Edizioni Anarchismo - all books by Alfredo Bonanno and more

  • Posted on: 24 May 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

All books by Alfredo Bonanno in digital version. Read on HTML or download in PDF or ePUB


Archivio digitale delle Edizioni Anarchismo

Questo sito raccoglie i testi pubblicati dalle Edizioni Anarchismo nelle collane Pensiero e azione, Opuscoli provvisori e Biblioteca di Anarchismo.

Ciascun testo può essere scaricato in formato HTML per la lettura a video, in PDF per la stampa, in EPUB (per dispositivi mobili, inclusi telefoni Android con installata l’applicazione Aldiko) e nei formati sorgente.

Sono inoltre presenti le funzioni di ricerca a tutto testo e l’impaginatore, con cui è possibile riformattare il testo scegliendo i caratteri, i margini, le dimensioni del foglio e il tipo di impaginazione.

Il sito è aggiornato settimanalmente.

L’accesso ai testi è totalmente gratuito, ma dato che stampare libri comporta costi non indifferenti, le donazioni sono ben accette (vedi sotto).
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Pagamenti e sottoscrizioni

Versamenti sul c/c postale n° 23852353 (intestato ad A. Medeot – C.P. 3431 – 34128 Trieste) oppure con carta di credito o prepagata con il tasto “Donazione” qui sotto.



"Editions Anarchism - all books by Alfredo Bonanno and more
Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 05 /24/2015 - 09:28 AM

to books by Alfredo Bonanno in digital version. Read on HTML or download in PDF or epub


digital Archive of Editions Anarchism

This site collects the texts published by the Editions Anarchism in necklaces thought and action, provisional Booklet and Library of anarchism.

Each text can be downloaded in HTML format for reading on screen, in PDF for printing, in EPUB (for mobile devices, including Android phones with installed the application Aldiko) and the source formats.

There are also functions of full-text search and the piped, with which you can reformat the text by choosing fonts, margins, paper size, and the type of layout.

The site is updated on a weekly basis.

Access to texts and totally free of charge, but given that print books cost money, donations are welcome (see below).
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http://www.edizionianarchismo.net Web

Payments and subscriptions

Payments on c/c mailbox no. 23852353 (payable to A. Medeot - C. P. 3431 - 34128 Trieste) or with a credit card or prepaid with the key "donation" below."

Translated with http://www.freetranslation.com/ cause Fuck Google.

At least there's Bonanno who understands about the playful aesthetic internal insurrection as a means to bring down walls once and for all.

"The walls of Jericho destroyed and then recuperated over and over again and again into eternity!"

What *exactly* does he understand about it?

I should have said 'he practices' rather than 'understands', which was deliberately used by me in a broad context. So can 'practices'. So what exactly have you to elaborate upon, if anything other than the Mall?

Ohhhhhhh!!!! You go to the MAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL! Mall punk! Hot topic loser! Triple burn!
Still waiting for any kind of explanation of your idiotic ideas.

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