Dreams Of Occupation and liberal fantasies – Comrade Black

  • Posted on: 14 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://profaneexistence.org/2012/07/14/dreams-of-occupation-and-liberal-... Existence</a>

Don’t worry about sleeping through Occupy, you didn’t miss much other than a lot of middle class liberal students being like “Oh my god you mean I spent all that money of my parents on school and might not have a secure job after!!! oh my god, I just learned the and can barely deal with it, did you know capitalism is bad?!?”

the entire thing was based on the standard liberal bullshit.</td><td><img title="Nothing like a refreshing blast of moralism in the morning" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/blackmoon.jpg"></td></tr></...

1) we need a mass movement, if we can get enough people on board we will hit a critical mass/tipping point and those in power will magically change their opinion to whatever we think is right, you know 100 monkeys

2) if we only have the best arguments, and facts, and can back them up, everyone will change their minds and become like us, and they will know our truth is their truth. The 1%[sic] will quit investing money and being rich and being the 1% if we just have enough good arguments

3) There is a right answer. There is one truth, only one, we have it. Our higher education and advanced society has conquered racism, sexism, and other ‘problems of the past’ of those more ignorant people who couldn’t help it because they were so unadvanced. Now we must make it our manifest destiny to share the word or the good news with everyone.

4) the issues that effect the white suburban middle class are the only issues that matter, things like colonialism are ‘special interest issues’ and those Indians pushing them on us is counterproductive because we need to have one unified movement that speaks for everyone. And we know what is best for everyone. strength in unity yo!

5) The problem isn’t the government, or the state, corporations, industrialism, the upper class; it is only the richest 1% the few bad apples who ruin capitalism for the rest of us. Just like when people whine about police brutality, it isn’t the police who are wrong, just a couple bad cops who do violent things. The institution itself is never the problem, I mean, how could we live without cops or cell phones? right? we just need to get rid of the 1% at the top and everyone else will be equal enough for me to get a good job after university.

6) The answer is to camp in the park. Non-violent symbolic protest is always the most effective. Plus it will be fun, there will probably be lots of cute college students down they to flirt with, maybe I will even get laid. Organizing? Protest? What are you talking about, that sounds way too much like work, and if I am not getting paid why should I do work? That is for the poor people to do. They should be working instead of doing drugs and getting in the way of our camp where the real 99% are trying to take a stand. All these lazy homeless people should go to school or get a job and quit making our protest look like we are just a bunch of bums.

7) Those people who wear black and just want to break things don’t represent us. We are the 99%. They are probably just agent provocateurs trying to discredit our legitimate movement by inflicting violence on those windows. If they come around again I will totally call the cops on them.
yup, I am cynical.

The only think posi I can honestly say about the Occupy movement is that it helped politicize a lot of people who had never thought about anything like capitalism, class, or so on. And it was for many folks their first experience with consensus organizing. Now lets just see if they are still doing anything in 5 yrs.


yeah the folks at profane existence would have done a much better job!
it seems like this person has bought into the co-optation even more than the media has.

The second code 13 7 inch was the height of anarchist culture in the United States

Actually, there is a heavy radical presence in the occupy movement. Most of the liberal student activists have moved onto some new thing, occupy has potential and shouldn't be regarded as a terrible thing.

It's all relative right? Does the culture of resistance look more diverse in your town post-occupy?
In north america, most cities didn't need much to happen for it to be a huge improvement.

Besides the lost in the forest feel of the original post your comment is a good question really.

Would be nice to hear from cities across the states discussing the positive outcomes of the experience.

since when was experience with consensus organizing a positive thing?

Deja vu.
It TOTALLY just felt like November 2011.

Did you all hear what this fine young man says here? "If they come around again I will totally call the cops on them." Couldn't have said it myself, no sir.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and Astral Traveler)

ur old....

The 99% is: the Tea Party; The Republicans; The Obamaites; The Managerial Class; University Executives; PR Firms; Military Hierarchy; The Defense Industry Managers; Energy Industry Managers, Foremen and Skilled Laborers (mining and oil) ; Health Care Management; Finance, Accounting and Real Estate Brokers; Insurance Management; Manufacturing Engineers and Management; The Security Industry; Mainstream Media Writers, Producers and Middle-Managers; the Racist Whites of Phoenix Arizona, Texas and California; Policemen; Contract Soldiers; Prison Guards; small to medium-sized business owners, et.al.

Do you think they'll join your mass movement?

The sooner people drop the fatally flawed 99% meme, the better.

Yeah its a qualitative proposition.

Economics is a science. People who share the same economic class do not share the same ideologies. The 99% meme can be dropped or not. That doesn't matter. But the meme comes out of the mass uprisings in Spain, Egypt, etc. Without those uprisings it would have had no currency. The meme stands for something that's very simple: the growing consciousness that the majority of people have more economic interests in common than their leaders. No one made that consciousness up. It's happening on its own. And the more neo-liberalism imposes austerity cuts to pay for its gambling debts with national treasuries the more that consciousness will grow.

Seriously, if the 99% meme is so offensive to you, why don't you just off yourself now? Afterall, when looking at things on a global scale, even those in the most abject poverty in this country would likely fall in the top 1% of global wealth/access to resources. Not to say that should make American @'s more conservative, but rather the contrary - once you realize that arguments of privilege hold no weight, you're free to act in whatever ways are most effective/destructive.


Luckily, the 1% likes it. *like* <--- clicky!

