Episode 2: Rewilding & Anarchy with Kevin Tucker

Episode 2: Rewilding & Anarchy with Kevin Tucker

From Rewilding Podcast by Peter Michael Bauer

Anarchy is a central component to the rewilding movement, and as such it is here that I wanted to place my first interview. Today I’m chatting with Kevin Tucker, an anarchist writer, editor, and publisher who has been writing about primal anarchy for over twenty years. He is the author of the book For Wildness and Anarchy, which has been foundational to anarcho-primitivism and primal anarchy. He is relentless. He runs a publishing company, hosts a podcast, writes extensively well researched books, publishes Wild Resistance (a primal anarchy journal twice a year) and somehow raises two children all at the same time. Kevin is both a friend and colleague who continues to inspire and inform the work that I do. I’m excited to share the interview here with you.


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Items mentioned during our conversation:
Interview with John Zerzan
Mutual Aid – Petr Kropotkin
“Woman the Gatherer”
Domestication of the Human Species – Peter Wilson

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