The FBI Is Worried Anarchists Will Rise Up Against Cops This Halloween

  • Posted on: 27 October 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Vice

A mysterious-sounding anarchist organization called the National Liberation Militia is allegedly planning a war on police this Halloween, at least according to an alert released by the FBI on Monday, CBS News reports.The Bureau sent a bulletin to police departments around the country warning that this so-called "Halloween Revolt" may involve members of the anarchist group dressed up in masks and ambushing police with bottles and bricks and other Warriors-esque weaponry, according to the New York Post. The NYPD is apparently "monitoring the situation," though the FBI did not hint at an attack targeting New York City, specifically.It is not immediately clear what the National Liberation Militia is or if it has a website, but there is a stub of a Facebook page for an organization of that name, which three people have liked.



This is the best. Seriously. If anarchists aren't rising up on Halloween than what are we doing?

You sound like a co-instigator in this mock-up dialogue. "Halloween Revolt" planned events are always snuffed out efficiently. Just ACT.

You all sound like a bunch of ninnies, what do you think this is other than journalist and government stupidity? You think this is the beginning of the Red Scare where we all get deported to Rojava starting on Halloween? If that's the case drop me off in Exarchia on the way. I am in need of some decent coffee and spanakopita.

TLDR; you guyz are taking this way too seriously.

By all accounts this is a made up story manufactured by the NY Post and a handler from the NYPD or FBI. I find it...interesting, that it was reproduced here.

There are a few problems with this story. 1) No one has ever heard of the "National Liberation Militia" before. They have no website, no Facebook page, no Twitter account, no nothing. 2) There is no indication anywhere on the internet of a call to action of any sort for a "Halloween Revolt." Has anyone seen such a call in any anonymous forum -- pastebin for example? 3) The very name "National Liberation Militia" would make most true anarchists cringe. Since when have anarchists been concerned with "national liberation"? Animal liberation, sure, even human liberation, but "national liberation"? So what, anarchists are now trying liberate the United States of America? And plus, the name "militia" is so loaded with right-wing baggage, no leftist would touch it.

I call horse shit.

This logic's pretty - unfortunately you're probably right

thanks for getting to the bottom of this! but seriously though. trick or treat?

Left wing militias are a thing of the 60's that have been surrendered to the (far right). National liberation could imply national action or national rebellion. Only children would believe that an uprising with guns would have a website, twitter or official organization or even make a call to national action. That would be pretty retarded. Tyler Derden wouldn't do that. While the idea of leftwing revolt in America may sound sexy, it is not possible with all the hang ups on political correctness and fear of power corruption within a militia, rebel army, vanguard etc etc. Ghetto Gangs aren't even that organized to pull it off. Far right liberation groups who have a different concept of freedom on the other hand most def have a clearer understanding about what it takes to rise up but still are just another fringe. Most people vote their way to freedom or gave up caring.

Is it possible that a highly secretive underground army has been brewing under our noses? It's more likely to be a false flag than the real thing. Anything is possible but likely? I would say not. You're more likely to see lone perpetrators act on the call independently. Suicidal perpetrators that is.

The typical American Anarchist doesn't really want a revolt. They just want to riot for fun and leave so they can come back another day. They're not serious or even interested in revolution, not anymore. So they're not a real threat to national security anymore, more like a nuisance to society that have no clue. That's all.

The far right is always something to worry about.

There's no proof of this group's existence has emerged yet. The context here is BLM:

'Ferguson police chief asks @fbi Comey about creating data on who "anarchists" are versus protesters #IACP2015'

Get it? Only killers don't want to be brutalized or murdered quietly by the police. And, even if you're a child in a classroom, don't even dare think about filming any of it! Law doesn't matter anymore, it's all about governing behaviors without question and without care (or of a chance in change) for situational conditions.

And what's this about revolution? Some of us aren't marxists, and we're not waiting around for some secular version of a religious event that will never come. It's a concept. I, for one, am after lived experiences in the here-and-now, not abstract relations centering around binaries.

This is at most a national "anarchist" wingnuts lone dellusion. More likely I'd bet it's just straight manufactured fear mongering. The next headline will read "Anarchists planning to put razor blades in apples on Halloween!". The post is such garbage.

