Eleventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

  • Posted on: 11 August 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From maldicioneco extremista
“I only want to see the cities leveled, the jungles taking over amidst the burnt-out factories. We are savages and we will be savages. Between life and death we will dance… If death comes we will keep destroying things in hell; disgusting world, I will laugh as I see you falling, in this eternal confrontation…”
-N.D. Stalking Death
Pindorama* – The untamed forest beings of the deepest jungle sing and invite us to join them in an immoral savage war at their side. In the darkest alleys of the putrid city we hear the uncivilized echo of those who do not speak human and who do not hesitate to accept the loud call from our ancestors who lived at the bottom of the curse, and who cry out for the total destruction of the civilized world.
In a band like barbarians we join together to sharpen our daggers, to load the clips into our guns and prepare the bombs to defend with tooth and nail the eco-extremist conspiracy against civilization and human progress as it spreads to these lands and which we are ferociously beginning.
The Secret Forest Society (Sociedade Secreta Silverstre – SSS) is a hidden materialization of eco-extremism, the adherent group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild in the Amazon region.
The Brazilian authorities have prepared the best they can against the potential attacks of ISIS and they even detained some of its cells here in Brazil. But they weren’t expecting the eco-extremists.
We have strategically waited until just days before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to attack and declare WAR against the hyper-civilized and their dead world of steel and concrete, as well as its foundations and technological devices.
We aren’t lone wolves as the authorities and Brazilian media would have it. We are an entire pack that growls against all that is civilized!
We proudly heed the call of hurricanes, earthquakes, lightening storms, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, avalanches, heat waves, floods, and other natural disasters. FOR THE EXTREMIST DEFENSE OF WILD NATURE!
Like an incurable plague we emerge and like violent gusts that sweep away all in front of them, we will sweep down provoking terror and devastating all in our path. Our target? Civilization in its totality and human progress! This WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE that “innocent bystanders” won’t be killed during our terrorist attacks.
We are wild uncivilized animals: criminals, terrorists, amoral, and a mafia comprised of enemies of all that is civilized. We publicly DECLARE WAR at this time against those who support civilization and their accomplices. We also take aim at any structure that enables and sustains the expansion of the civilized world.
The Olympic Games in our sights
It is not a coincidence that SSS/ITS-Brazil is presenting itself now, in these days before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, an event of great mobilization of the citizenry nationally and internationally, a show with lots of glamorous hype to keep the minds of this dead society filled with garbage. On the 5th of this month, the world’s attention will be turned again to the international celebration with the failed slogan, “A new world.”
Dear citizens, we have the great pleasure of informing you that if hell exists, it’s a lot like the reality of the current world. We state as well that better days will never come, no matter how many doses of hope you take. This is the moment of disaster!
The slogan of the Olympic Games mentions a “search” for something different from the hell that humans hands has made. In a hilarious manner, the “revolutionary” movements also look for a “new world”. This phrase is the same absurd rallying cry to change the world that various leftists movements uphold. All are searching for a “new world,” “the promised land,” including most anarchists. They are following different paths, but they are all looking for a “solution” or “remedy”, but all paths lead over the same cliff.
We affirm that there is NO way out from the civic abyss that reeks of death, and we eco-extremists know this all too well.
It’s a matter of taking one step forward and two steps back. There is nothing that can be changed in this world, and everything to destroy. SSS/ITS-Brazil along with ITS-Mexico, Chile, and Argentina also will fix its amoral and indiscriminate gaze on the Rio 2016 Olympics. We are and will be the eternal enemies of all of the citizenry and all of civil society. This event will not escape our attention. The savage spirit of the dead Jaguar killed after being USED and THROWN AWAY during an event of the passing of the Olympic torch in the state of Amazonas is incarnate in us and clamors for violent attacks.
We will inflict the maximum amount of terror on this event against the hypocritical citizenry that simulates a ridiculous peace; a reunion of the whole world as if everything around us was okay.
While Wild Nature dies and civilization continues to celebrate within its artificial world that consumes all that is natural, to this worldwide celebration we will leave our bombs!
Our bands of allies in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are prepared just like the tens of thousands of mobilized cowards who are there to provide security to the Games. We guarantee that in the states where events will be held, they will not pass unscathed without being severely attacked. We know that there are breeches in security and we will utilize them accordingly. Not only will the imperial Olympic installations be targets, but the mobile and stationary targets around them can also be attacked. We don’t care about the “innocent bystanders” who might be killed or mutilated, in the end the accomplices of civilization should fall right along with it.
Thus, citizenry, if you don’t want to be within a blast zone, lock yourselves in your basements and stay there.
Tourists, if you don’t want to share the same end, go back to your rotting cities. You are not welcome nor will you ever be welcome here, except by our explosives…
We see the Olympic structures as a profound manifestation of urbanism and modernity, just like the very expansion of civilization. Wild Nature has once again been stabbed viciously, this time to make way for installations for the Olympic Games. The example we saw was the civilized blow against the little that is left of the Atlantic Forest for the construction of a golf course in the Barra de Tijuca for the 2016 Rio Olympics.
They had no mercy when they did that and without mercy we will attack the Games. This event is not neutral and will be hit with multiple blows in a savage manner.
Those who collaborate or have collaborated with it, even “innocent bystanders,” will fall! The sick Olympic torch carries with it a cynical symbolism which makes us spit at its very mention. In that symbolism is seen the Sky, the Mountains, the Sea, those same things that are indiscriminately pushed into the abyss by the progress of civilization, all of which this society supports! The hypocrites who participate in this event spew forth cynicism before the world saying that they “defend” something of nature with that ridiculous affirmation. From now on we will show what a real defense of Wild Nature looks like!
We have declared war on this destructive international event of this dead society that consumes Wild Nature. Social peace will be proudly broken and mutilated.
In order to begin this savage attack, SSS/ITS-Brazil assumes responsibility for the attack in front of the shopping center Conjunto Nacional, carried out in the city center of the capital of Brazil, an occupied sector and only a few meters from one of the installations that will be used in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Yesterday evening we planted there an explosive consisting of three kilograms of blasting powder in a pressure cooker and we then disappeared into the shadows. The device caused a large explosion which stirred great fright in the citizenry and security guards who were nearby.
From afar, under darkness we observed the silence, the wind that blew and confronted the urban cacaphony… the lights of the city could not conquer the starry night sky accompanied by the expressive moon… and in the middle of what was a powerful explosion and a ball of fire, all of this caused us to laugh. We attacked in a militarized zone, and right under the noses of “security forces.” Even though the explosion didn’t produce the results that we hoped for, we will continue to perfect our techniques to cause the maximum amount of destruction in each new action.
Oh, the Conjunto Nacional is an emblematic building in the commercial district, one of the symbols of the destruction of Wild Nature… shopping centers are stands of civilization that sell artificial items to this dead hypocritical society. They are a conglomerate of distributors that offer scraps to this rotten civilized society and its citizenry. All this is at the cost of the frantic destruction of Wild Nature.
Yesterday CN continued on with its killer business and today its building has been hit with an earthquake of maximum magnitude. This time around the attack took place outside the building, tomorrow it could be on the inside…
We declare that this is only the start of the eco-extremist war against civilization and its “human progress” in “Brazil”. All of the structures and individuals who maintain and sustain the expansion of techno-industrial society and its consequent destruction of Wild Nature will now be considered targets.
Civilized structures will be blown into the air like wild birds and the flames will burn until there are only ashes left. Those who drive the destruction of Nature will pay with blood for their actions, blood ritualistically offered to the same untamed Nature just as ITS-Mexico has greatly done when it killed a worker at the UNAM, an institution that is an incubator of progressivists.
The only laws that we recognize are the laws of Wild Nature. This is a war of life or death that we will wage until the final consequences. We will inflict acts of terror and destruction while we are still standing, and it will be until our death or the death of our enemies.
We are the most repugnant products that this rotten civilization has ever created. We live in the shadows, angry at the citizenry, we spit on civil society and we vandalize wherever we pass. We look down on work, we hate the schools and we set fire to the universities. We are iconoclast heretics, supreme enemies of Christ and adorers of paganism. We are those who burn churches with their priests, pastors, and faithful still in them. We are amoral nihilists, apologists for violence and crime. We are those who opted to apply the laws of chemistry backwards in order to be able to build explosives that tear apart bodies and destroy buildings. We are disgusting delinquents uncommitted to civilized life and who are against the future and all that is human progress. We are those who don’t fear tomorrow, and who have chosen today and this moment to deliver blows… This we have chosen, there is no turning back and that’s it…
We end this first communique of the Secret Forest Society (the eleventh of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild) with the following sentences from the eco-extremist publication, “Ishi and the War Against Civilization,” which has been translated into Portuguese:
“Eco-extremism will have no end because it is the savage attack, the ‘natural disaster’, the desire to let the fire burn and to dance around it. The anarchist recoils and the leftist fears, because they know that they can’t defeat it. It will continue, and consume everything. It will burn up utopias and the dreams of civilized futures and leave only Nature in its place..”
Let us be dangerous…
With ITS-Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, and other parts of the world, forward the eco-extremist mafia!
In complicity with the Nihilist Terrorist Groups in Italy that attack social peace! Forward “Cenaze” Terrorist Nihilist Clan, “Memento Mori” Nihilist Sect, and allies!
Greetings to the convicts of the CCF who set fire to Greece!
Forward eco-anarchist and nihilist groups spreading terror in Chile!
Greetings to the Hostility Group Against Domination which is also at war in these lands!
Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil
-Secret Forest Society
* – A name used by some indigenous groups for “Brazil”