I'm against the 99% meme. It confuses the systems of control with the subject of the systems of control. Those that participate and enforce the systems of control go beyond the 1%, those that benefit the most *may* enforce the system of control. A billionaire can shift how they exist within the system to where they are against the system while the system can only present counter-narratives that propose another method of control. Certainly we can say the 1% to a large extent are enforcers of the system and target individuals that do so with critique and/or action, but the issue is far larger than percentages of people.

If we aim to abolish work, we can attempt to convince many people to break from their preconceived notions on how people relate to the social order. Politicians, the police, bureaucratic heads, CEOs, many of these people would fall within the 99%, yet they are charged with enacting the powers of the social order onto the rest. Meanwhile the 1% may benefit like the top 10%, the top 50% and so on, yet they can change.

The front line enforcers of the system from parole officers to journalists to social service workers to union organizers to service work managers are just as culpable as those that head their institutions. To challenge the system would mean running against the interests of those that enforce the power of the social order.

Some might not have a problem running against the system while others are more than happy to be against the 1% while supporting their role in enforcement. I would be against those that are part of the system and are a willing participant in how we are controlled. Those that wish to find ways to subvert their relationships might be able to be worked with, though in some cases it still is difficult to find a way to include such people. A police officer, even if they are against the police institution may be difficult to be united with as their role in the system tends to be to enforce laws that destroy our ability to rise up against the powers of the present order.

But the subject and power of the meme was not the 1% but the 99%. The subject was the vast majority of people who were getting screwed over by the economic status quo and that majority constituted a class... the 99%. The other side of that class, the 1% were rarely individualized into single human beings which, I agree, is worthless politically. The 1% was and is still individualized in Occupy as corporations and banks. And those institutions do actually represent a system of control.

Yeah, and I would go so far as to postulate that occupy was mostly a bourgeoisie demonstration, reformist and recuperative, and also nauseas to nihilists.

I agree. I ain't got a nickel and I ain't got a lousy dime. If I don't get out Oregon I'm going to lose my mind. It is going to be a brand new day when I'm walking down the sand next to an Australian tropical bay. They speak a close resemnblance to English in Australia and there is only like a few hundred of them if that many. Well yeaaah, I do need some money before I go. Just a little bit.

LOL. This is EXACTLY what I would expect to be written from Profane Existence. I could have written this for them as satire. Let me make it easier.



"This entry was posted by stinkbot"

stinkbot is the forum admin who posts the blog entries on the PE site. Kinda like Worker is on @news

I know, I was more or less making a snide comment to add to the "profane existence is not relevant to anyone outside the crust punk mileau and should be laughed at"

you mean just like @news is not relevant to anyone outside the anarcho-elitist mileau and should be laughed at?

Personally I write for PE BECAUSE I want it to be relevant.

If by elitist you mean mostly buttflapless than sure. This is the first time in my life I've been proud to read anarchist news.

Yes obviously we should all be doing what Profane Existence is all about. Looking like the world took a shit on us, listening to music that sounds like animals being ripped apart by machinery, and putting on circle jerking events know as "shows"

that's the REAL way to revolution.

Yes, the readers of profance existence will rise up and lead the revolution!

We will first need to bring a computer to Tompkins Square park to let them read this article!!

Some truth to this shit list but I think it's too superficial to be convincing. Everyone who has been involved with Occupy carries around a similar shit list with them.

"The only think posi I can honestly say about the Occupy movement is that it helped politicize a lot of people who had never thought about anything like capitalism, class, or so on."

Thank sweet baby Jesus for Comrade Black! With this outstanding article, the consciousness of every one of those liberal Occupiers will be raised to his level!

Occupy is extremely important, it radicalizes our liberal friends from bitching about taxes to bitching about the state. Unfortunately, that's about where Occupy ends and where Anarcho-Elitists like the asshole who wrote this article need to TEACH. If we keep complaining about liberals rather than radicalizing them, we're just as ineffectual as the liberals.

We need to be patient. We all know protest rarely has any objective successes but it undoubtedly provides an atmosphere for new ideas and connections. If radicals were to "give up" on Occupy it would be nothing but white liberals jerking each other off. It's funny to listen to radical Anarchists who claim the need for participatory politic and do nothing but complain from a keyboard about it. Show the fuck up and make a change, question shit, disrupt the status quo. Even fucking San Diego had a Black Bloc for the TPP talks, that didn't happen at the click of a keyboard.

Was based on...I don't think it was based on anything. I think it was a vague call to action and people responded in the way that most of the participants exorcise their ideology, i.e. liberalism Actually the initial call sounds more reminiscent of wobbly sit down strikes in 30's filtered through, yeah, a modern day liberal medium of communication. The "we are the world mentallity." But dude, gotta tell you, this is horribly written. I mean, fuck. Dude. I've written some awful indulgant shit over the last year, but fuck, I was mostly kidding. I think you're being serious.

Another thing. That the friction that happened within this movement was inevitable. I don't think anything other than time and learning how to actually work with people could solve these problems, and even there with a movement like this it'll only go so far. If people are commited, on the ground, for something long term, and not just instigating shit, (and I fully support and wish I had the chance to be at any response to state repression, I'm on an island in the sun) then maybe, maybe you could see some radicalization of the people involved, if only in the abstract. I don't know if anything will come of it, I still dont' think so. But a lot of media coverage, sometimes by very legitimate media outlets painted a different story. And that's honestly, and kind of sadly, the only thing that will survive. Cirlce A's in the Guardian, Al-Jazeera going to bat for us, etc. I only hope that all that doesn't just manifest itself in David Groeber writing more boring conformist shit. I kind of like him, but not enough to hear insinuate that he's the only Anarchist in the intelligencia and media in the United States

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