Final Notes on 8 Days of Anarchy

  • Posted on: 27 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>A few changes, additions, and corrections to the final schedule of 8 days of anarchy (of which today is Day One) which happens every year in the Bay Area.

The first is a substantial addition. The opening panel to the 13th annual <a href="">BASTARD conference</a> is a panel discussion of the post-situationist history of the 70s through 90s in the Bay Area by members of the "Anti-Bureaucratic Bloc". This starts at 10:30 and will shock many participants with the similarities between then and now. </td><td><img title="What in the fuck does this have to do with the revolution. You know, the one that is on everyone's lips and is right around the corner?" src=""></td></t...

<blockquote>A panel discussion about a history of Bay Area radical politics since the decline of the New Left. This discussion will include details about the post-situationist milieu (1970s and 1980s) in San Francisco (and the East Bay), the ultra left milieu of the eighties, and the petty politicians and bureaucrats who attempted to seize some form of control of these groups (and eventually far beyond them). This will be less about specific personalities than about opportunism and how some people are susceptible to opportunism if they aren't checked aggressively (by all of us).</blockquote>

The second is a change. We were planning on having a movie Thursday night in San Francisco but due to a scheduling snafu this is being cancelled. The replacement event may be a coffee in the East Bay. email to find out more information.

<strong>8 days of anarchy</strong> should be a great time for discussion and planning for the activities of the year ahead!

8 Days -
@news list of events -

<em>TL;DR version: day one: talk about the future, day two: strategy games, day three: accomplice coffee, day four: "party", day five: shop, day six: conference, day seven: conference pt II, day eight: digest</em>


I remember back in the early 1990s when I went to a similar panel, the moderator had no idea that "Guy" in "Guy Debord" wasn't pronounced "gigh" but "gee." We laughed and laughed and them we walked the fuck out.

What a dick you are! Congratulations!


-the troletariat


-- the commentariat

Actually Dick is my first name! How did you know?

Who and what are the "Anti-Bureaucratic Bloc"?

What ultra-left milieu was there in the SF Bay Area in the 1980's, anyway?


Left-communists come along, decades after Bakuninist style anarchism took off in Spain, and then they want to call anarcho-syndicalism Marxist. FORTY YEARS AFTER!
'Opportunism' barely begins to describe this kind of criminal ultra-left insanity.
The very existence of this ultra-left is a standing insult to every anarch that died for the idea 1868 - 1918. No ultra-leftist is worth an anarchists arsehole.

Hey it's Professor Rat-a-Tat-Tat-Tat. How you doin' little buddy? Still ragin'? OK BYE.

I for one can think of a few ultra-leftists I would give my asshole to...

Dead Kennedys!

"three of them contributed this:"

These people were active in this part of the world in the eighties? Is Kevin Keating one of them?


They are the kind who punk out in the face of the first setback/adversity ("Occupy Oakland is Dead")
-- and then presume that the rest of the world needs to hear their opinions about it.

This indisputably marks them as ultra-leftists.

Where is this located? Dwinelle is a large building... what room?

Presumably there will be signs, as there are every year.

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