From Embers: Four podcasts from the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair

From Embers: Five podcasts from the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair

From From Embers, via the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair

Here are four podcasts From Embers, via the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair including Ruth Kinna, Ann Hansen, John Zerzan, and Kathy Ferguson.

VABF Day 6: UK Theorist Ruth Kinna (editor, Anarchist Studies) on Capitalism, Anarchism, and the Commons

Sep 19, 2020

Ruth Kinna is a world-renowned political theorist and historian of ideas who has authored numerous books on anarchism, nineteenth- and early twentieth-century socialist thought, utopianism andcontemporary radicalism. She is a professor of political philosophy at Loughborough University and editor of the UK-based journal, Anarchist Studies.

VABF Day 5: Anarchist Ann Hansen and Trans Activist Naphtali Discuss Prison (In)justice

Sep 18, 2020

Ann Hansen is former member of the anarchist organization Direct
Action and served over 7 years in prison for her involvement with that collective. She is now living on a self-sufficient farm and
works on prison-related issues as a member of the Prison for Women (P4W) Memorial Collective. Naphtali is a white non-binary trans Jew who is into prison abolition, anti-zionism, indigenous and black liberation, night-bouquets, and community care.

From From Embers

VABF Day 3: John Zerzan on His Life As An Anarchist and the State Of Affairs In the USA

Sep 16, 2020

John Zerzan is author of numerous publications exploring the
pre-modern dimensions of our being. His weekly radio program,
AnarchyRadio can be found here:  "">

VABF Day 2: Kathy Ferguson on Emma Goldman's Women and Anarchism As ‘A Movement Of The Book’

Sep 15, 2020

Kathy Ferguson is an US-American author, political philosopher,
feminist, historian, anarchist, and professor of political science and women's studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. She has
authored one of the best critical biographies of renowned anarchist Emma Goldman: Emma Goldman: Political Thinking in the Streets.


Visit to learn about the 1000 women who helped build the anarchist movement during Emma Goldman’s life time.

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