Expropriation and attack

from Magpie Project via email

I support The Maggpie project. Department stores are warehouses where I go to take the things I need. I don’t use money. I took these things for free last week: Food, coffee, clothing, rechargeable batteries, shaving machines, headlamps, tools, colors for graffiti and coffee pot.

The night after I sent anger against the symbol of the capitalist dictatorship. I damaged ATM. This is solidarity greeting to Claudio Lavazza, Lukáš Kalina, Lisa Dorfer, Václav Šupka, Juan Aliste, Kostas Sakkas, Marcelo Villarroel… I want to send greetings to everyone who was expropriated and are now in prison.



Expropriation and attack

Video for download https://upload.disroot.org/r/CzGdaXfn#0uVbSKqyMkPiZcx6wdACkQp4inhZtUHjMJbQPYYv//s=

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with a hammer is really a form of appropriation? There are still ways to take money out of those things...ya know...smashing an ATM with a hammer is kinda like a high-risk zero-reward type of scenario....

but funny fucking video, thanks, lots of stuff.

I prefer the tactic of peeing on ATMs, as it will likely fuck up their circuitry and also make them stink, and also no piece of evidence (hammer) can be found on you if you get caught. Personally I don't see much point in this, but for those who do, there's that.

If you have some urinary tract infection, kidney ailments, or STDs like AIDS gonoreah, syphilus and clamidia, which according to the WHS are rampnt in lower socio-economic populations frequented by anarchists, then there is the possibility of DNA being in urine. Just saying :)

good DNA testing costs the state millions of dollars, that kind of money would not get spent on someone pissing on an ATM! DNA tests are generally reserved for the crimes that become popular in the news, mostly just murders without known suspects. I could also see DNA tests being used to catch out-of-control thiefs or vandals, yet don't quote me because i have never seen examples of that.

The cost of a DNA test, in fact, qny medical test, has plummetted thanks to the corvid19 mechanisms created and institutionalized. Combined with lowcost face and gait recognition software flooding the market, previous data is not necessary to capture and encircle wanted persons for questioning. Follow up fingerprinting, location pinpointing, cellphone triangulation, fibre analysis, forensic additional nuanced avenues virtually create a profile to a 1 in a million accuracy, acceptable evidence in most compromised capitalist court rooms !

it's important to remember that the official police are a bureaucracy run largely by somewhat naive and stupid people

"police are a bureaucracy run largely by somewhat naive and stupid people" or equally true ---
"The human race are a bureaucracy run largely by somewhat naive and stupid people". So what is the point of binary warfare within a commonality?

Pee into public ATMs at your own peril. There's also 110 volts in those systems.
Wow, just thought of a tongue twister---
Peter Piper peed into a public ATM protesting and dodging police people.

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