enbridge valve site sabotaged - again

  • Posted on: 26 January 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

line 9 shut off & line 7 valve tampered with in hamilton, on

La traduction vers le français suit l'anglais

our hearts were bursting with love and cheer after hearing of the many times our friends have courageously shut down pipelines in recent months. so in the early hours of january 25,2016 we found our own courage and took action against enbridge and their line 9.

slipping in to a valve station located on traditional Haudenosaunee Territory (in hamilton, ontario) we successfully operated an electronic valve to shut off the flow of tarsands crude in line 9. a line 7 valve, also an enbridge tarsands pipeline, was also tampered with and closed part way. we then disappeared back into the night.

we took this action to stand in unity with all those who have defended the land before us, and for those who decide to take action after us. we take it to fight against an industry that puts us at risk every day and subjects frontline communities to violence upon their bodies, communities and cultures - for profit.

we believe that’s worth fighting against; that those people and communities are worth fighting for. so call us what you will, but we only do what is both necessary and right. our actions hurt none, but a lack of action hurts everyone. may we all find the courage to actively resist & destroy exploitative capitalist industrial projects.

fuck enbridge
fuck the tarsands
and fuck all pipelines.

ps. for those curious to follow in our stead - enbridge thinks they're being all smart by putting on large gold security chains (which can't be cut with bolt cutters) and lockboxes on the gates. bypass these by cutting the fence itself. then all you need are some garden shears (to cut the very, very secure zip tie protecting the electrical panel), your wits and an exit plan.


Soupape Enbridge saboté de nouveau
Un dispositif d'arrêt automatique de Ligne 9 et une soupape de Ligne 7 trafiqués

Nos coeurs étaient pleins d'amour et de joie suite aux nombreux moments où nos amis-es courageux-euse ont réussit à couper des oléoducs ces derniers mois.

Alors, le matin du 25 janvier, 2016, on a pris notre propre courage à deux mains et a passé à l'action contre Enbridge et leur Ligne 9. On a glissé dans un poste de soupape dans le territoire traditionnel de l'Haudenosaunee (à Hamilton, Ontario) et on a réussi à faire marcher une soupape électronique pour couper l'écoulement du brut des sables bitumineuses dans la Ligne 9. On a également traffiqué une soupape manuelle de la Ligne 7, la tournant à demi. On s'est éclipsés aussitôt dans la nuit.

Nous avons entrepris cette action en solidarité avec tout ceux et celles qui ont protégé la terre avant nous et qui passeront à l'action après nous. Nous l'avons fait pour combattre un industrie qui nous menace tous les jours et qui fait souffrir les communautés en première ligne d'une violence affreuse contre leurs corps, leurs communautés et leurs cultures, tout au nom du profit.

Il faut combattre cela – nous croyons que ces communautés méritent d'être défendues.

Traitez-nous de ce que vous voulez, on ne fait que ce qui est nécessaire et juste. Nos actions ne blessent personne, mais une manque d'action fait mal à tout le monde.

Qu'on puisse tous et toutes trouver le courage de résister de manière active et de détruire les projets capitalistes industriels exploitatifs.

Merde à Enbridge, aux sables bitumineuses et à tous ces oléoducs.

Ps – pour qui voudrait nous imiter, Enbridge se croit malin avec leurs énormes chaines couleur d'or (impossible de les couper avec un coupe-boulon) sur leurs portails et leurs boîtiers de sécurité. Contourner celles-ci en coupant la grille elle-même. Après, vous n'aurez besoin que de cisailles (pour couper l'ultra-sécure collier de serrage qui protège le panneau électrique), vos esprits et un plan de sortie.



NATO neonazi ringleader was right... Pipeline militants are double agents for Putinist Russia!!!

Les posters sont superrrrrbes!

You... closed two valves? You mean those things that are literally designed to be opened and closed readily?

>a line 7 valve, also an enbridge tarsands pipeline, was also tampered with and closed part way.

Ah. My mistake. You closed one and a half valves. Bien sur, ces sont les plombiers super!

Shut up with your sarcasm, you fucking troll. If they'd snuck into the white house and pushed the button that activates the nuclear warheads or whatever, you'd just be like, "You pushed a button? You mean those things that are designed to be pushed? So?"