I vote for "manufactured bogeymen". Mostly just FBI agents are stupid/out-of-touch enough to come up with such class-B movie insurgency. But the real reason why they'll never come up with stuff that's really in touch with the actual anarchists is more because they aren't at the receiving end of the repressive State apparatus, so theysimply can't know how it is to be a target for profiling and repression, and don't feel the oppression of this society.

Destruction of state property is always good, given that it forces the state to rethink itself. That said, whether this latest, all-too-foreseeing headline results in an actual increase in anti-state uprisings and/or targeted property destruction, or whether it results, instead, in the very potential of such activities to be conscripted back into the obscurity of state surveillance, regulation nullification remains now to be seen. the general public still considers riots and blackbloc protesting a sort of theater, a spectacle with police and extremes. but it doesn't always have to be like that. we can do it in different ways, in our own ways, too. and maybe this is one way, and we should respect that . so that's why when news like this surfaces anywhere, we, as anti-political forces, must consistently jump at the chance to redirect pumpkin smashing into cop car bashing, etc. :p

For fuck's sake what are these journalist-snitches and FBI tools paid for!? Doesn't take a PhD at Princeton to get that anarchists are not about nationalism.

never once did i say they are , nor did i mention the idea of "anarchists" or "nationalism" in the first place. besides, what are you so scared of? phd academics who have read anderson's "the imagined community" ? or throwing a brick through a fucking windshield. i've been in blocs where there are cop instigators. if that's the kind of conflict you're looking to address i'm willing to discuss it. not looking to put labels on anything. i believe in lone wolf style anti-state acts, property destruction, etc., and i am a pasifist anarch. looking to further strengthen zones of popular justice in whatever way i can - through knowledge and action. nationalism is a disease i agree. let's talk about it. what do you have to say about it?

You're confused. That person was referring to the content of the article, not your post and they don't seem scared at all, just cynical.

Funny how the far left frantically tries to distance itself from nationalism but make black nationalism the only exception. No hypocrisy there. HAHAHAHA! "Destruction of state property is always good, given that it forces the state to rethink itself." must be gifted : ))

So you just decided to exclude the bolivarians and the Basque nationalists from your categorization of the Far Left? But the problem with it is also that you're INCLUDING anarchists in that Far Left, which is equally inadequate.

Far Left for dummies (which means YOU):
Left = Left side of the State's political spectrum, originally from the parties located on the left side of the Elizabethan legislative assemblies. So in a nutshell... no political statist project or agenda, no Left or Right.


National Liberation Militia/Movement are the ones the Feds say are doing this and they definitely exist they're friendly with anarchists and patriots alike and are into Jade Helm theories etc.

what a stooge comment. doesn't take a genius to know nationalism does not equal anarchy. you smell like bacon.

never said they were actually anarchists, just said they were anarchist friendly. nice cop-jacketing too. I think it's sketch as fuck for them to be friendly with patriot groups and to strive for national liberation as a lowest common denominator.

"anarchist friendly"? What the fuck are you talking about?

This means that very large tent under which gullible, deluded anarchoids sleep with national-anarchists, identifying their partners as "oppressors" all the while they're desperately sticking to them as if they were the only possible accomplices to be found on the entire planet's surface... for some reason.

The previous comment basically called them tin-foil hat way too massive tent folks and you thought that painted them in a positive light or claimed their position wasn't contradictory?

Hey Juggalos!

I'm Major Dickins-Yomoth, ranking leader of the Legion for National Liberation. I am an anarchist influenced by Hitler's great struggle against the Jews and the Amerikkkan Empire, which has put under its foot the people that settled this great nation. We should have an anarchist society so we can end capitalism, industrialism and civilization and return to settler technology. We hold the Amish in highest esteem and have academics at the ready to quote at length the stories of the Amish. We have a zine called "Settler Anarchy" with Jedidiah Yoder on the cover, holding squash. It is our purpose to form zones this Halloween defending the Amish and expanding on the boundaries of their property and declare a national autonomous zone in accompliceship with the Amish people. Zig heil!

Since Hitler didn't kill enough of these Khazar conspirators from the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN I activated my Amish troops down South. Save America!

Oh wait... no.... For the Great Germany.

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