Extreme Happiness: Book about Freeganism for $49

  • Posted on: 8 November 2012
  • By: worker


It's free of course silly!

You can now download a scan of Extreme Happiness at http://www.mediafire.com/?1a7j9p5armb2cg2

Or an audio book at http://www.mediafire.com/?z5nhjteeddjd9

And learn why some young folk have opted for the Freegan lifestyle!</td><td><img title="free!" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2010/freedomdog.jpg"></td></tr><...


Your politics are 2006 as fuck.

Yeah, look how far we've come since then.


Crimethinc could be selling this for $25 ! Got to take advantage of that anarcho-book distro capitalism !

Crimethinc books are consistently of better material quality and much much cheaper than any other anarchist book publisher. Nothing they sell costs $25. Furthermore, they are working on providing free electronic copies of all their books, all back issues of Rolling Thunder are free pdfs on their website, and their website has innumerable features that are free. You're an idiot if you think they are making money off of "anarcho-book capitalism."

geez, sorry. Looks like someone hasn't had their PBR (or locally hip beer/booze) yet.

Crimethinc is such a confusing mix of philosophy and awesome graphic design (like Adbusters without Slavoj Zizek)

wtf man
He points out that Crimethinc doesn't sell their stuff for that much and you gotta deride his choice in alcohol
Maybe he drinks Miller High Life, bro. Different brews for different bros.

Why the fuck are 90 percent of anon comments on this site referred back to with a "he" pronoun? Unless, of course, the person is talking about so-called "women's issues," in which case in the troll-a-thon that follows, the person's socialization (male, female, trans, inter, etc.) and preferred pronoun is hotly debated? Goddammit/ YAWN!

Oh no someone used "he" where the gender was ambiguous
We better mobilize!

all trolls are male: ATAM

It's funny when people obviously fly off the handle but then feel like the best when to insult someone is to act bored or disinterested. Like, if you're so angry over something so boring and you're typing out a diatribe about it and calling it boring, you just revealed yourself as very boring.

As for me...oh crap.

Uh... what? I am obviously angry and irritated, I didn't pretend to be bored or disinterested. The fact that I wrote a comment at all demonstrates obvious interest. The "yawn" comment simply reflected me being TIRED of this antiquated language use.

People do yawn when they are tired but that's not what it means when someone says the word "yawn"--that expresses boredom with the topic at hand. For example, if I said to you, "Nice shirt, yawn," I would be sarcastically insulting your shirt as boring, not saying I was tired of your shirt.

My colloquialism can beat up your colloquialism.

you should go tell the speakers of the vast majority of the world's languages to eliminate grammatical gender to satisfy your boring ass identity politics, it will really help

You think Crimethinc is confusing and philosophy. So I guess the above poster was right when he called you an idiot.

Have you read Crimethinc's material ? In their Anarchist primer, they refer to Anarchism as being "democracy without government." Really ?...Anarchism is a decision making process of the majority deciding whats best for everyone ? You're a fucking idiot.

Are you unaware that such widespread rejection of the term "democracy" among U.S. anarchists is a fairly recent development, or just ignoring that so you can more easily dismiss a publishing group you obviously dislike for different reasons?

Are we talking about the term "Democracy" or the idea of democracy ? I'm unaware of anarchists ever support a majority-based way of life.

There are many reasons to be critical of Crimethinc. Their "Don't Just Vote-Be Active" campaign/idea, a distinct focus on aesthetics over deeply nuanced ideas, music lifestyle as anarchism (punk rock, folk punk, indie hip hop), and illegalist-drifter ideas that are deemed acceptable by liberals/progressives (I can't count how many times I've met liberals who love Crimethinc(I wish I could knew how to put a TM trademark symbol next to Crimethinc) but can't stand Anarchism/Anarchy.)

I've read really interesting things put out by Crimethinc, but it pales in comparison to the issues I've listed above.

all the issues you listed above aren't real, or at least deserve a bit more of an explanation of why you're critical about them. what's wrong with a don't just vote be active campaign? the rest of the things you listed aren't actual so they don't need an explanation

What's wrong with their "Don't Just Vote-Be Active" ? Its not anti-state.

The rest of the things listed are real issues that Anarchists have brought up with Crimethinc.

Hello, I am the anon who originally called you an idiot. You have been arguing with another anon and I am just now seeing your responses. I called you an idiot because Crimethinc confuses you. All of Crimethinc's material is 101 shit written to appeal to non-anarchists and even bored suburban kids and soccer moms. When they cover philosophical concepts they are usually presenting an easy-to-follow digested version of some less accessible writing: see for example their treatment of panopticon in the new Rolling Thunder vs. Foucault's originally expression of those ideas. So if their shit confuses you, you might just be dumb. But, on the other hand, if you think there is as you now say many reasons to be critical of Crimethinc, then I agree with you. But being wrong about shit is different than being confusing. Maybe you should have called them "confused," not "confusing." And your original complaint that they are making money off of anarchy books is still just dumb.

I hope they make mad cash off your asses... How dare they write about politics without going through the proper channels and authorities!!! Trying to educate readers in complex ideas (which most said readers still Obviously DO NOT GET!!!) , oh, a head of the Time, their own time, and with a beautiful aesthetic to boot...How dare they. Really. They will get mad cash from you characters. Nothing less. It is written.

