Form a Black Bloc during #S17

  • Posted on: 1 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>#S17 is coming and we are preparing for a massive protest in downtown Manhattan. Several orgs.(including Direct Action NYC) and affinity groups have called for a black bloc. Bring your ag and gather at Zuccotti Park at 8am. We will form an autonomous black bloc and march with OWS to Wall St. to shut the NYSE down.

Direct Action NYC is coordinating a FTP march and anti-capitalist as well. For more info, check out the Facebook page event:

<a href="">Facebook Page </a>

<a href="">#S15 Anti-Capitalist March</a>

<a href="">#S16 Autonomous FTP March</a>

<a href="">#S17 Autonomous Action In Solidarity With OWS</a></td><td><img title="After taking many measurements and calibrating them to the past..." src=""></td></tr></ta...



Facebook groups are the absolute best way to organize a bloc mos def.

Yep. Thats how DHS and the FBI prefer they be done.

Vote the comment down all you want, but the insight remains valid.

Damn, some of the most paranoid and scared people ever on here that I seen hahahaha...I just had to say it.

Some of you talk a big game but when it gets down to stuff like this where we are able to take action and rise up you don't want to show up and or do anything at all. smh. That is just weak.

Facebook is just being used to help spread the message with more people faster and easier, thats all! So yeah, I agree with this person, if you don't then get out of here who cares. Fuck that 'lets talk shit behind a computer screen and play revolutionary on a keyboard' people are not making a difference or change here doing that AT ALL, it's called get off of you're computer and head to the streets and prove yourself, rise up and fight back! DAMN!

Facebook is just being used to help gather information about more people faster and easier, thats all!

Yeah, who would have thought reducing huge ideological concepts to ironic statements and shitty one line slogans for you to "like" would turn out to be the perfect way to gather information on people while reducing their passions to nihilistic consumerist garbage. It is fun up to a point though...

Yeah, who would have thought that people would voluntarily offer information as to who their associates are and what/when/where they are planning to do things together? Back in the old days, it would take the NYPD/FBI/CIA weeks or even months to cobble that information together. Now it only takes a few minutes. Facebook is the perfect way to gather information on people -- they do it themselves! And for free.

here is a gun for your head.

And here -- right this way -- is a nice jail cell for you.


Oh! I see. You have *super powers* and despite the risks that you take you will never be arrested and thrown in jail.

Cool delusion, bro.

Quit trolling me, stalker.

Quite stalking me, troll.

I heard there were some fishes that want to sleep with you.

yeah, salmon fuckers

There can be only one.

-Derrick Jensen (SALMON FUCKER)

Well, you're the one with the gun, why don't you come here and use it, tough guy?

no exactly true because u can make your personal profile very private so no one but ur friends know who u r.


Actually, Google is openly spying on people. This isn't that far fetched. There's a really good article on Al-Jazeera about how willing Facebook is to work with governments. I'm not saying let them scare you into a closet, but it's definitely something to keep in mind.

if u make ur profile private piggies can read ur very private stuff anyway bro cuz facebook has a backdoor for piggies and stuff. and if u dont know now you know.

actually no.

Actually yes. CALEA.

The things that KaosSec doesn't know about security culture could fill an entire wing of a library.

thts y its Kaos security.... lol jk i started off as an anon so i know a lot about security culture.

Like what? Like thinking you have privacy on Facebook? Like discussing criminal activity on-line is a good idea? You're the type who will remain ultra-totally radical for a few months, maybe a few years, and then you will become just another apathetic alcoholic bore who "tried" radical action and now "knows" that it won't work.

Not the OP, etc. but the critique that they will "fade away" can be applied to anyone over anything. Probably 90% of everyone will become apathetic and disillusioned since apathy is defined in an insular fashion (not doing and approving of what everyone else is doing).

If you mean "they will try to make changes using ineffective means and seeing them ineffective will become disillusioned and apathetic" then it's probably a good thing: why flail at what fails?

to impress other flailers and then have sex with them?

This looks like a death trap. Be careful, baby anarchist!

There will never be a moment when the state retreats and allows for anarchist actions to happen without repression.