"Not only will the imperial Olympic installations be targets, but the mobile and stationary targets around them can also be attacked. We don’t care about the “innocent bystanders” who might be killed or mutilated, in the end the accomplices of civilization should fall right along with it."

Ok so basically they'll be competing with ISIS, at the authoritarian insurgent Olympics. Good to know keep us informed!

it seems to me that psychological terror and warfare are the premise for statements such as the one you quote


Loading clips into guns in order to fight against civilization? Fucking moronic.

"Hey look at me! I'm using 20th century technology to terrorise people so that one day we might all revert to a primitive state!"

You're just Breivik with a dumber ideological motivation.

Save us all the bother of having to read your nonsense and check yourself into the nearest asylum.

Except the eco-extremists aren't trying to make us all "revert to a primitive state", they have stated this time and time again. The ones bent on that are the anarcho-primitivist, who will surely succeed with their "20th century" wishful thinking.

Naked and Afraid: XL = Haute capitalist primitivism Get huge tracks of land purchased for the sole purpose of letting it go wild so any series of television shows can be dropped in at any time. Autonomy through Hollywood big bucks. Get Matt Damon in on the action. Also this is as relevant as Primal War and Alaska Live Free or Die Bush People Feralculture.

Primitivism is over anyway--you're righting a dead horse. But this bullshit is even stupider.

Not. Breivik was full into Clash of Civilizations bullshit, equating every single Muslim with "fascist" and writing some ridiculous drivel about restoring European culture from the Arabic invaders, or something. Sames goes for the IS ideal of restoring an Islamic purist order that never existed.

It's a common pattern that the most brutally violent and authoritarian elements always have the shittiest theory to legitimate their massacres. Other example: Liberal democracies.

You're right that "the most brutally violent and authoritarian elements always have the shittiest theory to legitimate their massacres." These fucking idiots are on an equal level to Brevik, ISIS, and the US military.

I don't think a-news should be posting this trash. Seriously, do these people even pretend to be anarchists?

No. They admitted several times to not be anarchists, or for anarchy. But it ain't the first time Thecollective is being told to stop publishing this authoritarian horseshit from a bunch of fanatics. Next thing you know these stupidos in Brazil will commit a lethal attack on civilians so that governments will use the tribune FREELY given to these groups by Anews and a few other anarchist sites to blame this kind of violence on anarchists in general.

