The Ex-Worker #45: 2015 Year in Review!

  • Posted on: 9 January 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Crimethinc


In our first episode of the new year, the Ex-Worker looks back over 2015 and its highlights, lowlights, and everything in between. We summarize some of the year’s key news developments, including tech developments and struggles around gender, anarchist publishing and media, a hilarious look at mass media coverage of anarchism, and our reflections on the last year of the podcast itself and our new year’s resolutions. You’ll also hear some analysis of some of the important themes within anarchism and revolutionary struggles in 2015, including an extended discussion on identity and solidarity, a review of the AK Press anthology “Taking Sides”, and reflections on our relationship to mass movements. The anarchist news website “It’s Going Down” contributes their end of year thoughts, a new project called “The Spaces Between” sets out to document US anarchism outside of its major urban hotspots, and a supporter offers an important update on NATO 3 prisoner Jared “Jay” Chase. We also received a number of detailed and inspiring year in review reports from anarchists around the world … but we’ll save those for our next episode. {January 8th, 2016}

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this podcast throws a bad light on crimethinc in general. they could not be more obvious about their tacit biases. gross *and* ungracious.

I am not affiliated with crimethinc and/or the podcast in any way but I listen to it and have never felt it to be particularly sectarian. Can you cite examples?

What projects do they gush over and give lots of air time to? What projects to they briefly if at al mention? What projects are aligned with their desire for control over input and managing feedback and image?

So you're mad because they decide what to focus their show on?

Let's not erase the very real violence that takes place as an implicit part of "focusing their show". Such decisions reflect choices made on the part of "producers" (petty dictators) about what "should" be important and what "deserves" airtime. Who are they to decide? Their choices may be self-centred and sectarian in nature, but we need to recognize that ultimately, all products of such authoriarian power arrangements will be fundamentally fascist. We fight for a world without producers, hosts or DJs, where all radio shows are free to reflect the views, dreams and priorities of every single person who listens to them.

So you're kidding, okay good. Har har.

but they act like they're neutral, they never talk explicitly about their preferences or their biases, in person or on air, they just demonstrate them in ways that you have to be paying attention to pick up.
not to mention that they have people shilling whenever they're on some site like this... 'cause they are not in to up front criticism.

But I'm generally a fanboy, as everyone knows.

I'd be curious to know, what are the concrete results of the biases that (we all know) they have, and why should they be subject to criticism? You haven't even made a real criticism, either, as far as I've read. Just weird allegations and pointing out banalities that we know already. :/

have to agree with shadow ... I think what you're talking about could also be chalked up to a certain amount of slickness in media production. Like, this is the difference between masturbatory youtube videos where people ramble about their opinions into a webcam versus someone who understands how to produce media content. I hesitate to use words like "professional" cause fuck work, etc but yeah, basically that's what it is.

Sure, they demonstrate their preferences by what they do, and if you pay attention, you'll pick them up. SO SUE THEM!

You're one more anonymous player hater who doesn't have a legitimate point.

you, anon 4;53, are one more empty defender, with no legitimate defense.
as for the other too, if you don't see it, fine. i'm not actually trying to listen again to the cast to set times and voices to the things they do in this podcast, so i agree i'm not putting up a god defesne of my points. it seems obvious to me, but talking specifics in this kind of thing gets into a point-by-point argument that i find boring as fcuk. so, feel free to disagree, and good luck with them liking whatever projects you do, so that you never know what i'm talking about.

What's weird to me is that you bothered posting anything at all, since you wrote several sentences about it but could never be bothered to articulate a criticism. Looking at the list of things they cover for this year, not having listened to this episode myself, they even mention the Brilliant podcast, which is so incredibly bad that you can't fault them for being exclusive. What is your point?

Could be a good idea that some Submedia people collaborate with them on a Youtube show. I mean unless Crimethinc seeks to avoid personal celebrity out of the visual representation of themselves, that could make the show more appealing to general viewers interested in a radical critique and perspective of action.

For the dozens of anarcho-commie borefests filmed discussions you got on YT, to have a video news feed sounds like cool, and an evolution from both "It's The End of the World..." and the anarchist podcasts.

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