Of course the state won't want a black bloc in New York on S17. But they also don't want one ever. Retreating in the face of repression is what the state wants. Now is as good of a time as any to fight back. If we decide all our actions are failures before they even happen, how can we ever win anything?

true, but there is also something called having good strategy and making sensible tactical decisions. isn't it better to have a mega bloc not on a day of a mega protest?

They have a meet-up point, they have goal, and they could have more support from the other protesters than you might imagine. So I don't see why you would consider this a tactically inferior time to have a black bloc.

Organizing a black bloc with Facebook may or may not pose serious problems, but it could serve to inflate the numbers. And smaller affinity groups can still organize outside of Facebook with their own particular plans. Besides, it's not like organizing a huge black bloc in modern America would likely stay at all a secret for any amount of time. So maybe the use of modern social media can help explain their goals while bringing in more people to participate.

Like always, infiltration by state thugs (looking to brutally punish even the pettiest crimes) could be a problem. But as long as people stick with those they know and mostly avoid direct confrontation with the imperial goon squads... things might work out fairly well for them. As always, it's largely about staying one step ahead and avoiding traps.

What's the goal of the group other than to play anarchy fashion show time?

there will never be a moment? i have seen dozens of such moments. they were to be found during almost every counter-summit/'convergence' i attended. but of course i'm nearly 30, i must be senile by now. and since this is yet another counter-summit without a summit, it must be completely different.

Facebook group or not, be there in black on S17! Enough hiding behind your computer, actions speak louder than words!

No: the pen is mightier than the sword.

thts a quote from a politician, u liberal!

If you believe that nothing can be learned from people who aren't anarchists, then you will learn nothing, i.e, the meaning of the quote remains valid.

Oh! I'm sorry. You anarchists don't admire anything that doesn't involve violence, so I will express the meaning of the quote for you in violent terms: a bomb only explodes once, but a book explodes every time it is read.

how many people does a book kill or wound when it explodes?

you mean that's your idea of action: killing or wounding people? If so, why aren't you out there killing and wounding people right now, instead of posting written comments on this website?

hey, your the one talking about books exploding.

As you will recall, I began by saying the pen is mightier than the sword. You or some other really intelligent person (not!) objected to the source of that quotation. In response, I lowered myself to your level, and made use of a quotation that you -- as a real hater of liberals -- might understand. If you now object to that metaphorical use of the word "explode," you are hereby invited to *have sexual intercourse with yourself.*

tht was a diff person arguing with u, i was the original commenter, regarding the liberal quote, u were having a fiery debate with impostor. but still tht quote is stupid.

^ impersonating an impostor ^

Its hilarious how full of yourself you are, you come on this site and spout some stupid cliche liberal quote and when we reject it you try to make us understand how right that quotation is by bringing yourself down to "our" level by re telling the quotations with books and bombs rather than pens and swords, so we unintelligent anarchists can understand it. you're just a joke and that quotation is a joke.

Only people who have parasites refer to themselves as "we."

I wasn't referring to just myself there was another poster who first took issue with that dumb quote, and I would say the vast majority of anarchists reject that quote. as there is nothing anarchistic about writing a politician or signing a petition (which is how that quote is used most of the time).

add this anon to the 'we' que. fuck u ur annoy ing as hell, nowhere near as clever or funny as u think u r, and ur qu ote is dumb.

That must be the brain slug talking. How many parasites do you have, anyway?

You're still a soulless ugly pig.

At least my brain and body isn't riddled by talking parasites.

it's riddled with guilt complexes, self righteous delusions and an inflamed troll membrane.

better get that checked out, bro.

the worst type of cop is a psychiatrist.

the vast majority of anarchists?! what did you do, take a poll? get them to vote?

Fuck, this kind of thinking is why no progress is ever going to be made.

lol, everyone has parasites.

As many people as who are opposed to the concepts inside of it...douche bag. I'm not promoting violence by the way.

did you really think my question was serious?

never bring a pen to a sword fight

What you are saying is too starved an argument for my sword.

A real revolutionary doesnt have to choose between the pen OR the sword. Both are needed.The only relevant question is how to combine the two, and everything else that is needed to overthrow this horrific system.

