From Embers: Not Having to Choose Between Feminism and Anarchy

From From Embers

Feb 21, 2019

Today's episode features a conversation with some members of Feminist Action Hamilton, an anyone-except-cis-men collective organizing around anarchist principles. We talk about some of the actions and workshops Feminist Action Hamilton has been organizing over the past year; feelings and motivations around creating an organizing space without cis men; intentions and desires to support each other, learn together, and take action, and some of the messiness and difficulties of organizing when you're not pretending to have all the answers.

Feminist Action Hamilton: Facebook

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Identity politicians policing the boarders of identity. Who are "cis-men" exactly? What are "cis-women"? Is anyone REALLY cis? And why the *fuck* are people still trying to "organize"? Same old shit, same old shit.

*borders* ffs

Sounds like a delightful, liberated group of people not at all afflicted with ressentiment and Leftist bigotry! Anarchy must be right around the corner with groups like these. Can I join if I put on a dress and some mascara?

No because you're genetically inferior, now, according to our reverse-malthusian weltanshauung.

I was able to remain sympathetic if still somewhat apprehensive up until they mentioned getting their own zine rack. Then it seemed like anarchy was no longer one of the alternatives, thus the tittle of the podcast.

Haven't listened in detail because idpol make me reeeee, but there's no inherent contradiction between feminism and anarchy IF feminism means equality and freedom for (unique individual) women (whatever they happen to be). Feminism (struggle against the spook of gender and real hierarchies based on it) is then just an issue-specific subvariant of anarchism - and every consistent anarchist is also a (pro-)feminist in this sense. But idpol-style feminism, carceral feminism (a la Dworkin and MacKinnon), and pomo feminism which invents "hierarchies" within horizontal relations because of supposedly involuntary language structures, are clearly INCOMPATIBLE with anarchism. For the simple reason that they either advocate or naturalise hierarchies and spooks.

The best thing I've read on this topic:

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