Really? like the last 150 years of anarchist bombings, assassinations, arson, etc wasn't enough?
And being that your an anarchist and all, and that you're at war with the state, authority, blabla, and all that, i'm guessing at some point you realize that the government isn't supposed be your friend, right?

While on the topic of being anarchoids and all, if thecollective would obey to some commenters as to what content should be accepted on anews, wouldnt that be somewhat, like, authoritarian? We could probably find out if a majority of people wanted eco-extremist content to be published on anews, through democratic (authoritarian) methods too.
And "civilians", really? But lets not get into that since all this is already a lot for you to comprehend. Btw, you saying "these stupidos in Brazil" makes you sound like a authoritarian bigot..
Your debriefing was pretty weak mr. anarchist.

I'm not the person you're responding to, but there are many different ways to carry out bombings, etc. Not all bombings are anarchistic, obviously, nor do all of them serve anarchistic goals. ITS may say that "The Wild (read: God) is speaking through them," etc., but it's pretty fucking obvious what's going on, and that they don't have an emancipatory horizon for their use of force.

I agree that calling anyone in Brazil "stupido" is stupid, sure.

But make me one more voice declaring that publishing this anti-anarchist garbage here is a waste of space and time.

"and that they don't have an emancipatory horizon for their use of force."

So, liberating other people is necessary for an action to be anarchic? How does an individual liberate another individual?

Hey idiot--one can free oneself, too, no? If one is not too busy obsessing about how to enact one's ressentiment against the enemy, who becomes the real protagonist of the story?

Of course, but that's not what what implied in the original post. ITS are liberating themselves, just not other people, and the post suggested they didn't have the appropriate emancipatory horizon, seeming to suggest something that involves liberation for others, which, while that can be made easier or harder, is impossible.

Is it only possible to liberate oneself alone? Can freedom be individualized, into single serving size? Only someone stupid enough to be an individualist would believe that.

How do you liberate someone ele without them changing their own mind, desires, perceptions, relationships? You can influence but that is all.

Bakunin argues that the liberation of each is bound up in the liberation of all. Crimethinc does something similar, talking about the individual and the whole being inextricable. We are constantly changing each others' minds, desires, perceptions, relationships. There is no hard distinction between oneself and others. Liberation is not a private, individual affair.

"Liberation is not a private, individual affair."

True, though you also gotta admit it's a delusion at communal level in this society. Meaning... some dude joins an elite gang of yuppie artists then starts to feel like being emancipated, while turning a blind eye on the entire authoritarian system of property and exploitation which makes him have a posh loft with his Friends in some neat old industrial building.

It's what you do with Pavlovian dogs. It's hardly something that defines anarchy.

Can you seriously fuck off ziggy. Anarchy that ain't about liberation is fucking trash.

The 'anarchy' that has been induced my multi-millennia of slave morality. That is what liberation inescapably is connected to as far as being an aspired value. The anarchy of then not now.

Whatever, buddy. This is what passes for theory for you?

Just another maximalist dreaming away their time on this world while not making attempts at engaging with people in struggle. Theory is a hobby, part of their lifestyle. Thet aren't anything but a footnote, easily forgotten like legal Marxism or anarchist bowling.

We should work together, crrate strength in numbers while building each individuals willpower and resolve in the face of a system that is designed to make us fail. Vote union!

You're funny.

Anartists are not 'yuppie artists', they have a totally different cognition of phenomena. The -REAL- liberation arises from the pursuit of an aesthetic of harmony which denies the sublime recuperation of anxiety within the practitioner who must consciously and devoutly reject the inner reification of cultural values. Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' is not within the domain of the yuppie artist you crude philistine.

Anon Sun, 08/14/2016 - 21:28, "Bakunin argues..."

Bakunin's and Crimethinc's ideas here do not preclude my questions. The liberation of one may be bound up in the liberation of all in many ways, but they all still must do the work themselves. You can't do it for them. You can make it easier by creating infrastructure, giving guidance, etc.

"We don’t care about the “innocent bystanders” who might be killed or mutilated."

Welcome to the club that includes the cartels of Mexico and Brazil, the US military, etc.

"We are the most repugnant products that this rotten civilization has ever created."

Yep. And as much a part of it as ISIS and the US military. And just as dangerous to it, too.

"We are those who opted to apply the laws of chemistry backwards in order to be able to build explosives that tear apart bodies and destroy buildings."

Sorry, again this is not a new idea, this same stupid mistake occurred in Italy in the "Years of Lead," etc. It has never been effective. You're struggling to gratify your own egos rather than connecting with others on the basis of a different principle than the one capitalism, colonialism, etc. offer.

If you really don't care if you kill me by accident, I hope someone kills you on purpose first. Fuck off and die.

72 virgins, damit! 72 beautiful young virgins with dark eyes...

Why the fuck these people are still into that anticiv stuff? They could go FULL Jihad for Allah, while getting MORE support from the Western Left-wing antizionists! Plus the lots of support from the CIA.

Its all a product of ressentiment and systems which cannot resolve intrinsic psychological/emotional imbalances and resist the immersion of ego/identity drives into dominant binary cultural landscapes. There's no cure except existentialism and maybe finding a niche of tranquility away from the malcontented bedlam.

Zerzan is right. These are macho assholes.

except that they are all women. haven't you read the original communique?

But the women have become vessels of projection flowing down from the dominant macho culture.

Xena lesbo-macho stereotype is shit as well. The only decent thing Lucy Lawless did (that I know of) was to actively participate in the Sea Shepherd, which is in itself a struggle not beyond criticism.

if you believe that, you'll believe anything :D

I didn't borrow from JZ, my comment is my own conclusion. The imbalances though do foment within the turgid relationships within patriarchal authoritarian systems, whether they be industrial or paleolithic, I really don't wish to be sidetracked by the material physics APs harp about, its more the exclusion of organic feminine physiological agencies from reacting with institutionalized moral executives, but this isn't the Western fem&%#*$ rhetoric which largely disposes of anything post-Darwinist such as the acceptance of the 20th Century's unified biological genetic field, which emphasizes hominid feminine nature as gentle and submissive. I weep for latino American women and the macho violence they have to put up with.