Uh, I'm trying to envision how to combine a pen and a sword, but every pen-sword invention coming to my mind just seems... wrong.

Oh please. Dont make yourself dumber than you are.

Maybe composing stirring military marching songs and lyrics as the anarchist brigades go of to war? Or maybe I'm completely out of context?

Does it seem like a lot of these online naysayers overestimate the danger of a black bloc march in NA?

Sure, cops everywhere, sure, facebook surveillance and infiltrators and all the usual shit. A few kids will get their asses beat by officer friendly. But it IS the usual shit we always deal with. I've been to lots of demos that I knew were going to be a shit show and it's still easy to put yourself at exactly as much risk as you're comfortable with 90% of the time.

Maybe you get kettled, maybe you get gassed a bit but really, if you don't throw down at the front or get isolated while smashing shit, IT'S REALLY NOT THAT DANGEROUS. I mean ... you've done this before ... right?

Some of the big street battles in quebec recently got pretty dangerous with baton rounds flying and blinding people and huge clouds of gas and hundreds of injuries but we only wish this shit in NYC will reach that level of confrontation. Obviously other parts of the world laugh at how tame our demos are but yeah, by NA standards, those street battles had a reasonable expectation of serious injury and the militants still showed up in droves because they're serious, are you?*

* If you don't think street demo militancy is a viable tactic, then I'm not talking to you

Thank you for this...

When exactly were black bloc actions "safe"? Was there a time when these actions didn't routinely end with arrests, beatings and public villainization?

If you're not down with this, then might I suggest knitting? Or maybe reality TV?

We need more basebuilding before we can even consider direct confrontation, which means building economic projects to prove that, yes, we can actually feed and house ourselves without capitalism or government. Then we can attack capitalism when an attempt to round us up would be futile because there are too many and we're far too rooted in communities, and when it's been undermined by decades of alternative economics.



fuck that, hundreds of years worth of "base building" where has it gotten us?! its time for action, open revolt, not random attacks on windows, direct confrontation.

Seventy years of organizing in Spain lead to their revolution or orgy or whatever. Even when there was insurrectional violence it was oriented on organization. At one point a governor had to intervene to stop a tit-for-tat killing exchange between the anarchists and the police! Do you think that JUST HAPPENS?

What the fuck have they really done in Greece using your SUPER HARDCORE BADASS TACTIXXX? Reclaimed a city park?! Even THERE they've BEEN a ghetto, they ARE a ghetto, and they ALWAYS WILL BE A GHETTO as long as they think fighting SYMBOLS is more important than actually winning!

Really winning, yep.

srry i dont have 70 years to spare, ppl r ready now.

No, they're not, because there's no plausible chance of success, because there's no history of organization and planning, which is what people need to see before they're willing to take a risk. It's easy to say "rawr let's go" when you don't have kids to take care of or don't want to risk losing your reliable housing. People WILL choose a 90% chance of wage slavery with basic comfort over a 1% chance of freedom.

west coast has had this "base building" going on for the past 55 years.

NYC is not on the West Coast, fool.

come on man get this show on the road its gonna be great.

I'm really excited about this. It's so real.

so another 150 years of organizing will bring on the revolution?

the rev isn't coming in your lifetime, apparently.

Wrong. Practice breeds organizing. Organize the conflict. People wont see anarchy or communism as a viable alternative until there is a generalised revolt, until all the masks of specialisation and roles (social relations) are in question. Only then can we build another society.

You mean like you're doing right now?

Yep, never do now what you can ask your great-grandkids to do. Oh wait, you're probably not a breeder so .... never do now what you can ask other people's great-grandkids to do.

Perhaps we can leave a hand-written note for all the grid-slaves of the future-- "NOW THAT HUMANITY IS REALLY LOST, THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! GO AHEAD, WE BUILT YOU SOME NICE BASES!"


Nice fantasy.

Look...anarchists should go to this.

It's not good enough to sit behind our fucking keyboards all day long. Nothing is happening anywhere in the country. If someone impressive can be pulled of in New York that could open new doors for this winter.

