FBI Fears RNC Disturbance by Anarchists with Acid Eggs

  • Posted on: 24 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://images.bimedia.net/documents/FBI-DHS+anarchists+inteligence+bulle... (PDF)</a>

Adam Martin Aug 23, 2012

The FBI is worried about anarchist protesters disrupting Tampa during the Republican National Convention, which may be a valid concern if St. Paul in 2008 is any guide, but the warnings sound borderline ridiculous.

Fox News, for one, cited an FBI document that warned of "acid-filled eggs." What the hell? There was no explanation of what that meant, but fortunately Daily Intel's Dan Amira compiled a quick history of the tactic, which dates all the way back to strikers in 1905 and entails pretty much what it sounds like: An eggshell injected with sulphuric acid too weak to dissolve the shell, but strong enough to damage skin.

CNN, which also got a copy of the FBI report, didn't mention the acid-filled eggs, but reported that "the bulletin ... says that anarchists could try to use improvised explosive devices." Worst of all, per CNN's Carol Cratty</td><td><img title="The egg is a strong shape" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2008/worriedyet.jpg"></td></tr><...
It also says that, as of March, the FBI had intelligence indicating individuals from New York "planned to travel to Tampa and attempt to close" all of the Tampa Bay-area bridges during the Republican National Convention next week.

It's worth remembering that protesters blocked traffic in New York City during the Republican National Convention in 2004.

Then there's the collection of bricks and pipes police confiscated from a building roof near the convention site, as noted by Tampa's local Fox affiliate. That sounds like the kind of stuff that would be on any old building roof, but it's rendered insidious because of a spray-painted Guy Fawkes image found nearby. Police said "the business owner called us," so maybe that means someone familiar with the site noticed the pile of materials was out of place?

Anyway, the FBI bulletin says the majority of the protesters are expected to keep it peaceful and play by the rules, CNN reports, so if there really is a contingent planning to toss acid-filled eggs, bricks, and pipes, at least there won't be too many of them.

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Future onion headline: "Investigators suspect overwhelming investigation media coverage may have led to low criminal turnout."

Is this a future where Onion headlines cease to be cleverly written?


Yeah, I'm posting this comment as I'm parked thirty leagues below in Tampa Bay in my nuclear powered submarine armed with 30 warheads. And I just dropped some acid. Just getting ready for all the colors...

Nifty... I'm bringing my stealth helicopter and some vinegar and baking soda (I hear they make an awesome acid-explosion if you mix them right...)! We should totally hang out!!

Sounds like a job for Everglades Rambo and his sole crossbow... shooting paint arrowheads!

Ohhh Nooooo!!!The whole idea of, aaagh, confrontation, NO NO NO~! Please oh PLEASE Do nOt InViTe AgGrEssiVe CaPiTaLiSt HeAvIes PLeeeeeeease dont, ,,,I'll wet myself, NOOOOOO~!!!!!Sob, gasp! I'm shaking in my mokasins, nooooo,,,,please don't even joke about violence let alone,,, paint balls stiiiing, OMG MY hEaRt Is PaLPitaTing,,, noooooo!!!..................................................I HATE YOU YOU NASTY MAN YOU!!!!!!

Eggs are normally filled with acid: Deoxyribonucleic acid, ribonucleic acid and amino acids.

Go to Tampa and you're a fucking idiot.

what does that have to do with the RNC?! NOTHING YOU FOOL

No, your just a fucking armchair anarchist, so shut the fuck up and quit scaring the shit out of the youngins'.

NO need to marginalize the risk, but most risk takers understand it already.

They probably meant BUTYRIC acid, that can be done in several easy ways like fermenting potatoes in water, or with rotten fish juice. Delicacies for my favorite rich businessmen restaurants downtown, or probably their gym.

It's still stupid, because it's not any more harmful than an egg paint bomb, just that the stench is... uuuuugh!

Obvious trap is obvious.. Be careful people going to the RNC...

we don't need more NATO / cleveland 4 type arrests. so, if you're too stupid to heed this warning, don't go. lol.



I think they mean eggs filled with DMSO and 1000 micrograms of Sandoz-pure LSD, enough to send whoever gets splattered off on a two week trip to Happy Bunny Land...

Good ol' Sandoz LSD-25, they still make that shit?! WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT SECURITY CULTURE ON THAT SHIT?!?!C'MON WORLD< IM OPEN TO YA, LET THE INDIVIDUAL NIHILIST RUPTURE ALL IDENTITY!!! You think I'm kidding???? Hey Tim Leary, nice try, but it ain't gonna work!!


Funny idea, we should one of these days make it look as if we are laying back not doing shit or whatever like this and as cops are sitting outside of these places like everyday cops with no riot gear and such, then we anarchist show up in riot gear and push them all around taking control like they try to do to us. hahahaha...idk. ha...

ha agreed, the ultimate détournement, nice!

An old lady returning home from the market with a carton of eggs is beaten by police officers in 3, 2, 1...

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