The Final Straw: Montreal Student Strikes Part II

  • Posted on: 14 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Final Straw</a>

This week's show features the second part of my conversation with Maria about anarchist perspectives on the student strikes in Montreal, Quebec. Maria continues to draw the history of this last year of student strikes that have developed into a nascent social strike and talks about the call to help block the start of the next semester in early August of this year. The first part of this interview can be found at <a href="

The second half of this episode features music from and about the struggle of Miners against the bosses and the state and for survival and self-determination. The playlist can be found <a href="">here</a>.

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Call Out to block the next semester</a><br>
<a href="" rel="nofollow"> Greve Montreal</a>

This show can be streamed at from 8/13-8/20/2012. It can be downloaded from by searching the title.</td><td><img title="and then it was over..." src=""></...


where can people find english updates about montreal?

Montréal contre-info

Cutv for the vids

Can also tune in to Off the Jour at

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