The Ex-Worker #70: Radio Evasión—dispatches from Chile Part 1

The Ex-Worker #70: Radio Evasión—dispatches from Chile Part 1

From CrimethInc.

Reports from fare-dodging to a week of full-blown revolt, en español también

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En español a partir del episodio.

Viernes el 18 de Octubre, 2019 estalló una revuelta popular a lo largo de Chile. Comenzada por secundarios y secundarias en contra de la alza de 30 pesos del pasaje Metro, ya estamos viviendo una revuelta popular que se encuentra en todas partes. El estado ha respondido con un Estado de Emergencia, toque de queda, y represión militar, algo que no se ha visto en 30 años.

Radio Evasión relata entrevistas desde las calles de Santiago en lucha. Mientras haya revuelta, intentaremos hacer reportes de las marchas, los disturbios, las poblaciones, los cacerolazos, las ollas comunes, y cualquier otra actividad rebelde podemos pillar. Escríbenos con contribuciones, críticas, y preguntas a

Beginning last Monday, October 14, high school students in Santiago, Chile kicked off a campaign of mass fare-dodging, or evasiones, in response to a 30 peso fare hike. The movement grew quickly and, before anyone knew it, revolt spread all across Chile. On the one hand, the government declared a State of Exception, including a military-imposed curfew. On the other hand, the president and congress have been working hard to offer table-scrap reforms to satisfy the angry and exploited. However, neither the repression nor the reforms have been able to quell the resistance, which today celebrates its anniversary of one week in the streets. To catch you up on what’s been happening, we bring you an overview timeline of the revolt, along with four interviews from the streets. We’re not sure if this will be a one-off episode or the first in a series of updates from Chile, it all depends on how things go—whether they heat up or cool down, but for feedback, ideas for interview questions, or to contribute material, send us an e-mail at

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