FAI anarchist bombs 'aimed to kill'

  • Posted on: 6 September 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Ansa

Investigators said Tuesday three bombs set by insurrectionists from the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) "aimed to kill" first responders. Seven suspects were arrested earlier today on charges of subversive association with intent to commit terrorist acts in connection with two devices set June 2, 2006, at a carabinieri police academy in the town of Fossano in Piedmont and a third bomb that went off March 5, 2007, in a pedestrian zone in Turin's Crocetta neighborhood.

The devices had been timed to go off at intervals in order to harm and kill as many first responders as possible, police said.
Five of the seven suspects were named as Anna Beniamino, 46, Marco Bisesti, 33, Danilo Emiliano Cremonese, 40, Alessandro Mercogliano, 43, and Valentina Spaziale, 39. The other two suspects are FAI anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, who were sentenced in 2013 to 10 years, eight months and nine years, four months respectively for kneecapping Ansaldo Nucleare SpA nuclear power plant design company ex-CEO Roberto Adinolfi in May 2012.

Also as part of today's operation, the bomb squad and canine units searched 30 individuals and 29 homes across nine Italian regions from North to South - namely Abruzzo, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, Sardinia and Umbria. Another eight suspects were placed under investigation.

FAI is accused of carrying out some 50 subversive attacks in 13 years of activity, with the stated aim of bringing about the "destruction of the State and capital" by targeting the structures of "domination". These included a 2003 package bomb sent to ex-premier Romano Prodi, an April 2013 letter bomb sent to La Stampa daily paper, and a device that exploded near a courthouse in the port city of Civitavecchia in January this year.



Just popped some corn and am chilling a bottle of prosecco so I can truly enjoy the comments about how indiscriminate FAI actions have been, how they sully the good name of anarchism, and how anyone who approves (or praises) such actions is a monster.

As for me I'll set a wheel spinning by expressing some pre-emptive disgust at the humble moralizing anarchists who will likely use this news item to further an agenda marked by cowardice, subordination, and weakness. And simultaneously express the hope that all of our prisoners of war are released as quickly as possible, without having to resort to dialogue or cooperation with a system that is anything but just. Because of these arrests--we are all a little less free today.

Finally, on a lighter note I will say that kneecapping a nuclear power executive from a moving motorcycle with a pistol is a pretty impressive example of discriminate violence. In fact, for those willing to take the lesson, it was a goddamn bullseye.

The best part about your pompous crap, old man, is the complete lack of any sense of irony while you shriek about how anonymous commenters are scum in the other thread. Do you suppose any of these militants you're cheerleading for, would share you view about how being anonymous undermines their credibility somehow?

drawing some kind of equivalence between FAI's attacks on the Social Enemy and and you're inane comments on @news? And therefore that when you use the gutless moniker "Anonymous," you're acting just like this handful of peerless comrades who deny their identities to the State in order to remain free (and likely to continue to kneecap, bomb, and cause general mayhem)? And I'm pompous?
What really pisses me off about your comment though, is that in the time it took to reply--my prosecco has lost it's chill. Forcing me to make the decision to either drink it room temperature or to attempt to recapture it's chill. This type of decision frustrates me, because, like your comment, it really doesn't matter in the long run--the wine (at whatever temperature) is going in to me, and your comment is so full of bland that no one really gives a shit.
But since you raised it, and seem only demi-feral let me ask you this---why do you use Anonymous instead of an identifiable name (real or not)? Is it trying to recall the glory days of 4chan? Is it cowardice? Is it so when you go to university, or get that first big job as a bank teller, and begin the sustained worship of Mammon that no one will be able to bust you for having held what you consider radical ideas for a week or two? What is it tough guy...clue me in? And no, I don't consider the use of Anonymous as somehow undermining yours or anyone's credibility. It merely speaks volumes about commitment, integrity, and being willing to take some form of responsibility for your words (and by extension) your actions, basically who you are. Credibility is earned, not given and even less--assumed. The fact that you're breathing proves nothing to me--it's what you do with each one of those breaths that are of interest. Oops did you hear that...sounds like Mom just yelled down the stairs that supper's on. Time to go. Don't forget to wash your hands, Killer.

Anon is anon. Anarchists with quality analysis understand that it doesn't matter whether Paul got his feelings hurt. It's irrelevant. Your position is rather inconsistent in general, old man. You seem to fetishize struggle as spectacle but in the little details of every day life, you're just another boring reactionary, crying about how the kids don't respect you enough.

I certainly don't see much to respect here, makes me wonder if you're the actual writer or somebody trying to discredit him? I could't give two shits about whether you think I'm credible, I don't know you except for your whiny posts here and you're rather verbose writings (assuming this is actually Paul)

There is a slight difference between FAI and ITS though, isn't it? FAI explicitly states that their actions are aimed at the destruction of state and capital while ITS...well, what was it..Pagan gods?

And the ancestors... and old traditional values attributed to naturalistic conceptions of primitive life.

But FAI insurgents tend to be opposed to indiscriminate violence. I dunno about these new people though. The tactic of targeting first respondents is reminiscent of jihadist groups and Hizbullah, which is no good news, especially in the country that made Operation Gladio so famous.

...if you know what I mean.

Hurting PZS's feelings = strugglismo.

Wuddup, toystory?

They all have thousand yard stares like psychopaths, imagine them after drinking a bottle of cheap prosecco wine then riding motorbikes, a sort of nihilistic grand theft auto. Life is not a video game Paul, reality is real people, real feelings, real blood and guts, and here you talk about cowardice, the catch phrase of the authoritarian. Enjoy your popcorn while real people pick up the pieces your type scatter like canine feces.

Go away you fucking cop fucker. You don't know anyone related to the FAI. Your psychopaths with thousand yards stares work all over the institutions of the State, including university and they're also the one lecturing for hours about distinctions in the ontology of the Being according to Derrider, Sartre and Agamben, as some Black dude gets brutally killed just outside in front of their posh post-academic resorts for "anarchists".

I dare Emile or that other prick Byrd to post a pic of their eyes so you'll notice how deeply inhuman, soulless creatures they are.

Byrd? Anyway I've been there done that, not copping on anyone.

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