Are there any plans for ITS writing, other than the original 6, to be published in print form?

It is mandatory for all party members to participate in the daily Two Minutes Hate against ITS. Death to Aragorn! Long Live BB!

I'd be happy at whoever calls him-herself an "ecoextremist" or "ITS" if they'd have the guts, balls and brains to take down the power grid and cause a mass-fuck up of traffic and severely destabilize social order on the long run due to repeated tremors in the whole infrastructure.

Why? For a person who's been living in the countryside for a long time and is back to a big city, you don't know how depressing that is to be standing among such dehumanizing artificial environment build by and for industrial capitalism. So if only they'd show the civil anarchists around here the way out of this sad circus, I'd have no choice but to see their nihilism as a flame of hope shining in the dark horizon.

But for some reason they focus of killing random civilians not all related to what they identify as the crystallization of the civilization they pretend fighting against. So they go for the same old patterns of activism or militancy, only with a sharply more sociopathic quality.

Doesn't matter how most of their arguments against anarchists are complete dumbfounded, irrational bullshit, some gang of bookfair nihilists still get a boner from these anti-anarchist insurgents, because they're anti-anarchists so according to them that should suppose they got "the edge" over the anarchist crowd. This mirrors their own failings at actually raising anarchy as a force against the social reality. So yeah Goldstein only is an instrumental part in this.

your first two paragraphs are spot on, the rest is crap. its does not "focus on" killing random civilians, they have specific targets that are indeed related to what they identify as the crystallization of civilization. they simply say they don't care about collateral damage. get your shit straight before regurgitating it.

New commenter here.

They don't have a strategy to do anything more than convince themselves of their own bravado. Full stop. The person you're responding to is correct, you are not. Also, collateral damage is not just a detail for them, it's something they always bring up, something they love to talk about, because it convinces them of their own bravado, how mean and baaaaad and tuff they are. Likewise, for an anarchist, being explicitly in favor of collateral damage is not a mere detail, it is something that puts you in the camp of capital and the state (in multiple ways: it is the ultimate power over, it affirms discontinuity of means and ends, etc.).

Finally, ITS explicitly says they are anti-anarchist. So fuck them, get their garbage off here. Are we going to see material from the FARC here next? Or maybe from the next Brevic?

Whoever is translating this, fuck you too. Shouldn't you be masturbating to a book about serial killers, or something?

How helpful has countenancing collateral damages ever been for anarchists? We can answer this question by looking at the Marfin bank fire--the answer is, not helpful, to put it mildly. (If you don't know about that, learn.) Socially stunted individuals, almost universally young and male, start fetishing Nechayev-style bullshit when they totally give up on the anarchist aspiration of changing our relations with others and our own lives in a way that gives us all more leverage over our destinies, rather than just killing or harming others. Think about it.

Oh stfu you pedantic moralizing pompous coward. Time to start sending some parcels to some of these 'anarchists' maybe then they'll shut the fuck up and climb back into the dustbin of history where they belong with all the other failures.

You know you could just call the pigs on us instead!?

hey look, it's the pathetic little shithead cheering section for these ITS jerkoffs. Only thing sadder than their delusional ego-trip about "the old gods" is the angry nerds who identify with it cause they fantasize about their own autonomy ever expanding beyond the comment section. Keep dreaming asshole.

Ha, anarchists are failures, compared to ITS? On what grounds? What standard of measure?

Also, anyone who doesn't agree with your preferred spectator sport (cheering for bombers) should be killed? That's your counterargument? But let's be real, COINTELTROLL, you ain't gonna do nothin'. What you want--for reasons that may not be so obscure--is for others to take pointless risks in isolation, rather than as part of a collective momentum.

And... it's moralizing and cowardice to present intelligent and strategic critiques of this dumb anti-anarchist blustering? Really? Or do you just like to call names?

Finally--you are quoting Marx approvingly, it seems? Fuck you on every single level, then.

"What you want--for reasons that may not be so obscure--is for others to take pointless risks in isolation, rather than as part of a collective momentum."

The thing is though, ITS are growing and spreading like wildfire. They have active cells in several countries, online infrastructure, publications, translators - none of this is happening in isolation, quite the opposite in fact. Also - nobody is getting caught either.

Somebody's been consuming a lot of anarchist media. Wake me when you couldn't account for all those things with way fewer than 50 people.

the things that can be done with less than 50 people...

Yeah, so did ISIS. And?

Same old sacrifice of substance for productivity, I see... but you know how this also

I prefer Sun Tsu's "long road to victory" (strategy without tactics) than the shortcut that always precedes failure (tactics without strategy).

Oooor... perhaps we can subvert ITS and make it anarchist too, then call ourselves the "True Individuals Towards Savagery". I like the acronym for this!

(...) how this also has fucked everything up historically. Occupy... the Soviet Union... the Maple Spring... Bolivarians... what else.

Also didn't FAI and CCF (REMEMBER???) also spread like wildfire, to even bigger scope?

acting like the long road doesn't lead to failure

Oh, the poor poor little baby collateral damagers, not everyone will fall down and worship them as the really cool next Stalins in waiting! It's not faaaaaair!

For once a buncha authoritarian terrorists had their chance at writing another chapter in History, but these filthy anarchists want to ruin it all!

the image of Aragorn with a Goldstein/Trotsky beard has left me needing new boxers

My theory on ITS cheerleaders/enablers: deluded ex-disciples of Jensen.

Ha! Jensen can't take much credit for new ideas though. There's an old counter-insurgency manual that talks about how militancy tends to develop naturally from broad, passive, reformist movements. Every large mass is going to have a minority of intelligent/impatient people who understand that a lot of what passes for politics is designed to waste your time and create the spectacle of a democratic discourse while neutralizing real threats.

