Ex-Worker #51 & #52

  • Posted on: 7 November 2016
  • By: thecollective

#51: Anarchism, Voting, and Direct Action: An Audio Zine

LISTEN HERE, episode #51


Do anarchists vote? If not, how do we express our voice and participate in changing society? What’s the problem with elections and representative democracy? In this special Election Day audio zine,we describe why electing representatives robs us of our power, refute common arguments made to convince us of the value of voting, explain direct action as an alternative approach for making change without politicians and parties, and lay out our vision for a free world beyond electoral politics. We begin by surveying anarchist responses to elections from the 19th century to the present day, and include excerpts from CrimethInc. interventions against the last few presidential elections, including “Don’t Just Vote, Get Active: A Community Non-Partisan Voters’ Guide” (2004), “Voting vs. Direct Action” (c. 2004), “False Hope vs. Real Change” (2008), “The Party’s Over” (c. 2009), and the “Democracy is Bankrupt” website (2012). This audio zine provides background for our discussion of the 2016 presidential campaign and its likely aftermath, which appears in Episode 52. Whoever they vote for, we are ungovernable! {November 7, 2016}

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#52: An Ex-Voter’s Guide to the 2016 Presidential Election

an audio strike against
a monotone world

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LISTEN HERE, episode #52


We know you’ve been on the edge of your seat, waiting for see which candidate will receive the Ex-Worker’s endorsement for president this year. In Episode 52, we offer an Ex-Voter’s guide to the 2016 election, including an analysis of the risks we anticipate in its aftermath titled After the Election, the Reaction. There’s lots of listener feedback to discuss, including advice for a young anarchist on less illegal or risky forms of anarchist action, updates about conflict between the Turkish state and the forces of Rojava, and a nuanced discussion of what “solidarity” really means, or should mean, in concrete terms. On the Chopping Block, we undertake a work of fiction for the first time, Nanni Balestrini’s Vogliamo Tutto, or We Want Everything. There’s also an announcement about some upcoming CrimethInc. developments, along with prisoner birthdays and more. We released this episode in tandem with an audio zine exploring anarchist critiques of voting, elections, and representative democracy, which you can download as Episode 51. {November 7, 2016}

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Sigh. It's not that anti-fascism is the problem, it's that people keep doing stupid shit against anyone they don't like and calling it fascism. KW, for example, is not a fascist. Drop the simplistic left vs right crap. Liberalism and (state) socialism are not anti-authoritarian. Get a better understanding of what fascism, socialism, and liberalism are. Understand the differences. Sure there's a gray area, there always is, but a spectrum of Anarchism <--> Fascism is not gonna give a useful critique of anything. Anti-fascists have been trying to explain this for a long time, but some anarchists still seem to think that 'authoritarian' and 'fascist' are synonyms.

Well, the policing isn't appreciated and it is all predicated on the same syndrome of control anarchists have taken. Why are anarchists so controlling in their own little petty worlds? I think it is because they are cowards through and through. They can't face aggressive criticism and must force people to talk in only approved ways. This is why people are leaving anarchists in droves, looking elsewhere even though they should be appealing to those struck by this societal apathy. To chose between heroin and anarchy, most chose the former.

And yes, I'm pointing to the poor moderation here, yet again. I had a real point and I used aggressive language to express it. Get over it, unblock my comment and we can have this discussion. It is pointing out the irrelevance of these moral crusades, which includes how this site is moderated.

Also the anti-fascism comment is relevant because anti-fascism isn't. Anti-fascism sounds like an anti-authoritarian expression, but it is always a popular or common front against a capitalist emergency management strategy. Fascism is a bogeyman for the left, communism a bogeyman for the right.

Anti-communism as a liberal/conservative alliance still runs strong though latent because communism's only expressions have been pathetic echoes of 1917, dissipating into a cacophony of any variety of enemies coming from reaction.

If Crimethinc wants a better world, changing everything includes how we behave towards the reaction.


We sell nightmares to people. We offer no dreams. The most we offer now a days is reformist politics wrapped inside the language of radicalism or the withdraw into irrelevant navel gazing and milieu micro-politics. I'm saying we can do better and anti-fascism is creating imaginary narratives and are also probably being manipulated by state or market forces. Anti-fascism has nothing to do with anarchism.

Yeah, and your pro-reaction bullshit isn't "manipulated by state or market forces"?

What'd I say that was pro-reaction? That anti-fascism is a popular front founded on nightmares that has nothing to offer anarchists except a popular front with liberals to fight symbolic wars while ignoring capitalism. So fuck off with your false "reaction" accusation.

o look one of those manarchists who thinks that collective liberation is had in just the overthrow of capitalism alone. LOL

I'm curious as to how Crimethinc can grasp the complexity of Adam Curtis and his analysis, which, to me, is the new Marxism of our era. Not in that it is Marxism, but that it is the coming new language for an anti-system anarchism, which we haven't come to full grip with.

I dare say that mass-media, social networking and automation have made activism anarchism obsolete, and how this remodels anarchist praxis is anyone's guess, either escape the burning house or have lessons in firefighting, alluding to compulsory democracy.

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