If you're too scared to be in the bloc, that's fine. Periphery and shit, then. Flash mobs. Something. There are gonna be hundreds if not thousands of people there - if you can get there you should.

Hundreds. In a city of ten million. And when there were tens of thousands at times just in the last year.

But, hey, do what you have to do to prove that you're not "too scared" to be a SERIUS REVOLUTIONARY FOR REAL, LIKE TOTALLY YOU GUYS.

hundreds? more like hundreds of thousands S17 is gonna be massive

You know what else are massive? Music festivals. And S17, and all other Spectacular 'actions', will serve the same purpose.

"but my internet life is so pure and free from spectacle!" anon said as he cocked his head to the side, trying his best to avoid betraying his own doubts.

Therefore let's not bother avoiding Spectacle.

The Spectacle demands a few days of your time out of the entire year you lazy fuck.

I understand that the NYPD are intimidating with their sheer numbers, resources, and their up close and personal use of force. The state is intimidating, and giving into the intimidation is accepting powerlessness. We should know the structures we are up against wont interact with us as friends. I was born and raised in NYC, but moved to CA and went to one of the UCs. The Anarchist movement out here has been more active in connecting their networks in resistance. It's a shame because from Baltimore-Philly-NYC-Boston there are pretty large radical/anarchist communities, yet they just don't seem to be able to connect to advance towards mass action. This can be a strategic day. A successful #s17 can build morale, and strengthen Anarchist networks in the Northeast. It can challenge the traditional "occupy 99%" path with concrete alternatives.

Wish you all luck over there, stay safe.

There's "giving into the intimidation" and then there's not charging headlong into a massacre out of sheer bullheaded stubbornness.

"Mass action" LOL, we'll just insurrect our way to organization

So don't go then. I won't be either but I don't need to mock people who are to try to make up for my own inaction. Have fun fetishizing organization at home.

^ bad cop no donut ^

Participating in this is not action. It's a spectacle of action.

society is uhhhduur dur duh uh spectacle

History proves that successful action creates a base for stronger organizing power. I'm not saying this will be successful, but that is honestly a factor that will be determined by those participating. I'm just sayin' we shouldn't expect the unlikely, but we also shouldn't accept defeat before we've even had a chance.

If you see this as something you wouldn't prefer to engage in I understand, but you shouldn't throw discouraging words at those who want to try to do something in the ways they see fit. Like it or not, what the media labels as the 'occupy movement' was generally just a representation of social tension beginning to build within society. The call was made by your usual folks, but it quickly spread unlike past actions of Anarchists & Leftists.

If people in the Northeast actually came together, supported one another through different approaches while remaining connected, it could ignite the inspiration to break away from the passive, non-confrontational approach towards resiting capital. This of course wouldn't be the core of building for resistance...but Successfully shutting down the normal functioning of one of major centers of wealth would be a good thing.

this sounds great. the particular problem here is, the person organizing these marches refuses to come to any real life meetings or assemblies in order to talk shop and develop affinities. Occupy's original success was due in part to it being planned by people with "history," people who were at least somewhat familiar with each other, people who trusted each other to a certain extent. in contrast, this person has made no attempt to build trust with other local militants. they've actually done the opposite, declining repeated private requests dating back to July to link up with others.

non NYC people should know that there are concerns regarding with the person/entity trying to organize this, it's not that we're trying to wuss out on a black bloc, which we love as much as the next city.

on a completely separate point, s17 is an occupy action which i have doubts about in its own right. highhhlyy skeptical of the whole day

yes exactly, these are complete newb @ organizing this thing. direct action nyc (has anyone ever even heard of them till recently?)

if this was coming from strike everywhere or other associated new projects that kicked off from them, (they organized the wildcat march on may day) at least it might make more sense.

and even in that better-case scenario it would still be an advertised black bloc put together on FB

Which means that it has forfeited one of the only advantages open to us: the element of SURPISE!

Surprise works great for what? a dozen people? lol

Yeah for my 12th birthday Mom and Dad threw a surprise party and there were a dozen people and I was so surprised wet myself.