A large minority of folks from all over the ideological map arrive at this same conclusion and the real question is what they do next. Most give up, many of these defeated radicals hunker down in to their armchairs and fetishize the lone-wolf, living vicariously through them. The damaged ego attempts to reconstitute itself through the fantasy, which is of course, pathetic.

For me, this demonstrates a serious lack of imagination but then again, everybody's fucked up and I suppose masturbating to ITS communiques is slightly less repulsive than trying to acquire material status like a fucking yuppie.

...or trying to acquire social capital like a new-school 'activist' completely obsessed with being popular.

Yeah, that's kind of gross too but it's also just something younger folks tend to do cause they're insecure so I'd be less harsh to that group. But it does suck when you look around and realize that half the "anarchists" and "activists" you know are just trying to get laid and look cool, like a mid-20s extension of highschool bullshit.

Part of the reason we need to stop all this bickering and vote union.

vote union? what does that even mean? face it: team anarchy is team failure.

Face WHAT? All I'm facing now is an LCD screen.

There's no "team anarchy", so how can there be a "team failure" that according to you (and based on forcibly-biased views) means the same team?

...also I forgot: vote union.

OK, we get it, you're a troll, you can stop now.

Except there's no cheerleaders, only people raging against ITS... those who aren't joining on the 5 minutes hate are the cheerleaders, i guess. There's lots that could be discussed, drawn, defined from what is going on with eco-extremism, but the general response by anarchists has been spewing disingenuous verboria while disengaging the issues... fucking pathetic, honestly.

If there is something that the eco-extremists have done that must be addressed by anti-civ/anarcho-primitivists it is to challenge the idea and practice of Reistance.What is the purpose of resistance? What are the limitations? What does resistance look like,feel like? How do you define violence? When is it justified? When is it not justified?

You people realize that Anews is the last main bastion giving a tribune to these fanatical idiots. Probably just because a few among the admins are from some gang of obnoxious so-called nihilists on the West Coast who're all about "conversations" and no single translating of their ideas into action. Hello Bellamy wassup?

I just went back to reading from insurrecto anarchist sites (I mean the other long-running ones like Act for Freedom, 325, Contrainfo, Insurrectionnews, etc) and there's still plenty of reports on radical anarchist insurgency from FAI-like groups, and all of it is for real, with real insurgent people instead of potential spooks.

So if you got the impression of some "advances" by the ITS and recesses by the insurgent anarchists, that's just smoke and mirrors produced by visiting the Anews echo chamber a bit too much.

You are an idiot, all of those sites you have mentioned have published ITS communiques so what the hell are you talking about? Also ITS actually send greetings to CCF who are an 'FAI-like group' in their latest communique. So enough with the attacks on Anarchist News already and stop telling idiotic lies.

Yet they have stopped publishing shit from ITS lately. Unlike Anews and some bullshit nihilo sites. That last communique by ITS before this one, published here, was very defamatory towards anarchists and radical Leftists as a whole. That's a fact.

So maybe there are ITS-related groups and individuals that still are anarchists, though there are highly-problematic tendencies among this crowd that are still left unaddressed by these people.

Like the completely authoritarian tendency at disregarding other people's lives in the name of some abstract belief, for starters. You know this is stuff that cops and jihadists and businessmen do on a daily basis.

And you'll notice that those petty childish insults are just stabs in thin air, making you look way less smart than you believe yourself to be.

Bullshit. Insurrection News posted the latest ITS communique.

Check out these articles on 325

Note that FAI and ELF cells have sent greetings to ITS.

Search Contra Info and Act For Freedom Now and you will find that they have posted ITS communiques as well as communiques by the Italian nihilist groups.

Now stop making shit up.

New commenter here.

The less anarchist sites publish garbage from anti-anarchists who are in favor of random casualties, the better.

So if these sites are doing it, that's bad. Even if it's true. Fuck ITS and everyone who worships them from the safety of a couch.

Yes how dare those websites post those communiques! They must be punished and excommunicated! How dare they! Obviously just by publishing their communiques they are worshiping ITS from the safety of a couch. So let's call for action against these websites from the safety of a couch! Let's draft an online callout right here in the comments section!

Nonono. Let's approach it the other way around... Why SHOULD they publish their communiques? What is to the interest of anarchists to bring such batshit?

We don't need to study their awesome tactics, as they've got nothing special with what anarchists have done before (save perhaps the random killings).

So there must be another reason...

Wait, reason is civilized!

Go to back to social media I heard somebody just posted an ableist comment, you better get in there and correct them!

Please come out into the sunlight and carry on in this manner, basement dweller, and soon you'll be the one who feels left out when people make ableist comments.

You sound like the admin of Insurrection News. Also, YES they were inflammatory towards radical leftists. Have you not been paying attention?

As for the "authoritarian tendency of disregarding other people's lives" --- what about anarchist history, dude? And do you really think your revolution will occur without a crazy level of violence?

lol you sound like the admin of 'The Daily Online Callout'.

fuck 'radical leftists'.

and you need to read up on your 'anarchist history', dude.

and whose revolution? Mine? What?! Nice strawman. I never said I 100% supported ITS I just pointed out that you are a liar for saying Anarchist News are the only anarchist site who publish ITS communiques and I also pointed out that some of your heroes, the 'FAI-type groups' actually send greetings to ITS in some of their communiques. You sound like some idiot who thinks they can control the internet and censor news. Not very anarchist of you.

Sorry but I'm not aware of anarchists having bombed or shot random civilians in the name of their cause. Maybe 100 years ago in Italy... but where did it got them? Full fascism a few years later?

The Italian nihilist insurrectos and the Mexican anti-anarchist ITS have produced the dumbest, most incoherent swine drivel I've read in years. Really.

That's because you don't know anarchist history.

You also realize that FAI-FRI poisoned random shoppers in Italy recently?

325 has also published explicitly Islamophobic garbage. Just because they publish something means nothing to me.

Poisoning random shoppers is fucking bullshit, too. Fuck you for countenancing that. I'd gladly hit you.

