The Final Straw: Anarchist Approaches to Psychology and MAD Camp with Mango and Marin

  • Posted on: 2 October 2018
  • By: thecollective

From The Final Straw Radio

Sep 30, 2018

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This week we are very pleased to present an interview with Mango and Marin, who are mental healthcare workers based in New York City. We are going to get into a lot of topics, including anarchist critiques of psychiatry, ways that anarchists can be comrades with people who have survived the psych industry, and the Earth First MAD Camp. Shoutout to Jayden for setting up this interview!

We had to cut a bunch out of the broadcast version of this interview but check out the podcast up on our website and streaming on all the apps, for much more information about how to access open dialogue style therapy and tips on how to start a MAD Camp. Also you can check out our blog for a list of further reading material from our guests, again at our website.

Links for further reading from our guests:

The Self and Those Who Tend It

The Self

Homosexuality and the DSM

2018 Protest of the APA in NYC

Mad In America


Outside Mental Health,
Will Hall
(free book download)

Hearing Voices
Network NYC

Icarus Project


Project – Laura Delano

National Association for Rights
Protection and Advocacy



International Society for
Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis

Association for
Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society

Model – Joanna Moncrieff

Fountain House

Family Justice

Open Dialogue

Dialogue, Framingham MA

Open Dialogue, VT


Prison Strike protest in Raleigh

On Monday, October 1st at 8am sharp in Raliegh, NC,
there’ll be a protest at the North Carolina Department of Public
Services, which oversees prisons in the state demanding the release
of prisoners from solitary confinement accused of participating in
the non-violence 2018 Nationwide Prison Strike and as a reminder
that people are paying attention. The DPS can be found at 831 W
Morgan St in Raleigh. This jumps off a week of activity state-wide
to support prisoners on the inside as a follow up to the 2018
Prison Strike.

AVL Blue Ridge ABC events this week

For folks in the Asheville area, this week will have two Blue
Ridge ABC events y’all should consider taking part in. On Friday,
October 5th, there’ll be a showing of the latest Trouble
by sub.Media about Hip Hop as Resistance from 6:30-8 and will be
followed by a discussion. Two days later on Sunday, October
7th at 5pm, BRABC will also be putting on a letter
writing to reach out to political prisoners whose birthdays come up
this month as well as prisoners in NC facing repression for alleged
participation in the Nationwide Work Strike.

Podcast recommendation!

If you want to hear a great, recent podcast on the repression
since the #PrisonStrike, check out the September 21st
episode of Kiteline Radio. Kiteline is a weekly radio show that
covers prison from inside and outside, and is a member of the
Channel Zero Network of Anarchist podcasts. We’re excited to
announce the addition of Rebel Steps to CZN. Here’s a jingle from

. … . ..

** Correction on the song announce, the first track heard was
"Ghost of a Chance" by Danny Dolinger from the 1997 cassette, "Rome
Wasn't Burnt In A Day" out from Barnstorm Music**




The sooner everyone accepts that "insanity" is an authoritarian construct the sooner everyone will realize that presidents and politicians are the sickest people inhabiting the world.

are you ok with waiting forever?

Psychiatry = Standardization/the elimination of uniqueness.

Does anyone know any anarchist literature on anti-psychiatry?

Delueze, RD Laing, Yung

One of my favourite old stories about trolling all the psychiatric wards across the country

jung was a nazi not an anarchist

While it’s certainly true that Jung was no anarchist, neither was he a nazi. Despite the plethora of idiotic winnags who populate @news, a few of us actually like to learn a few things before making such easily debunked statements. Scroll down to the section about “Anti-Semitism and Nazism” to read a little bit about why and how Jung was definitely not a nazi

That should read *windbags*

Recognizing that our environment is important is a so close from realizing that everyone's environment is *mass society* and that prison, school, and the psychiatrist's office are all loci for social control, and can't be removed from this context. A social justice framework seems to stop the interviewees from getting to this point. That said, I've been a psychiatric patient for 20+ years, and hating society isn't a practical solution. Anarchists and their friends seem to be prone to suicide and addiction, and it's fucking terrifying and traumatic to watch your friends die off. This is why I've always been interested in trying to build a culture of liberatory joy, and why the inhibited and institutional oppression-based approach to mental health among radicals has left me feeling pretty hopeless about that possibility.

"There are a shit ton of anarchists in health care, which is really wonderful"


Haha, I hear you but surely at least SOME of these practical skills can be separated from the problems of the institutions?!

Hopefully. A lot of techniques only make sense if one assumes that the goal is to be a functional worker/consumer, because it's the only role outside of the technocracy that can be imagined within mass society. Perhaps there are insights that can be removed from the context of social management. I'd be cautiously interested in those.

Mass idyllness is not an impossibility, This is a fallacy >>
"worker/consumer, because it's the only role outside of the technocracy that can be imagined within mass society. "
Take out capitalism and the military industry complex, transhumanism and extravagant excess in jet-powered tourism and the masses would only have to work 2 to 3 hrs per week.

Workaholics are the new insane!

who is against psychiatry. there are quite a few anarchist against psychiatry but are still in the closet because the dominant leftist "anarchist" movement is very supportive of psychiatry. does not mean we shouldnt continue a war waged against psychiatry.

It's safely obvious to me that being a socio-sanitary control freak is at odds with being anarchist. Even worse than those pathological workaholics who see work as some sort of twisted revolutionary comprormise. I too agree that radicals who're supportive of mental health policies are de facto collaborators, and deserve to be treated as cops.

"It's safely obvious to me that being a socio-sanitary control freak is at odds with being anarchist."
as someone who could be described that way, you're full of shit.
you're describing a tendency that someone can have/feel/be, and practice or not, in a variety of ways. it's not what people are that is anarchist or not anarchist, it's what people do.
i limit my behavior and have friends who help me with that.
you're sounding like a totalitarian jerk-with-answers.

"it's not what people are that is anarchist or not anarchist, it's what people do."

Sooooo... Being a socio-sanitary control freak can only translates to a set of behavior and actions in dail life, i.e. it IS about what you do, or at best how you behave and respond to situations.

For instance, if we'd live in the same apartment (nnnnoooooooo!) and you'd be all repressive at me, refusing conversation or negotiation, for me being careless about not putting every fucking thing in the fridge in a sealed plastic container -including the things that require to breathe like bread and cheese- then I'd say that beyond being indeed some control freak, you're also being authoritarian, and as a free bonus, an uninformed idiot.

Make no mistake... I was once fired from an apartment by sanitary-fascist young women over such stupid shit, so yeah there's people like that IRL, and their "being" affects things in the real world like any actions would.

It wasn't all the empty beer cans, bongs, rambling inarticulate conversations and stale pizza lying all over the living area that got you kicked out was it?

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