Ex-Worker podcast #49 - September 9th National Prison Strike

  • Posted on: 24 August 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Crimethinc

#49: September 9th National Prison StrikeThe Ex-Worker is back! And just in time, because a potentially historic national prisoner strike is just around the corner. In our 49th episode, we discuss the upcoming September 9th strike to end prison slavery, with an interview with the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. You’ll also hear a review of Dan Berger’s book Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights
; an interview with an anarchist from the UK about the Brexit vote; listener feedback on Spanish revolutionary militias, Comintern, and parallels with Rojava; updates on Kara Wild, a trans anarchist incarcerated in Paris; a letter from trans anarchist prisoner Jennifer Gann; plus news, prisoner birthdays,
event announcements, and plenty more.
You can download this and all of our previous episodes online. You can also subscribe in iTunes here or just add the feed URL to your podcast player of choice. Rate us on iTunes and let us know what you think, or send us an email to podcast@crimethinc.com. You can also call us 24 hours a day at 202–59-NOWRK, that is, 202–596–6975.



Good to see these folks back in action!

That person who does the prison strike interview is so down! Who is that person?

no donut

The strike is such an under-estimated form of protest, it lost its power when the unionists made legal contracts with the State and then counter-sequestrated workers as their own labor, it somehow became a unionist only tactic against the capitalist social Juggernaut of property, production and food monopolies, the prison wall is paralleled on the outside as willing workers obeying a flagrant slavery program, disguised with lifestyle flamboyance and shallow excess as a temporary vacation from the hegemonic systems of servitude. Most strikes became reformist tactics, hunger strikes were the gutsy (pun not intended) ones, prison strikes which I have been in often petered out with only about 10% going through with it, and the whole idea of the Daoist Totality Strike was lost in the materialistic West.

I think the West is nowhere near materialism. It has just fallen for a new religion since the industrial era. One created within and out of the routines and gears of the capitalist industrial system. It's all about he same old worship of idols, valueing of worthless paper symbols, protected ideals of prosperity or luxury...

Agnostic and atheist, yes, but just not materialistic.

That's almost exactly what economic materialism means … maybe search a definition or two before you try rewriting the dictionary

Nonono... I was referring to a system of symbolic representations and forced beliefs amounting to a social-wide religious cult, that is called "economy" from the outside, "capitalism" to those who know it well, with Capital as the chief value to which everyone is expected to work towards, or else you become a complete loser. Dialectic materialism is the real deal, also the parallel cultural struggle of representations (as seen with the instances of practical anarchy in conflict with the dominant order). "Economic materialism" is just a language serving as dogma for the religion.

Yes I refer to the capitalist materialism and its greedy predecessors colonialism, feudalism, devotionism or formal slavery. Power initially precedes the existence of capital up to a threshold whereby capital becomes a power-reproducing system requiring occasional tweaks. All creation and production becomes dominated by the desire for capital acquisition beyond ones needs, yes, an old critique....I wont say anymore or I will reveal my real identity :?

I'm telling ya.... I take my shit from Paul Lafargue, who's one of the thinkers behind this designation of "Economic Materialism".

The Economic Materialism they learn in Economics at university is nothing else than a jargon with attached concepts. Everything is pure gibberish of rhetorical representations. There is no materialism in there.

But the global financiers know how the game is just fluff. They're the ones drawing and printing the card game.

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