No you wouldn't because you are hiding behind a computer screen making threats and policing the internet like some computer cop and in any case are most likely a skinny, malnourished feeb who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

Motherfucker, I spend a lot of time in anarchist spaces around N America. Say that shit somewhere I can hear it and it's on. Come on, seriously, let me know who you are.

Maybe 325 should be censored too. How dare they publish content from an author who lives in an explicitly Islamic country who dares to be critical of Islam, that great religion that is so receptive to anarchism. Or maybe you should just fuck off out of anarchism because you and your ilk are anything but anarchists. Crybaby authoritarian Maoist ID politicians more like it.

Ha, yeah, that Islamophobic article citing the UN charter of human rights was soooo cool! Is it really censorship for me to identify it as stupid when anarchists promote authoritarian content?

...And you're accusing ME of not being an anarchist? You're just a COINTELTROLL who can't even make an argument. At best, you're a basement-dwelling coward, because I never hear anyone say anything like you're saying in public. Your politics aren't real politics, they're troll coward nonsense.

I don't trust anyone that doesn't hate Islam. Islam is so completely hateful and intolerant, that not to hate it is self-defeating, and tolerating it is sheer cowardice.

That's why you like it when people cite THE UN CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS about how fucked up it is, right?

Also, if you were an anarchist, you would be targeting ALL RELIGIONS, not A PARTICULAR RELIGION that happens to be SOMEONE ELSE'S RELIGION who maybe--just mayyyyybe--is on the other side of the racial/ethnic privilege line? What about Christianity? Care to say anything fucked up about Judaism?

(Also, your argument is "Islam = hateful, so I have to hate it" ... hilarious)

But really, what's your fucking strategy here? Just to sit in judgment on what people in totally different walks of life are doing, until it goes away? From my perspective, I'd rather be connected to the people targeted by Islamophobia, expressing solidarity with them in the face of that, while also expressing opposition to *all* religion. That way, it's possible to interchange influence and solidarity with atheists, etc. from Muslim backgrounds. Just pronouncing judgments from your high horse, in a quasi-racist way, is not gonna get you anywhere.

I don't go for solidarity cuz I'm not a socialist. I hate society and hope it fucking crumbles.

No one said I was an anarchist. You assumed it. That's your anarchist thinking.

I am against all religions (I'm not 'targeting' any, cuz I'm not a revolutionary) but let's be fair, they are not all equal in terms of the threat to the freedom of the individual right now, are they?

As for privilege, I am broke, no home, no job, so go fuck yourself before you make assumptions about people you can't even see, and stop pushing the crappy time-wasting identity politics that assumes everyone with pale skin has more privilege than people with dark skin. It's just a really stupid generalising form of idiocy.

What's my strategy? Right now it's telling pricks like you how full of shit you are in the hope that you'll hit 30, grow up, and give up your wannabe-Che heroics. Put another way, when anarchists are so disillusioned, individually and collectively, that none of them can even maintain the pretense of a 'milieu' any more, and the influence of communism within those people's minds has shrunk down to the size of Engels' brain, then they might stand a chance of finding a better way of doing things than what they're currently up to in most cases, which is beating a dead horse.

Take the UN charter and stick it up your heiny.

Ha, OK, so you admit to being an anti-anarchist swine whose only goal is to demoralize those who actually wish to oppose all forms of authority. Your hatred just makes me stronger, pig.

As to whether you are suffering in some poor-whitie way, maybe you are, and if you are, I'm fucking glad. Your homelessness and joblessness would be a reason to seek solidarity and mutual aid with others, but if you oppose those and the anarchist vision of change in general, then I can't protect you from your own bitterness and self-destruction. Just don't try to spread it to us.

And you are the one who was praising the article citing the UN charter as a justification for Islamophobic trash. I prefer not to beat dead horses, but you deserve a trip to the hospital.

But regarding your only substantive point, as to whether "not all [religions are] equal in terms of the threat to the freedom of the individual right now"... what's worse, the Islam of ISIS, or the Christianity of a George Bush who invaded Iraq and set the stage for that? (More people have died as a result of the latter, to date.) You just hate Islam more because you're a dumbass who isn't on the other side of the bombs, and likely a racist who is more afraid of terrorists than of governments. Sucker.

Plays a lesser role in imperial invasion then Islam plays for ISIS. You also have Sam Harris/Christopher Hitchens Atheists who play a role as well. I have no desire to bash Islam as they are some parts of it that are interesting(Pete L Wilson). However, regurgitating standard leftist faux equivalent analysis gets nauseating fast.

Imperialism requires reified collectivism so all these Leftist anarchists imagining that 'solidarity' is somehow going to act as a salve for wars and brutality of any kind, are just deluding themselves. Might as well sing kumbaya at Unicron.

Anti-anarchist? Not really. Are you so ideologically-blinkered that you see all non-anarchists as anti-anarchists? I thought you wanted solidarity with everyone? Which is it?

I'm yet to meet an anarchist who opposed all forms of authority. Nearly all anarchists are pro-civ, pro-work stooges, to name just the largest failing of anarchists.

Mutual aid, I'm all for, but with the people that I choose, not as part of some indiscriminate universalist group-hug. I see humanity as just another oppressive force, especially when it is used as emotional blackmail to make me feel 'solidarity' for medievalists in the Middle East who want to cut heads off and keep women as property. And don't start with the 'moderate Muslims' bullshit, because even 'moderate' Muslims butcher children, subjugate women and kneel to an authority (albeit an imaginary one).

I wasn't praising the article, by the way. Just zooming in on the charge of Islamophobia, which is one of those Leftist words that get thrown around like it has a real meaning. Q: Which came first - Muslims stirring up shit in Europe - or the forming of negative opinions about Muslims by non-Muslims? Why don't you read some Bruce Bauer and actually understand what you're talking about?

"I see humanity as just another oppressive force, especially when it is used as emotional blackmail to make me feel 'solidarity' for medievalists in the Middle East who want to cut heads off and keep women as property."

ahhhh... interesting! So close to the typical right-wing cracker worldview. Also a xenophobic mindset that's widespread in many parts of Mexico. Them "Soros NWO socialists" seeking to enforce upon us the global family of "humanity" threatening we select few homo superiors.

