Fifth Estate Live with Peter Werbe

From Fifth Estate Live

We spend the hour with Fifth Estate magazine editorial collective member and long-time Detroit talk show host, Peter Werbe, talking about the election and other aspects of the current moment from an anarchist perspective.

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Just wondering what made you uncomfortable about a pretty usual anarchist rave about communism, capitalism and fascism, was it the bland presentation ?

David Rovics having a dump taken on him for not being a slick enough saleman maybe?!

Its sorta funny that Peter Werbe gets tingles up his spine watching the scene from 1972 movie Cabaret of the song - The world is Ours. Wow, like u naive or hey, that's how populist fascism works, or umm, man up dude, yoĆ¹'re old enough, that's life, a cabaret, pun not intended. Neo-nazis singing country and western, what's new?

Fake anarchists. True Left anarchists would not support statist stooges like Obama or Biden. Both of these guys are clueless losers. Get rid of ALL the government. Biden is as corrupt or worse than Trump. Morons.

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