Ediciones Inéditas Anthology

Anthology of original essays published as Ediciones Inéditas (project previous to this one). Designed & compiled by post.chicanx.

From prole wave

Letter from an inéditor

What was intended as a small translation project among a few friends grew into a thing whose reach somehow spilled across borders and languages. To translate international radical texts which often go unread by Anglophone readers due to a language barrier and which also often go untranslated since they break with classical anarchist & communist orthodoxy: the ultra-left with its impossible positions.

What this project proved is that there is indeed a deep interest in the ultra-left in 2019 and which the spreading wave of proletarian revolt will only deepen. We would often get messages expressing having not previously heard of ideas such as the abolition of work, a vision of anarchy & communism beyond worker self-management, the abolition of money, a critique of democracy, communization, a critique of art, etc.

I can only hope that this project helped people understand this world we live in and the way that some of us seek to radically transform it. I also hope that it served as a nexus point where people could link up and talk to each other across languages & borders: the kind of correspondence we need more and more of these days.

To my Black, indigenous and other comrades of color: write, act & be active in this world. Your thoughts & actions are more than ever needed to clarify and deepen our positions against this world. Let’s vibe.

Unfortunately the project outgrew its inéditors and we decided to fold instead of further burning out. But true to the ultra-left & insurrectionary anarchist projectuality, this does not spell the end of our activity. We continue on but in other capacities.

Most of the original essays written by me were written quickly, for better or worse, and often as a reaction to something happening in the world or in my life, hence their brevity. And as I wrote, and translated, I learned more about what I desire and what I reject. We learn by doing more so than through simple contemplation. I invite you to attempt to write out your own dreams & nightmares. You may find comrades who feel (or think) the same way as you and from that bonds can form which can break this world.

North of Yangna,

Noche of the so-called Los Angeles Eastside

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serious q or troll? post-left is the critique of ultra-left. They're thesis and antithesis.

perhaps the stupidest goddamn comment ive seen here, and that's saying a lot given this is anews.
the post-left is an anarchist critique of the left, but the ultra-left is also a critique of the left.
ultra-left essentially arrives at many post-left positions (even the critique of civilization if we're talking about ineditas) and the post-left is definitely not a critique of the ultra-left. they definitely are not synthesis and antithesis

I'm not sure if SOT meant this, but if you look at the origins of the broad post-left it is pretty much a critique of "ultra-left" in the same way that post-structuralism is a critique of structuralism. Perlman, Zerzan, Black, etc were all very close to the communist left before going their own way, and arguably took a lot of influence from Cammatte's own dérive.

how very galaxy brain of you/them
my critique of them is they’re all really big nerds

you make a WAY bigger distinction between left and ultra-left than I bother to …
also, why is your troll account being used to make a serious point?

"perhaps the stupidest goddamn comment ive seen here, and that's saying a lot given this is anews."

God you're such a dick. It's a totally fucking reasonable question for someone that isn't a huge fucking nerd and so reasonably doesn't know the difference between two obscure ideologies.


Left = seize the things, kill the landlords and bankers, redistribute, etc

Ultra Left = that but also, can't use the state because new bosses?!

Post Left = It's even worse than that and you're both wrong and dumb

Rather than shitposting about which things are "opposed" to each other:

My impression from the post-left and ultra-left pieces I've read is that the ultra-left still believes in a revolutionary subject defined by capitalist class relations (i.e., the proletariat as the mechanism of change towards communism), while the post-left rejects that sort of analysis (or at least tries to). There are sill revolutionary (or adjacent) ideals within a lot of the post-left of course, e.g. primitivism and insurrectionary anarchy, but they tend not to center marxist-style analysis the way that the ultra-left does. That said, there is definitely overlap in opinions that often exceeds the overlap between, e.g., post-leftists and anarcho-syndicalists, on things like anti-politics and anti-work.

shitpost or bust!

but yeah, way I see it, our lazy shitposting antagonized you in to writing a better summary so thank you!

Oh, I have no problem with shitposting, I just also have no qualms with calling it what it is ;)

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