You don't seriously believe that, do you? What the fuck do you honestly think happened here? These pipelines are full of sensors everywhere. You turn off a valve, they're going to see a drop in pressure, and send someone out to open the valve again. It stops a couple hours flow of oil, at most, and even that is assuming that it was even running at the time. If you "pushed the button that activates a nuclear warhead", you can't exactly undo that now can you? A can of fucking spray paint probably would have caused more grief than this.

Oho, now the sarcastic little troll is mad that someone didn't think his sarcasm was cool! Cry cry cry, little troll baby! You want us to applaud when you shit on other people's efforts, but we see you for what you are, a little shitty troll baby.

yes we know, anyone who diseagrees on this site is a shity troll baby... you can crawl back to your sewers now.

The people behind these actions are trying to spread an easily reproducible practice of sabotage against an enormous infrastructural project that goes through an area inhabited by 10 million people. Sure, we could have imagined them doing something more intense, but that would also be less reproducible. The numbers of people, the length of the line, and the threat of these shut-offs generalizing is the bigger risk here. These aren't actions being carried out by a specialized, closed-off cell.

It probably stops the line for a couple of hours, which represents like 20 000 barrels of oil (of the 300 000 daily). Not the hugest deal, but far from nothing.

This fucker makes it obvious they have zero understanding of oil infrastructure.

Last sentence of this *enlightened* comment translates to:

"Of course (without proper French hyphenation), these are the super firefighters."

Hmmm... I'll meditate on that during my next morning routine. Arcane knowledge here. Arcane...

Remember folks, there's a small but vocal minority of "e-anarchists" who basically lurk online and shit on efforts like this (maybe it's psyops or maybe they're just dickheads, who cares?) but I honestly believe there's many, many more of us who understand that widespread economic disruption is exactly the sort of tactics that our enemies are terrified of. There's an old saying, it goes "every time a pipe-line valve gets shut off, an anarchist realizes that it's way less stressful than trying to fight riot cops with your bare hands."

(evasively looking away, with a hint of insecurity barely hidden behind shallow sharky eyes)

"large gold security chains (which can't be cut with bolt cutters) and lockboxes on the gates. bypass these by cutting the fence itself."

I think last time I saw such absurd security measures was in a flick by the Zucker bros.

Its inspiring that anyone walks away from their computer and takes the time to attack/vandalize/ in any way the industrial infrastructure that goes through their potential habitat after destroying someone else's. Its a little like gluing a bank door lock or putting an out of order sign on the elevator doors of a corporate tower or whatever, except that in this case it took the extra effort of going out to some pipeline location presumably in a rural area. It wasn't a lazy action that's for sure.

Besides each time the saboteurs can learn a bit more about the weaknesses of that infrastructure. And what actions are so effective as to create some catastrophic/spectacular outcome? Yes, the physical system has weaker points-fiber optic cables come to mind, but they are better guarded and have much more difficult access. I applaud someone who wants to do a solidarity action with comrades far away and actually takes the time, effort and risk and does something.

Also, what expertise do all you sarcastic commenters have that you are so certain what exactly the comrades action caused? Maybe it was much worse than you assume...

Damn right! Furthering your point, I've always noticed how even the little symbolic actions that sometimes get over-hyped are still a way for younger militants to cut their teeth and learn.

Like, every anarchist I've ever shared much affinity with had a little bit of petty, targeted vandalism (among other things) in their background. It's a whole state of mind that you're developing as you dip your toe in the pool. Like, everyone who's ever felt powerless can miracle-cure themselves with just a little bit of this kind of thing. Worry about the long-game and the big picture later, you start by doing small things to seize your autonomy.

I'm in no-way belittling this action either, there's a whole scale/spectrum between spraypaint and arson that we should be exploring thoroughly.

I'm not here to shit on this action, people will do what they're capable of... but rather to answer this gradualist shit being said here.
I often hear anarchist repeat this crap about how you have to start somewhere like petty vandalism or getting your ass kicked by the cops, and the value of those things being "easily reproducible", as dictated by the social insurrectionist dogma.
Then why is it that in places where easily reproducible "attacks" against the social order have been consistent and fierce for decades, nothing has changed neither qualitatively nor quantitatively? Look at Chile.

