Editor of Turkish anarchist paper jailed for “terror propaganda”

  • Posted on: 24 December 2016
  • By: thecollective

From Freedom News

The editor of Meydan Gazette in Istanbul was jailed for a year and three months on December 22nd for “propagandising the methods of a terror organisation” in a free-speech case which dragged on for nearly a year.


Hüseyin Civan and the Gazette were taken to court after an investigation by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor over a December 2015 issue of the paper, which has supported Kurdish revolutionaries fighting in Rojava. The three offending articles were titled “Both Arrival and Departure of State is From Fear” “Banned Until Further Notice” and “Recreating Life.”


Meydan Issue 30

Representing the Gazette and Civan, lawyer Davut Erkan stated that the decision was illegal and would be appealed, if necessary, all the way to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

In a statement Meydan, which is based just a few streets away from Gezi Park, said:

Our managing editor was charged with “propagandising for the methods of a terrorist organisation employing coercion, violence or threats, through legitimising, praising or encouraging the use of these methods.”

As we emphasised in articles leading up to the investigation, the “State will never be able to lock away the passion and conviction for freedom of the peoples.”

As an anarchist newspaper we know that the free life we believe in can only be created through struggle. We will never give up writing about what we stand for and distributing what we write. We will continue to resist, act and write against oppression, and against these investigations, custodies and arrests.


Journalists have been heavily targeted in the Erdogan government’s post-coup crackdown, which has been heavily skewed against pro-Kurdish media. In October the left-wing Hayatin Sesi TV station was closed along with 24 other TV and radio stations, and hundreds of reporters have been detained, inspiring even some MPs to attempt civil disobedience in protest.

The draconian measures have even stretched beyond Turkey’s borders, with the issuing of a red alert to Interpol for well-known Turkish-French journalist Maxime Azadi, who was picked up by Belgian authorities for alleged “co-operation” with terrorists on a year-old warrant on December 23rd.


Follow Meydan at:






The Democratic Syria Council, ideologised by the pro-Rojava "anarchists" as somehow a development of Bookchinist anarchism, has made this declaration:

"In the name of Democratic Syria Council, we congratulate the American people who elected a new president and we deeply respect the free and democratic choice of the American people, we also hope that the new administration stands by the oppressed people in the world, undertakes its role in bringing about global peace and security, advances in fighting terror, impose crackdown on the dictator regimes and we are looking forward to more collaboration on all levels in fighting terror in Syria and reach a settlement of the Syrian crisis and we hope success and prosperity for the American people and the new administration”.

- here: http://en.hawarnews.com/msd-congratulates-americans/

Obviously no-one with a rational understanding of the world supports prison, but given this statement, it's clear that indeed these "anarchists" support a terrorist organisation - ie the USA and its new administration. One wonders if this arse-licking declaration will even get them arms from Trump, since Trump supports Russia and Russia supports Erdogan, but in the endless changes of sides in the rivalry-complicity relations of global politics, it's conceivable that Trump will support the PKK and its subsidiaries as much as he'll support their current enemies.

What's really absurd is that there are loads of "anarchists" desperately grasping at straws so much that they're willing to believe that what's going on in Rojava has something to do with progress towards the anarchist revolution.

Can such a thing be said to make sense?

not sure what you'd want them to say instead. whole lotta anarchists in this country have said a whole lotta liberal bullshit about seeing the error of their ways when trying to avoid sentencing.

i care more about deeds then some desperate make-nice diplomatic statement

I think that you are mistaken about anarchists. Anarchist never supported "Democratic Syria Council" or any other non-anarchist organisation, but they are in solidarity with kurdish people and they support their demands for freedom. Solidarity with kurdish people does not mean supporting some kurdish organisations.
And before writing such a comment, you should have read the articles that caused the prison sentence. Two af the articles are agains attacks of turkish army in kurdish towns in turkey.And the other one is about "recreating/reorganizing life", about self-organisation of people, and anarchist theory and practice on this topic.
When there is an an attack to comrades, we should be in solidarity, before our critics against their politics.

SirEinzige - can such a thing be said to make sense?

He also has the revolutionary record of the last quarter millenuim with no anarchy to show for it.

According to your arbitrary standards ziggy, which people have endlessly critiqued. The only real issue is people like you and emile always speaking in absolutes.

According to your arbitrary standards anon, which people have endlessly critiqued. The only real issue is people like you and other anons always speaking in absolutes.

Here's the template if anyone's interested:

According to your arbitrary standards ____, which people have endlessly critiqued. The only real issue is people like you and ____ always speaking in absolutes.

except that I'm not speaking in absolutes, except in regards to a couple trolls whose tendencies to speak from a self-crowned place of total omniscience is well documented and laid out plain for everyone to see here on this site.

I'm just some guy watching and remarking, not an egoist with a messiah complex. It's pretty different ;)

Your assessment of these 'trolls' seems pretty absolute, for someone who doesn't speak in absolutes. 'Just some guy' is a strange identity-call to tack on there at the end. Was your intention for that to add some credibility to your statement?

Yeah … I said that. I'm making an absolute statement about these commenters because they've been here for years, copy-pasting their bullshit. It's just empirical observation. Contrast that with emile's absolute statements about everyone who uses language ever or the zig and his projections for all of anarchy and all of society ever. As for credibility, none of us have any. That's my third and final absolute statement before going back to being sure that I don't know much except what smells like bullshit. Trust your nose!

Intuition is fine. I disagree that the commentors you call 'trolls' lack credibility. Consistency combined with words that irritate you doesn't equal absolutism.

You're free to disagree! You don't really come here for any other reason, do you?

I guess that Turkish anarchists are also part of the Gulen plot... who else now? The Kurds? Women in general?

Erdogan's mouth is plotting, with the help of the Gulenist pkk terrorists, against the rest of his face to make him look like a rodent

Erogden is said to have allied with Daesh against the Kurds, even while Russia support both Erogden and Assad(against both Daesh and all other opposition in Syria). The Russian right and left hands do not seem to know what each other are doing.

As for Erogden, between working with Daesh and working with Putin he is like a snake handler who has picked up not one but two cobras, it's just a matter of which one is going to bite him first.

Poor old Erdo probably mistook an anarchist for a Marxist. Its a common mistake.

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