Eric King Facing Up To 20 More Years in Prison

Support Eric King! Fire to the prisons!

from: Support Eric King

[ for folks who are unaware Eric is an anarchist and anti-fascist prisoner who was sentenced to 10 years for an attempted arson, an action in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising in Kansas city. Throwing two Molotov cocktails into a state representatives office at night time. He has since remained outspoken against the prison system. Exposing abuses and standing tall in the face of constant attacks and oppression]

In august of last year Eric was dragged into a broom closet and attacked by Lt Wilcox at FCI Florence. Attacked because he is an anarchist and anti-fascist. It was timed to line up with the surgery for his wife's cancer. He was subsequently tortured and abused and never checked out medically despite being kicked in the head for 5 plus minutes. And tied to a 4 point restraint for 8 hours, having to urinate himself resulting in nerve damage to his wrists.

Since the indictment was filed (in may but conveniently they wait for the painful anniversary to serve indictment) he has been attacked twice at the orchestration of the BOP. Once being blatantly led into a fenced in area where a fash was waiting to attack while the guards watched and by putting someone who was known to have attacked the last cellmates in his cell. Not even talking about all of the other attempts.

Since the attack he was unable to see or talk to his family for a year, kept in segregation, not allowed even the most basic needs as the right to read a book, have a photo. Denied medical care as he begged for help August 1st, the day before his birthday. His words coming out in slurs because the whole left side of his body… paralyzed. Cognitive and confusion. 29 days without a scan, 29 days… every day further from the potential ability to minimize potentially life changing damage. Being held under the custody of the bop while fighting a bop case. Being held in a prison in which an adult man threatened their daughter 2 years before, a man who had access. A prison where this man still works. A prison where guards currently fuck with him by asking where his daughters go to school over and over. Despite the fact the BOP has attempted to attack and intimidate, orchestrating these attack by use of white supremacists.

Eric was indicted yesterday for his own assault. He faces up to 20 years in prison for being attacked and beaten.By a guard who feels safe dragging prisoners off camera and attacking. A guard who is known by the PD office for doing this and then destroying lives. Being brought up in the federal court system, a court system that is built to crush as a much more effective machine than any other in our country. Where only 2% go to trial bc the feds dont take a case they cant win. Fewer than 1% going on to win their case. Things are looking grim.

We need folks help…

We need folks to write Eric letters, print articles, short stories… hell print books.

Eric King #27090045

FCI Englewood

9595 West Quincy Avenue

Littleton, CO 80123

[white envelopes, white paper, only black ink, no cards, card-stock, labels, marker, photos or postcards]

We need folks to donate, hold fundraisers, we need to be prepared

We need folks to show up at court appearances. We need to show the state we wont let them bury our friend. File court dates same day to try to ensure folks cant be there. We let them do this to Eric once already. We let the state convict him of attempted arson and give him 10 years in federal prison. Where they are trying to make sure he never walks out those doors. Is buried at the ADX.

We need help, Eric needs help.

With love and rage

-EK support crew

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If you want to support someone, you should say, accused of -- Throwing two Molotov cocktails into a state representatives office at night time. Not what you posted.

anon- Eric was not accused of. He was charged and convicted. There is no need to use pre-trial language anymore. Eric has been open about his role in this including his court statement.

“THE DEFENDANT: First I’d like to congratulate the Court on such a stellar job. Another graffiti homeless person is off the street. So I’m sure the FBI and Patrick are very proud of themselves. This is a good picture for the United States and they needed this. This is a solid win. You do an amazing job up there

This is supposed to be a chance for me to speak. I didn’t speak this entire time. You’ve held sentencing and punishment over me, and even now no matter what I say you can still hold that against me, not let me do things, not recommend things. That’s such a farce. This whole court’s a farce.

I stated what I did. I’m happy I did it. The government in this country is disgusting. The way they treat poor people, the way they treat brown people, the way they treat everyone that’s not in the class of white and male is disgusting, patriarchal, filthy racist.

You’re all a part of this. From the man over there who works the same corporation company that ran Prime Health Pro (ph) to you that takes away freedom and tears apart the community. You do that thinking that this is justice. This is no justice in ripping people from their homes. For what? Breaking a window? Ten years for breaking a window? And the cop that killed Freddie Gray got zero? The people that killed Trayvon Martin got zero? It’s so horrendous.