Perhaps your metrics are wrong? I'm an insurrectionist who believes a population should always resent and actively resist their chains, regardless of anything. I don't give a fuck if anything ever changes at all, I mean, sure I could list any number of scenarios that I would prefer but the tyranny we're up against doesn't give a fuck about my reasons anymore than I respect it's motives.

We're just two different species, squaring off, forever. Your angle appears to me to be a strange rationalization for inertia. At any point in history, someone in any given society could say things have remained mostly the same for a long time, no matter what individuals do. It's true and it's not. Depends on context, stated goals and countless invisible variables too. Paralysis through analysis perhaps?

I made the 'reproducible' comment above and I think you raise a good point. What you get from spreading those kinds of practices is lots of people who have a wide range of skills that are real threats to power. That by itself is clearly not enough to get us where we want to go, but when we look at the wave of insurrections of the past several years, the most committed militants are often caught by surprise. The ability to sustain and escalate an insurrection is aided by many things, but one of them is the number of people who already have the kinds of skills that have generalized in Chile - spreading these practices is a way of preparing for moments whose timing we don't control.

I'll answer that, given you aren't being another spiteful sneer jerk...

You simply cannot compare Chile to eastern Canada to Greece to China. You're talking about different dimensions of a world here, perhaps even different planets. When you travel a lot you realize how even with the common stuff, societies create their own self-sustained environments out of culture and power dynamics, and antagonists like anarchists have to find answers to a context that may not be easily transported to another context, or not through the same methods.

In other words, the causes explaining why such struggle fought with a set of tactics didn't advance in Chile -something that, in itself, is much debatable, given that the anarchist praxis is far more advanced in Chile than in that in Auschwitz-Disneyland North America, where anarchists are still struggling to merely make understood by other anarchists the necessity to do things like occupations- aren't the same challenges faced by anarchists in southern Ontario.

What is your threshold for calling an action an "attack" or not?

What is that "change" you're talking about? You mean bringing up a widespread insurgency that takes down the entire social order in a few years? Taking lessons from history, that's hardly possible. The feudal system took centuries to be overthrown by the capitalist oligarchies... and yet the royal families and religious leadership still pervade at the highest seats of power. So even the liberal capitalist revolution wasn't a true victory. It just fragmented capital to tinier bits of pie (democracy) so that more power-hungry thieves could grab it.... at least for a while. Now this has created a prison-for-profits system that keeps bringing humanity down the horrible shithole of a neo-feudalism many times worse than the old feudal system. So much for "change".

But since the anarchist movement is so young in Chile while being much more advanced than in Canada, I don't see where where your ending point of "looking at Chile" makes any sense. I look at Chile, and I see one of the most active, rooted, diverse, developed anarchist movements on the planet.

I think that following such brain fart of yours, the ball is on your side, to explain what better anarchy do you see elsewhere, and how the absence of an accessible insurgency people can easily connect to, not some RAF or IRA-style bullshit, has made things "change".

"Yes, the physical system has weaker points-fiber optic cables come to mind, but they are better guarded and have much more difficult access.»

Lolwut!? Probably you were referring to those fiber-optic cables used by the NSA or the rest of the military... not?

But if you’re referring to overhead fiber-optic cables for mass enslavement, one’s gotta be dumb like a doorknob to not realize they’re really NOT guarded and all over the place.

I'm not sure you are entirely correct there. There are cables that run between cities and countries and states/provinces etc that are primarily buried except where it is too expensive and difficult. Should any of these cables, the location of which are typically kept away from public knowledge, be damaged, internet service, and thus banking etc. is shut down until it is found and repaired.

A few years ago a 75 year old woman in Georgia was scavenging for copper with a shovel and sliced through the cable between Georgia and Armenia. That cut off internet for the entire country of Armenia and large areas of surrounding countries for a whole day.

Similar stories have been reported all over the world. In Canada a backhoe pulled up and scliced through a fiber optic cable and cut off all internet service to the city of Barrie Ontario last summer.
`Bell work crews had to dig to repair the fibre-optic cable that was severed early Thursday morning.
Thousands of Bell customers were still without phone or Internet service at the start of Friday after a fibre-optic cable located under Essa Road south of Ardagh Road was cut Thursday morning in Barrie.
Caird said the loss of both the fibre-optic and copper lines that were cut affects everything from the Internet, phone, banking, traffic control signals, businesses and residential customers and data services to banking machines.

