Dundalk church faces fine for hosting homeless

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Anonymous (not verified)
Dundalk church faces fine for hosting homeless
Luke From DC (not verified)
They should publicly refuse to pay

They should publicly refuse to pay and cite the US government's First Amendment. They should also directly target that neighboring business for protests, maybe with a "you are going to Hell" theme at the homes of the owners.

A business that goes to the cops and regulatory authorities over a church helping the homeless is the same kind of intolerance as a right-wing church challenging a Gay bar's liquor license renewal. Hell its worse because this could kill people outright. We know who is responsible for the complaints, they should not be able to sleep at night because of the drum parties outside their windows.

Anonymous (not verified)
um... sorry... but... this

um... sorry... but... this has exactly *what* to do with anarchy?

Anonymous (not verified)
information turn the people

information turn the people against the state and the government, brutality of the government also destroy illusion beliefs of the people in the state.

although for me, churches are mixed in colonial politics through the history and today they go to africa "to help" i.e. to spy. anna ardin who set up julian assange for raping went to palestine through some church, to escape from sweden for some period. churches are full of Nazis and spies, church is historically part of (colonial) racism.
it is true that some churches help to homeless or to refugees, most rejected asylum seekers hide in churches in Europe, but priests also work for the secret service and they spy refugees.
for the priest, help to homeless and refugees is just a business: when churches are mixed in the social work, when they help to the homeless, they get money from the ministry for social affairs, how much they really allocate to homeless, only they know. beside it, help to homeless is like PR image, marketing for the church, catholic sisters help to homeless and church get money from rich members "because of that". shortly, rich people know they make money in criminal way, to buy ticket to paradise they give a lot of money to the church, help to homeless is one of the way the church convince people to give money to the church, beside getting money from the ministry.
so, help to the homeless is just a business, making PR image about the church.

unfortunately, homeless and refugees are in hands of the state/churches, there are no anarchist groups to help to the people to organize: refugees will be deported back to africa if they squat/occupy some building, domestic anarchists are too egoistic to squat together with immigrants. food not bombs is also created to be political, not humanitarian,

I can conclude that present anarchists are children of capitalism: egoists, although many will disagree that egoism is product of capitalism. but for me, it is.

for me, to fight together against the cops and the state, it is necessary that people help each others. very simple example: if I ask to sleep in your squat and you refuse me, why I should help you tomorrow when the cops want to kick you out from the building? you would not get stick in your head if you helped to me, but later you expect from me to get stick in my head, to fight with you against cops, to help to you to keep your squat? that's irrational.

the state is brutal and strong and big, we can fight together only if we help each to others, if we stay egoists, we will stay alone and be broken by repression.

therefore, egoism is good if individuals are not social and they make alone actions against the state, but egoism is bad if people want to organize with others and fight together against the state.

egoism and materialism are the main bones of capitalism. unfortunately, children of capitalism made closed anarchist groups that makes only verbal solidarity with others, without mutual help.
remember to make difference between long distance verbal solidarity and your local mutual aid. verbal solidarity European anarchists give to anarchist prisoners in the US, but they should make mutual aid to the people in their local street/city.
kropotkin wrote the book mutual aid but people just copy their friends and they don't use their head. anarchism is consumed.

there was some try to change it I think when there was tornado Katrina, the US anarchists helped to the people. but it happened one time in 50 years that anarchists did something for the community.
it is nice to see that in germany, some anarchists stopped to speak about ideology and started protest together with local people on the basis of daily problems, not on the basis of anarchism versus capitalism.
but again, they should mix themselves more with society and be social active, the same as churches and others. it is not about preaching anarchism, it is about: to be together. when we are together, we fight together against the state. the present situation shows that only domestic anarchists are together, they don't mix with immigrants, even if they do, they expect only support from immigrants, they don't accept critics. if you come from Poland to Berlin, you will have to kiss german anarchists in the ass, in other case, they will refuse you.

shortly, refugees and homeless are without family, without school or work, their daily life is shit, they don't have what to do the whole day, while domestic anarchists visit friends, family, go to the school or job. and anarchists don't meet immigrants with their friends, to include them in society, immigrants stay separated, I know that because I lived in some squats in switzerland that accepted immigrants. the good thing is they accept people, contrary to closed paranoid german squats, but even if you live in the squat, you will stay separated, you are not "their". one young man was not anarchist, I was an anarchist, and both of us spent time together, without to mix with swiss anarchists. he was in the house more than a year and he was not part of their collective, they made decisions without to ask him anything. like parliament, they decide about you, without to ask you anything, swiss come, they become part of collective automatically.

immigrants always stay with immigrants, west europeans with west europeans, even if we are anarchists. the problem is that immigrants can't occupy buildings like western anarchists do. but at least, swiss make open squats, you can stay inside, so, you have reason to help them if they are attacked by the cops, germans are closed and I don't give a shit to fight together with them against the cops. without mutual aid (not only verbal solidarity), there is no reason to fight together against the state.
egoists should remember that, when they make a public call that people come to help them due to a threat from eviction. if they are egoists, why they call other people when their ass is in the fire? ass of immigrants is all the time in the fire, egoists don't give a shit for immigrants.

rebelll (not verified)
above was written by rebellll

above was written by rebellll

Anonymous (not verified)
" although many will disagree

" although many will disagree that egoism is product of capitalism"

like all labeled bodies of ideas, there are many flavors. ayn rand was some sort of egoist - definitely a product of capitalism. and to the extent that it could be legitimately argued that anybody brought up in this modern human hellhole is a product of capitalism, i don't disagree with you. but if your intent is to lump all egoists in with the anarcho-capitalists (like many leftists and left anarchists seem to do), you're waaaaay of the mark.

"egoism is good if individuals are not social and they make alone actions against the state, but egoism is bad if people want to organize with others and fight together against the state"

if you actually believe that, you have obviously never talked with or read most egoists i know. even stirner talked about the "union of egoists" (a phrase i don't like). being an individualist does not mean one only does shit alone, or does not help others.

on the other hand, if you are simply arguing for mass (numbers), then you've shown me all i need to know.

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