The Final Straw: NC Rising 2

  • Posted on: 22 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Final Straw</a>

This episode features a recording of the second part of a panel at a conference that took place at Warren Wilson college outside of Asheville in 2010.

The unedited audio can be found online at <a href="">A.... This show will be streaming at <a href=""></a> through 28-10-2012. It can be downloaded from <a href=""></a>.

Repression and Counter-Repression brought together people from all over who had recently been coping with repression to discuss its current framework. Panelists spoke from a variety of perspectives from within "ecological," "animal liberation," and "anti-capitalist" struggles. The contributions of each will help broaden our understandings of how repression acts against revolutionary projects and how a practice of revolutionary solidarity can reduce some of the effects of repression and help us to construct an environment of counter-repression.</td><td><img title="I'm an activist mostly focused on ECR work..." src=""></td></tr></tabl...

* What is the framework of repression under which we are operating?

* What is "Revolutionary Solidarity"? What is its function? What are its means?

* How, in such a paralyzing condition of surveillance and political condition of weakness, can we move towards a practice of revolutionary solidarity?

Panelists included: Hugh, who just survived a long legal battle over I-69-related charges; Katherine, of the Friends and Family Of Daniel McGowan; Neil, a member of Internationalist Prison Books Collective and a supporter of the Asheville 11, defendants recently accused of 112 misdemeanors and 34 felonies; Talia, a survivor of Minnehaha Free State repression, member of the Coldsnap Legal collective, worker for the NLG, and member of the Conspiracy Tour.

This panel was moderated by an editor of Rolling Thunder magazine.

The recording of Part one was unusable.


For the record Atlanta said that they would host NC rising 4,

-the trltrt.

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