Anyway, I think there are small cables running overhead but larger ones buried underground?

The one between British Columbia and the Yulon is a big concern because of damage as well. Here is from an article on a forest fire last year: " While the fibre-optic cable is mostly buried underground, it runs along the surface in areas where workers couldn’t plow through, for example in rivers and creeks. A damaged fibre-optic line would result in the loss of Internet and cellular service for all of Yukon territory."

Also recently a landslide in the Bay Area has exposed a major underground fiber optics cable and saboteurs jumped on the opportunity to cut it. Caused extensive disruptions to many businesses in the area, including banks.

I think the commenter was referring to end user cables, that are indeed very soft targets. They don''t cause billions in losses though can unplug a sizeable number of people from their daily spectacular enslavement, including the regular Anews obnoxious trolls, if you're very lucky.

If success means destroying authoritarian civilization, i.e., a global destructive/creative revolt, then nothing has worked for 10,000 years. If it means people getting together wherever they live and trying to carve out some autonomy, to push back against politics and economics, then there have been plenty of examples. The question is: does it have to be global for it to be considered successful? Can anarchy exist in an isolated region or must it be global? I think it can exist in isolated areas, right down to the individuals inner thoughts. We have to keep our eye on the big dream-picture, i.e the complete and utter destruction of politics and economics and all harmful, constraining and destructive social and ecological practices. But the reality is all anyone can do is attack/withdraw, (including internal battles) wherever they live. Whether these coalesce is another question.

Second this^^^. I've measured success countless ways over the years, I've been led around by the nose as a kid doing "activist" shit with some success and then developed in to an anarchist analysis that discredits most of what I did before, THEN I've had some tactical successes and plenty of failures by a better set of standards BUT the real question for me is always this:

When we do our critiques of tactics, is the critic saying "I have a better idea of how to achieve this goal."? --- If so, great, talk to me. If the critique is more like "Why do anything? We're fucked, the world is fucked. Why bother?" --- Stop wasting everybody's time. You want to cry in the corner? Go ahead, nobody gives a shit, STFU and get out of the way. Maybe you'll pull yourself together later, again, I don't really care. You want to stare in to your own soul? That's SO INTERESTING BRO.

What is goal orientation? Sounds like what we have now.

And why be so dismissive? Some people have mental health issues. Context is everything.

I'm aware that mental health issues exist, I'm suggesting these people are confused about the topic.

These forms of sublimated resentiment are symptoms of negative political grandeur syndromes embedded within the very tyrannical methodology which activism is a part of. Activists have always struck me as martyr complexed malcontents unable to relate to the common everyday people which make up the 97% of the worlds population. Sure, they're dumb but lovable and mostly compassionate, but they are still above the moronic destructive activist war-mongering creed who perform the tit for the other 1 % who dish out the tat. Classic binary knee-jerk reaction.

Classic binary jerk, knee-jerking about binaries.

Well that's my schtick, critiquing binary sublimation, and I'll continue to harp about using humor and a dialectical methodology to convert people to becoming aware of the creative energies they possess rather than being slaves to ancient moral/identity parameters.

There is no "binary sublimation", just as there is absolutely not "dialectical methodology" in your stupid knee-jerk reactionary comments. You are a shill like the other guy, assuming you aren't the same douchebag posting all these shitposts.

"The dialectical method(ology) is discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject, who wish to establish the truth of the matter guided by reasoned arguments."
Guess what numbnuts, we are actually engaged at this moment in a dialectical discourse, only thing is, you have no method, only ranting negativity.
Binary sublimation is a psychological concept concerned with the conversion of instinctual drives into socially acceptable actions, in other words, conforming to moral precepts, obeying invisible transformations of ones natural feelings and tendencies into acceptable, thus conformist and weak behavior patterns, something anarchists should NEVER allow themselves to do, but which you unfortunately have allowed.

… or MAYBE, you're completely full of shit and a pocket full of $10 words doesn't change that one iota?

But a pocket full of 1,000 dollar words and their meanings removes all the shit, huh, you are seriously in debt in the vocabulary dept. Look at it this way, you can't blow-up or sabotage a social relationship, look at Afghanistan for instance, Alexander the Great to now, get the drift?

You're just a pompous ass with a keyboard, are you fooling yourself cause I wasn't born yesterday? ;)

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