this would've flown so well to those freeing slaves.

What about the women breaking the law and driving in Saudi Arabia?

With all of its prisons, police, surveillance this system treats everyone as a potential criminal.

IP adress or it didn't happen


Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

lol... yeah this is so '90s.

wow, love how empowering this image is. nice gender politics, anarchistnews.

wahtevur, speciest

please change this image. it is shames and objectifies. And whoever chose it, please read about objectification.

Look out for the Jack Chick comics... this is legend. The funniest anti-christian sarcasm ever... or was it really sarcasm? I don't know anymore!

this made me smile and almost chuckle, thanks!

maybe a fairy tackling/fucking a rabbit is bad gender politics. maybe gender, and all, politics should be destroyed. or maybe you are homophobic for viewing the image of a fairy attacking a larger/masculine rabbit as "bad gender politics"

---identity politics dont feel good when they are thrown at you do that? go hide, and cry, and volunteer at a medical school in Oventic to help all the poor brown people in Chiapas. You will feel better if you just wave your arms in a circular motion and speak in that weird voice only ultra-progressive "radical" rich white women speak in, you know the one that sounds vaguely indian and always confused.

Hah, regard life thus, from the day one is born one starts to die from the law of entropy, and so embrace the urgency of ones brief exposure to cosmic consciousness, do not sell it cheaply, or be enslaved, you have only one chance to be a god on this solar trip, it may be better to die young fighting than languishing in a mire of regretfull impotence, like a slug that never saw the beauty of a wild tomato, but these exist, the consciousnessness of our insignificance empowers us by way of the awareness of the reality of our total enslavement. .

"An 'illegal act'... is an action, which if done, can result in punishment by the courts and state"
"It does not matter whether one is caught or not, when one does an illegal act, one has weakened one’s defenses."

These two things contradict one another. Attempting to use the logic of the writing, if one does not get caught, then one cannot be punished for it; therefore, it would not satisfy the text's definition of an "illegal act." However, there's an even more important issue with the second line: more accurately than it not mattering if one is caught, it does not matter if one is *guilty* or not. Case in point, I have been arrested for crimes that I actually didn't do. This begs the question: Is it illegal if you did it, but don't get caught? Is it illegal if you get caught, but didn't do it? In other words, do we define the terms of legality on the written rules of the justice system, or on the actual coercion the state imposes? From a statist perspective, those two are one in the same thing (see: taking away someone's driver's license as punishment for stealing gasoline; as though someone who steals gasoline won't drive without a license), and any change in the law is immediately reflected in society through its various forces - e.g. the police. However, from (probably) most of our personal experiences, we know that these are quite disparate things. People break laws, whether they get caught or not, and police fuck with people, whether they've done anything that breaks the law or not. If it is the former (written law) that we base legality on, then little is to be gained from the term; what is legal and what is illegal is largely irrelevant to whether we face the fist of the state. If, however, we base legality on the latter (coercion by the state), then it can become a pretty useful term, in that it is measured based on our actual actions measured against actors, and not some abstract set of information. So while it may not be in accordance with the dictionary definition of the term, call me a pragmatist for a minute, and let me accept the author's definition of the term "illegal act." An illegal act implies then that there is some sort of force ("punishment") that can be enacted upon the person doing that illegal act by the state, and since the state can in the end only be measured in terms of its net force on the people it affects (almost of its own admission, else why would it need police at all), getting arrested (for whatever reason, whether against the law or not), i.e. all illegal acts, are the sum of the existence of the state. In this case, I would have to wholeheartedly agree with the title and general thesis, with only minor caveats:
Don't do anything illegal -- break laws and don't get caught.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read in my life.

Boycott Israeli goods. There, I just broke the law.

You want to be me so bad, fuck it, go ahead. I think its a wink wink sort of a thing. Hence the final statement in bold.

Are faries and mice legally allowed to have sex? I thought that was a felony in some states.

In some states, fairies having sex is illegal period.

What Atlanta IMC??? !!!

Didn't you notice numbers for footnotes?
Original fucking source:
"The Way to Happiness - A common sense guide to better living", book written by L. Ron Hubbard

You are simply promoting their sales.
Sheer bullshit.

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