And I’m not sorry for what I did. I’m sorry that I got caught before I could do more things. I would have loved to attack more government buildings and make sure that bubble of safety that prosecutors and FBI agents and judges feel got shattered so that they stay in their safe pockets knowing they can’t touch me even though there are consequences to my actions. Same way we have consequences for our actions. If I throw a hammer out a window, I get ten years in jail. If you sentence a first-time offender to life in prison if he sold meth, you get a clap on the back from the President and a job for life. And if that’s justice, then you’re use of justice is so skewed and just horrendously immoral.

Further, this isn’t a victory for the State. This isn’t a win for any of you, any of you on this other side of the table. It’s done nothing but affirm my views, affirm my beliefs that the government is just disgusting. Even when I walk in I can’t tell my wife I love her. I can’t look at her and smile because, what, I broke a window? That’s justice? That’s fair? That’s not justice. There’s no rehabilitation in that. There’s no freedom in that. There’s no constitutional rights in that. It’s just bullying. It’s just the upper class saying we’re going to keep people who did not agree to our rules and then decide not to live by them, we’re going to keep those people shackled up so we can live comfortably in our own little bubbles and we never have to look outside of those bubbles to realize what’s really happening, which this class is set up to keep people down, and when people step out of that class system, they get punished horrendously, more than any other country, any other country on earth, the land of the free. It’s despicable.

This sentence has brought me closer to the community I really serve. That’s the radical view, the poor community. It’s shown me what solidarity means. It’s shown me what friendship means. It’s shown me what love means. It’s shown me what being a real human means, not standing by people when they’re knocked down, not further knocking them down, not going after poor people if they want to provide for their families and not do it the way that the white society thinks is appropriate. You’re disgusting.”

That's nice. No one will ever hear these heroic sentiments, and he gets locked away for keeps. Congratulations. Among other glorious victories on display here its an all-around stellar example of how to shoot yourself in the foot.

This is one hundred percent consistent with the caliber of thinking on tap in stupid anarchism land USA.

You're cruel and heartless. Have some basic respect and decency.

Cops shoot people, not people themselves. And usually not in the foot, tuff boi.

I'm sure glad i'll never do anything risky of illegal with any of you savants. I am way-not that into the taste of jailhouse cooking. Also I long ago acquired the ability to find my ass with both hands and it is far too late for me to lose it just so we can be more compatible with each other.

Don't act like the issue with you was with respect to the obvious preference of not getting caught.
Saying what you've said here under this article in the way that you did was more than tactless, needlessly disrespectful and petty.
It was deliberately insulting.
Why would you want to do that? What do you stand to gain? What grudges do you hold?
Are you just a troll looking for a reaction or worse?

You just admitted to have found the one single occupation in your life (grabbing your own ass) that gives you everything you need in life. Fascinating, tell us more.

From Reuters coverage of King's sentencing:

"In an incident caught on security video, King threw a hammer through the west window, and lit the two Molotov cocktails before throwing them. The first bounced off the side of the building, but the second went through the window, prosecutors said."

"no fire was started and no injuries were reported, according to an affidavit attached to the criminal complaint."

Sounds like a great reason to go to prison for 30 years -- any takers? Hint: that is what is called sarcasm.

I'm for supporting the guy as a prisoner, but that doesn't mean having zero critical attitude about a lot of what appears to be going on with this. And, no, that's not 'cause I'm into non-violence under any and all circumstances at any price.

Does anyone in Ferguson, Mo. know about this? If you want to argue for the real world political relevance of his plight, you should really pull out all the stops communicating about it to people there. In general people in your scene absolutely can't get it together to communicate pretty much anything outside of your very small social circles.

This short article does not "argue for the real world political relevance of his plight". It's an update of his status for those who care for his well-being. If you don't want to send letters or books, you don't have to.

Do you heckle at conferences in your spare time as well?

Thus short article, like everything else about your subculture, is in effect an argument against their being any "real world political relevance" of pretty much anything about your scene.

Here's a real complex question: what's the point of his being inside if it isn't to help catalyze something bigger and better in the outside world?

Are you slow on the uptake types doing anything to call attention to his plight in Ferguson,MO?

Here's a real complex question: what would it take for you to feel empathy and derive some consideration from that?

You see that EK's support crew is in the comments and you take the opportunity to make a shit show.
Just for you to peddle whatever shit ideology or opinion you have.

If you're so quick to the uptake, what have you done so far to call attention to his plight in Ferguson, Mr. Big Catalyst?

I'm several thousand miles from Ferguson, utter subculture numbnuts. You feebs need to step up to the plate.

Nahhhh -- you aren't adequate to that.

I'm far away too, honey.
Which of us should be buying the plain ticket?
Little old me or Mr. Big Catalyst?

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