Naw man, that's capitalism, and you are just wrong about shit, and probably a radical feminist. I prefer to do it for free, for the lulz, like a good little cog in the spectacle on the blogs (so they think!!!!). there we can acheive hegemonic freedom. enter the fanatasy, be the monster like lady gaga siad, go with the groove, not Against it..i am searching for the greatest new memes coz the internet is the frontier of pure reality and personal freedom to be every color of the rainbow shifting identities and genders like anarchy itself.

I see what you did there....Don't think you can get by ME I am the king of anarchy!!!..Transphobe! Ann Coulter! Illegitamite intellectula!! Dummie!! bad speller!!! white witch!!! I will RELEASE THE DOGS...remember that year i had to pretend to be ok witch adorno because he was "in".???..hahahaha that was a gay old time but this is NOW und nice try, but no one here is letting ol felix off the hook for being a TROT and guesswhat stupidhead..Lyotard is OUT!!! He was always OUT hahahahahahahahaha. You don't know what you're talking about !!!! haha you read a paragraph and think your some kind of authority over a battery of Phds in creaitve writing....hahaha and yet you have entered my CRAWL, ad yetr, and yet....wait wait wait wai wait wait ai waht. i just had an ephipahy YOU ARE THE STATE!!!

"dear sir"this will never be a conversation as long as a majority of neo-fascists bury me in lies. shoveling the dirt day in and day out, and to what end?...very hard to speak with dirt in your mouth. luckily that is an 'alterante reality' ...the air over here in the ALPS is FINE. not perfect, but fine.

whoa hey, nothing personal, we don't work for the state, and it's just structural, we have no control over it. by the way, we can't take the special sauce off of your big mac. sorry?

i concur, untill all big macs are free, untethered by their buns, with all of the specific ingrediants floating autonomously in space, there's not much we can do...it's NOT personal. at all. no way. what these watta burger employees have done is based on their innate authority at whatta lotta burger. they were all employee of the month once!! and they never talk back to management!! they're officially anarchists!!! and guess what, you're little beautiful invention over their is NOT.

we love our tiny foucault!!!

you have no authority over tiny foucault!!! None!!

T,F, is interested in the whatta burger problem. this is all.
TF has other ends. this is no end....

tiny foucault will teach you waht it means for the speechless and u will not listen. ha. that is irony and we need to be explaining this to you, often.

fite the power. you think you know? you think you know??????? haha. you don't. YOU DONT KNOW

hold me closer tiny foucault...
count the head lice on the wifi...
lay me down in designer sheets...
you had a busy day today.

Their philosophy is confused, its a mix of anarchist and non-anarchist philosophy by different writers all writing under the Crimethinc banner.

You are conflating majoritarian democracy with all democracy. Bro.

Definition of DEMOCRACY

a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority
b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections
: a political unit that has a democratic government
capitalized : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the United States
: the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority
: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges


The majority (ha ha) of defining aspects of Democracy have to deal with the People as a majority governing body.

That's a pretty Amuricah-centric definition and has nothing to do with the actual philosophical definition. Also, trumping a language debate with a dictionary definition is basically the lamest.

not so lame as democracy

probably i'm guessing if the word democracy was used to refer to white people jazz and lodged between a whole bunch of shitty things about democracy and then said they were foreign to democracy then probably they were being incredibly ironic. learn to read fucking idiot.

the mind reels imagining what kind of gibberish this must have been to mall punks a decade ago..

there's a party in the usa, yall

stupid americans

Reading abunch of Progressive magazines doesn't make you a genius...you probably think it does.

zizek is perhaps the only good aspect of adjusters

You of course mean the marxist-leninist Zizek? You also are down with Nazis?
He's a super-authoritarian pig. Go look for the commie website.
Good luck with that, leftoid asshole.

Zizek is not an anarchist, but I don't think you understand his work. maybe you haven't even read any of it

Don't you mean "freegan action"?! Pro tip: when your tracks go into the double-digits, start the single digits with a zero. Thanks, anybody know where I can get some digits?

The word 'lifestyle' should be striken from anarchist discourse.

anarchists live an anarchist lifestyle. or nothing is true.

The latter. Read Nietzsche.

Now ethics, well, ethics is something else...

I wonder about this...

If an Anarchist owns a brand new luxury vehicle, I would have troubles with their identification. I'm just being honest. I don't think I'm talking "purist" ideas. Or if somebody identifies as Anarchist, but is/was a millionaire (Chomsky and Zinn), that seems troubling. There are people dying on the streets of extreme poverty and Chomsky/Zinn are/were residents of wealthy Boston suburbs.

I don't understand how this is a sustainable lifestyle for your health. Bagels are fucked up, they're huge things with zero nutritional value, zero vitamins and nutrients. It's like eating cardboard. If you have any chance to be intentional in your eating, at least get food stamps if you can? Your disgusting pizza habit isn't any better for your body just because you get it from the trash.

No, I didn't read the book, because I'm not going to flip through some goddamn jpeg screenshots of a zine.

It is most definitely possible to dumpster/skip healthy food. Fruit/veg markets, health food stores, etc.

that's just what i want on my ipod, an audiobook about eating trash.

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