Slur slur slur slur....wait...oh...no point!

This guy is an alt-right entryist. It's clear now. No one should listen to him. If this were a punk show, he'd be beaten up and thrown out. But it's fucking anews, so all we can do is identify him as a piece of shit, and move on.

So you don't even know how to correctly spell the name of the conservative, pro-gay marriage, alt-right darling (and yes, bona fide Islamophobe) that you're saying I should read? Is that where you get your smarts from? You're not just not an anarchist, you're also a stooge--or, more likely, you're a right-wing entryist trying to get a foothold here.

I hope you really are homeless and jobless, and that a piano falls on you from a great height.

That's one hell of a bad example, since here the anarchists cared about preventing poisoning random people, by warning about it in advance. Relation with a bunch of fanatics who at many times both claimed not caring about killing random people AND bombing places without warning?

"Propaganda by the deed" is nowhere an insurrectionist principle that cautions the murder of unrelated people.

You dense?

Sounds like you might be dense. There was no warning given about the poisoning until after it had been done. Sounds like you should learn how to read before opening your big internet mouth.

Guess you never heard of the Wall St bombing or many other anarchist bombings that killed 'innocent' people? But keep running your big loud internet mouth.

"Starting from the week between May and June, while most people are getting ready to elect those who will make decisions about their lives, we are gradually replacing some of the products in the supermarkets with ‘ours’ with higher maximum residue limits. So far we have only replaced the number of products that can be seen in the photos attached. We intend to finish our stocking by the end of June, the final deadline we have decided for this action.

Each week we will add an injection of poison to the water-poison solution that we replace. We will do this because we only tamper with substances that the food industry uses as it likes, starting with only a small amount of poison because, unlike the white coats, we don’t know what effects it might have. So, we’re interested in being effective, not in playing word games. This is our first test. Its continuation and exacerbation will depend on to what extent economic and ‘social’ interests come into conflict.

Our operation will cover the whole of the Lombardy region, making a fool of various distribution chains that have been visited, studied and chosen for the best outcome of this campaign against poisoning. What we are aiming for is clearly withdrawal from the market of the products we have used, in the period of time decided by us, but we also want to throw the contradictions that the whole of society is based on in everyone’s face, even of those who try to look the other way. For we know that a coat of green paint won’t be enough to clean up a world now addicted to its own noxiousness, because allowing oneself to be poisoned little by little is equivalent to dying day after day."

So in a nutshell, they clearly speak in the future tense to whoever has read this statement earlier, in early June, as they were presumably starting to put the same poison that's being put into soy-based products, only in supposedly bigger quantities. Not after they did.

Also, and none the less, they clearly are using the socio-sanitary and ecological argument, or protecting collective health against the noxious Monsanto poisons. They completely are doing the reformist demand of removing this GMO waste from consumer products, and want its industry to be abolished.

Which is quite problematic for an example of insurgents who supposedly are for random killing of strangers, and do not care about the lives of innocent people

Speaking of innocence... Just WHO the fuck are you -meaning what quality, authority or supremacy have you got- to JUDGE some people you don't know of being NOT innocent? Because they take part in civilization? So then, why don't you off yourself and get over with it in the first place!? Win-win!

ZOMG you win the internet! Collect your moralist trophy from Sasha Reid Ross and your 500 intersectionalist points, congratulations!

Who is Sacha Reid Ross and why should I care? Same for those high-concept edgy concepts that reek of '70s trots. That attempt at a straw men is the last standing leg of your collapsing armchair.

Fuck off, pig.

"That attempt at a straw men is the last standing leg of your collapsing armchair."

Poetry! Thank you, comrade.

Hey troll cop--in order to at least earn your police cadet salary, can you articulate any politics besides "I LIKE RANDOM VIOLENCE" that might convey the [likely false] impression that we are arguing with an anarchist, rather than a pig intern? Good luck.

It was never confirmed that buda did wall street. Probably did. Sure. However, there are no first hand accounts.

If you go down there, some walls of buildings are still damaged...

Still waiting on the long list of civilians ITS has killed. Maybe they're just pulling everyone's leg about this and get a big kick out of seeing the anarcho-morality police come out of the woodwork condemning them. That seems to be part of it.

It will probably come out right after they release that long list of successful attacks they have actually carried out.

The real joke is that they actually are doing all of this to outrage "the anarcho-morality police" (ie: actual anarchists), and everyone who isn't totally enamoured with their terrorist antics can see it. That's why everyone's so fucking tired of them - the only fucking point to these (life-threatening) actions is to prove how fucking hardcore they are to the only fringe of a fringe who can decipher their cryptic communiques then throw a hissy-fit when folks respond with anything other than glowing praise.

Grow up or kill yourselves losers, the only people you're impressing are even more pathetic than you.

True. Starting with the West Coast podcast insurgent elite.

Support rapist and murderer prisoners nationwide but don't you dare support ITS! Viva leftism! Long live warped strugglismo mentality!

Let me help you graduate from anarchist kindergarten here. There is a difference between

1. extending solidarity to people because they are being targeted by an institution we oppose,
2. endorsing the tactics that others are employing in struggle (as strategic, or consistence with our goals, or etc.)

But you're a fucking idiot determined not to use your brain, so why even try to explain anything to you. Good lord, you ITS groupies are so stupid.

yeah, so ITS need to get their ass in jail or it aint gettin no lovin, got that, eco-extremist?!

According to your ITS heroes of the Old World, they will not go to jail, for some reason (like being cops). They also rejected prisoner solidarity as much as any cop or other loyal enforcer of the State would. So therefore it's not possible for us, SJW socialist disciples of Che Guevara (for as you said only statist socialists are into prisoner solidarity, because reasons), to show any solidarity ITS even if we wanted to...

So in a nutshell... the ITS cheerleader troll is also the same reactionary swine who's sneering against prisoner solidarity, and probably also that other anti-feminist shitstain. Color me surprised. Neofascists are all over the place in the Obama-era internet.

