Explosive Attack Against Police Claimed

from Contra Info via AMW

Anarchists Claim Responsibility for Explosive Attack Against Police Station in Santiago, Chile

We claim the explosive attack carried out on December 24, 2020 at the facilities of the 21st Commissariat of Central Station with a load composed of more than ½ kilo of dynamite and ANFO, arranged inside a reinforced tube and a mechanical activation system.

With this, we seek its effectiveness and the greatest possible damage to the police infrastructure, and even to take the life of a uniformed henchman. We make it clear that our attack does not seek to harm passersby, for this we take all the necessary security measures for this action.

We take on the constant changes that the movement has had from October 18 onwards. The streets no longer burn unrestrictedly. We are not nostalgic for a particular moment, we believe in the constant attack, in raising and perfecting our shots. As all change is transversal, we are not naïve and we know that the police have improved [the effectiveness of their methods], that social control and surveillance has intensified, that they seek to demobilize and quell any outbreak of revolt through fear of the pandemic and the consequences of the October actions (repression, persecution, prison).

Today we look for those points of the city where we are invisible again, we perfect our methods and also our movements.

The attack on the 21st police station is an act of revenge for the hundreds of mutilated, dead and thousands of prisoners that they have historically repressed. They have been empowered and in the most complete impunity since October 18.

With this attack, we seek to partially return the hard blows received, demonstrating that revenge is possible and remembering that this police station is responsible for the mutilation of one of the eyes of a young rebel from Portales, who on December 21, 2019 at the age of 17, received more than 4 hits from the police. They are also responsible for the torture of street vendors; do not think we have forgotten, we have a good memory.

With this action we want to embrace the anarchist comrades Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who risk long sentences by the state. We embrace your unrestricted determination in the face of the onslaught of power. May the heat of this action penetrate the walls that today enclose them.

It is also a gesture to those who maintain a constant attack on the state and intensify offensive actions on the wallmapu [Mapuche territory].

This action is also a call to extend, empower, and intensify the new anarchic urban guerrilla. To go on the offensive, to protect ourselves and act with caution, seeking each time that our blows are harder, more accurate, and show in practice that any moment is conducive to attack.

We greet, embrace and encourage all those who embrace the conflict and assume their lives in war against the state and capital.

Let the murderers and executioners feel the terror, every second we get closer. Our bullets will search their bodies, our bombs will blow up their houses.

10 years after the fire in the san miguel jail. Freedom to the political prisoners, Mapuches, Anarchists and Subversives. Anywhere in the world, the police are a target.

With Claudia López. Jhony Cariqueo, Mauricio Morales and Sebastián Oversluij in memory. Let the voice of dynamite speak again. LONG LIVE ANARCHY.


From: https://es-contrainfo.espiv.net/2020/12/31/santiago-chile-adjudicacion-d...

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