Fifth Estate Magazine archive and Call for Submissions

  • Posted on: 10 January 2018
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

You are invited to take a look at the Fifth Estate website, including our growing Archives from the past 53 years of publication! There are now 85 issues available, most with all articles included.

The Fifth Estate Magazine home page is at:

The Archive page is at:

Issues from 1968, when the Fifth Estate was an alternative radical paper, before it definitively became an anarchist/anti-authoritarian publication.

One early issue recently put up is issue 53, 1968, May 1-15

This 1968 issue can give you an idea of the turbulence of the times, with coverage of student demonstrations and strikes in various parts of the world, rebellions in Eastern Europe, right-wing rumblings, repression against black power groups, comments about the presidential campaign by Jerry Rubin and Phil Ochs, a protest against Dow Chemical, the producer of Napalm, and other Anti-war activities, as well as press Censorship, and more.

Another 1968 issue now available online is #54, May 16-31, 1968

This issue contains articles about protests of the time as well as some non-anarchist inspired articles. Among the articles are:

Revolution at Columbia

Demo in Dow Land

The Maharishi and Me

2001 Revisited

Anti-war demonstrations, April 27, 1968 ...And more.

Call for submissions

If you're interested in writing for the present-day Fifth Estate are invited to submit articles written in a non-academic style for consideration for future publication. Before contacting us with proposals or submissions, please read the writers' guidelines at:



thank you. we have re blogged an excerpt of this post on our new blog "Crisis Years: 1968 / 2018".

To all readers interested in connecting the upheavals/events of then with today, or have other relevant anarchist reading/visual materials from '68, we are interested in sharing them on our site.

You can check out the project at --->


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