You're coming on a site called "anarchistnews" expecting solidarity with these non-to-anti-anarchist incoherent dumbfucks who fight for their "ancestors" and neopagan deities, and are against prisoner solidarity in the first place?

Say... why shouldn't we also support the Nazi Underground as well... or the Hindu Maoist/Stalinian insurgents (who're btw a hundred times bigger and more lethal than your Mexican eco-wankers), or hey why not fucking Muslim Brotherhood or ISIS?

What a fucking moron... get a friggin life or start your own insurrecto-prick wordpress blog. Welcome to the Internet. Full of room and features for the expansion of your ego!

I would think 50+ mostly negative comments threads on @ news are the only thing that constitutes a "hissy fit" here but I could be wrong.

Still one's gotta be waaayyy fucked up for coming here just for the kicks of the equivalent of having his balls crushed by heels on a table. That's some weird trolling though I ain't sure if the Thecollective are honest in their intent of letting it go.

I dunno, maybe I'm somewhat of a sadist for wanting to crush these fucks, or reasoning them with a bat.

most likely all the comments are written by the same 2 or 3 people anyways. most people are like ITS..meh, scroll past.

Honestly if people just ignored these threads maybe they'd go away. But it seems both cheerleaders and detractors have nothing better to do so I am not holding my breath. I suppose nerves are struck on both sides.

So why is Thecollective not just stopping to publish the irritants? If they are for real, they must believe there's a more positive reason to be publishing these texts than the useless flaming they are causing. But what?

Let's face it: A-News has about as much real value in terms of discussion as a rhino crap. Thecollective allow ITS and other nutjob stuff to go up here because it generates arguments, as pointless as those arguments are. Without the controversy of ITS, and without letting the nihilists and commies throw their crap at each other, A-News would be justanotherblog.

Problem is.. that it ain't just about nihilists and commies. Reactionaries, misogynists, pig-lovers, neonazis and other Stormfront scum (like the pro-ITS troll right now) have been allowed to post their horsheshit here, and it doesn't matter to the moderator(s) how bad it deteriorates the quality of discourse and make the site look like the sewers of Exarkhia. They've been told about the issue so many times and suggested a few good alternatives (beyond just closing the comment section), yet nothing changed.

these posts almost always have a specific reference to anarchists--the group said themselves they grew out of the @ist scene in Mexico.

While it's more frequent for socialists to be turning into right-wing reactionaries, a lot of the so-called anarchists in Mexico are already some of the worst deluded social anarchists, or just socialists, so it's not hard to believe that some people from that milieu get to take a more neonazi-like direction. It's an historical pattern. There's denouncing the social anarchists for their bullshit -what Euro anarchists (including especially the FAI crowd) have been doing for years already- and there's casting some idiotic judgement on the entire anarchist population on Earth for being "Leftists" or being this or that. This is part of what makes these people quite mediocre in their theory, that's setting a protracted dead end to their tactics.

you sound like someone who likes to "cast idiotic judgements". It's the same in Mexico than anywhere else, anarchists are mostly socialists, like in the US and like anywhere else. There is no judgement on the entirety of anarchists (unless you believe in a unified church of anarchy), eco-extremists have always been specific in their communiques and essays as to why they have have abandoned their liberationist and anarchist posture, since many were ELF / ALF cells. They also constantly encourage anarchist actions, just not the socialist / progressive type which is most of the spectrum. If you check out maldicionecoextremista.noblogs.org you'll realize this.

You're missing the point. Without these pointless squabbles, nothing of any relevance remains on this site.

And I have to say, by the long list of labels you've given, that it looks to me like you're one of these people that loves to pin labels on people as Stormfront or reactionary, based on a very small amount of information. I've been called both on many occasions, and it just serves to underline the anarchist concept of purity that I utterly despise.

If anarchists want to have meaningful conversations, they will have to learn to communicate with people who have slightly different views without yelling 'Goldstein!' and foaming at the mouth.

A) Wait... what kind of meaningful conversation are you expecting with trolls who use anarchist comment sections to diss any sort of solidarity with a major upcoming prisoner revolt, going as low as the sheer cowardice of writing "Fuck prisoners", from their privileged positions in society?

B) Are you that dimwitted as to not see a current cause for the FBI/DHS trollcops to try slandering solidarity efforts that are being done from outside?

C) Do I have to make you a drawing to show how division is a powerful tool of pacifying and submitting people?

Read this guy's comments above--he's actually a right-wing entryist. He was trying to promote the writing of Bruce Bawer, a right-wing gay (and yes, Islamophobic) writer. [Admittedly, he can't even properly spell the name of the conservative asshole he's promoting.] He's the enemy. No wonder he thinks we're exclusive (while arguing against solidarity, etc.). In the streets, he'd be getting stabbed by us, not engaging in civil conversation.

...then crybaby on Infowars about the "totalitarian commies" taking away his free-speech. lol

I know the drill.

Wow, case study right here in why anarchism needs to be neither Left nor Right - both sides of this argument are looking awful and talking nonsense, and both obviously feel the urge to universalize their values.

S'cuuuse me I don't see the urge at universalizing values in seeking to abolish the US prison system or liberate the prisoners... So good luck with that case study at your doctorate classes.

I hope you succeed in liberating all the prisoners, the most bad ass ones will surely see the light and become hardcore humanists and join the anarchist revolution instead of enslaving you as workers and using you as sex toys...

Prisoners are more likely to free themselves on their own, all we can offer as anarchists is outside support and communications so that this struggle ain't cast into a memory hole or a heavily-politicized box, ideally spread through the proles and lumpens outside.

I"m not into the revolution paradigm stop with the straw men.

And also newsflash: we're already being enslaved as workers and used as sex toys by capitalists outside. Duh.

And sorry but no I didn't mean that I got an squadron of attack choppers and a fleet of heavy construction trucks at my disposal to free the prisoners.

"newsflash: we're already being enslaved as workers and used as sex toys by capitalists outside. Duh."

oh... well look at that... how ironic...

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