Duke Energy trucks sabotaged in Bloomington, IN

  • Posted on: 21 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Duke Energy is responsible not only for relentless rate increases that seriously affect poor people in United States, but for mega-development land projects against the poor in countries that white people here seldom remember. This is why we sabotaged four of their meter-reader trucks in Bloomington, Indiana; it was easy, fun, and will hopefully slow down their exploitation for at least a moment.

This action is dedicated to Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. We also send our best to Marco Camenisch, imprisoned for attacks on the energy industry, and currently facing harassment from Operation Ardire.

The spirit of June 11th can be lived every day... and every night!</td><td><img title="and then, it was gone!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/duke.jpg"></td></tr></table...


No comments? Something told me that'd be the case, which is sad. Original, effective, and going after something super relevant. Nice job, Indiana!

I think no comments on this site is a good thing.

Open revolt not clandestine action.

Other way around bro.

I see you, bloomington!

This shit is mehpic...

Did the trucks actually say Duke on them or did it say Accu-Read or something similar? Duke has subcontracted out their meter reader department years ago. So, if they didn't say Duke on them then you didn't do shit to Duke as a company. You just made someone with a job to have a rougher day than they would have. This shit doesn't do anything you fucking idiot. Damaging trucks doesn't hurt Duke one bit. Do you really think that an employee that uses that truck or a citizen is going to connect vandalism to the the corporate influence Duke holds, no, they won't. At best they'll think there is a problem with disrespectful teenagers (which, honestly that's most likely the case here).

i smell a pig, but could be a fed. Maybe a joint comment operation between the two?

<3 Bloomington <3

Hopefully, future actions will push the envelope even more. It's a nice start. Congratulations. Now let's see if you can take out whole fleets, buildings, employees, subcontractors, etc. Crash the grid!!!

take out employees? whoa there psychopath. All else sounded good, but you threw me through a loop, there.

it's not the trucks that are raising rates and doing the mega-developing

Yeah you are a fucking idiot.

and not holding people accountable for the harm they do to others is intelligent? hands off the cops and soldiers too?

You lack even the most basic class analysis. Go jump off a cliff liberal.

And somewhere between fetishization of workers and total nihilistic abandon a rational position towards attack may be found, but not on this board.

whatevs, moderate.

Moveon. Go comment there.

A-news should be honored the feds are crashing the boards rather than cops these days. Much more subtle.

More like Dookie energy, amirite?

/Green Day references on @news.

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