Surprise worked great for the bookfair march, with its 100 or so participants. Your FB-announced Harlem FTP march also drew about 100 people, maybe more. The difference was that the former had zero cops and the latter had sixty, plus a scooter crowd control squad, empty MTA buses ready for mass arrests, an Occupy flag, and at least three livestreamers (including you).

also note that the may day wildcat march didn't even have to be advertised as a "black bloc march." i don't think any black bloc in the history of black blocs has ever began with a public call for a black bloc.

Pretty sure Seattle '99 was advertised as a Black Bloc with some super tacky DIY flyer.

here's the flyer you're talking about: it doesn't mention black bloc.

There have been regular calls for black bloc marches in Oakland and San Francisco. I don't know about the rest of the country.

tht is a very blatant flyer, there will be violence is pretty much wht they said, so come down paranoid fucks.

youre saying the bay area marches are safely and effectively organized by people no one knows via fb events and this is normal?? really??

for the summit of the America in Quebec city 2001 was explicitly first called for a black bloc flyer was distributed on October 23 2000 in front of the Sheraton hotel where G20 was gathering but later on people called it Radical anti-capitalist offensive or something like that i forgot but first flyer was calling for as a black bloc you still can find that flyer in the black bloc paper it was printed on red paper had a Seattle picture on it

a flyer passed out at assemblies and spokescouncils and punk shows does not equal posting a Facebook event and urging everyone to publicly RSVP. and no, the Quebec City anti-capitalist bloc did not originate with a single person "autonomously" printing a flyer. you should actually come to some meetings, reading groups, BBQs, here in your own city and actually talk to some of us, as more than a few of us were actually in Seattle and Quebec City for these protests that you like to read about so much on the internet.

strike everywhere IS getting behind this

well it's not like they're gonna come out and condemn it

We're coming out and condemning this.

-- strike everywhere This discussion is great we could bring it here for the committed ones to figure out tactics, strategies, and goals.

ummmmm. you wanna figure out strategies on the internet, too? holy fucking stupid. this is a joke, right?

maybe goals, u know wht i mean, people hopefully r not dumb enough to say wht they r rly gonna do...

Well, you seem dumb enough.

I'd be very fucking careful! I heard of one well known activist from Milwaukee who let it be known he'd smashed some bank windows. A week later some CIA operative was dropped from 50,000ft and did a pinpoint parachute insertion landing in the park opposite this dudes house. He was dead, no one saw nothing, no marks on his body. That's the difference between Greese and America, they got every means to do shit. Scary!!

for the mass of ppl in black i suggest a banner wall

dear the children,

hi and welcome!! we're excited you like the black bloc. but we're not ragging on you because we're scared of confronting cops (any more than we usually are) or we think doing the damn thing is stupid. we think... well... we think you're stupid, and that you're doing it wrong. Hey, maybe WE are the ones who are wrong here, and it'll be cool if you make us look like jackasses for talking all this shit. But really.

It's cool you show up and wanna do the damn thing. It's our fault for making it look like that's all we do, or that we just show up and "find each other" in the moment and make utopia. There is, in fact, a whole other world on the other side of all these computer screens, and that's where some of us prefer to get to know each other.

Once upon a time, a whole bunch of us thought if we just put a thing on the internet, we could make really wondrous things happen IRL. It doesn't work that way, and just because you're really into an ideology doesn't mean you have mad street fighting skills.

I'll bet I'm the only Level 6 (difficulty) professional Street Fighter IRL here. You think that just *happens*? You're a jackass.

See you in the streets!

d00d the march

to everyone who doesn't live in NYC: militants here aren't "scared" of getting arrested or pepper sprayed or whatever, we're wary of the likely scenario of the NYPD turning out in vast numbers and forcing us into yet another shitty sidewalk march that goes nowhere. ever since Occupy started, any march announced in advance on Facebook gets met with massive amounts of cops, and it's not a total stretch to say that NYPD tactics are generally better than ours right now. they know that forcing us off the streets and onto the sidewalk (where it is actually legal to have an unpermitted march) is a way to demonstrate their authority and so demoralize us. yeah, I never would have guessed that there could ever be such a thing as a black bloc sidewalk march, but then Occupy started and we had to start learning how the 99% likes to march (surrounded by cops, it turns out).

all the militants who sound unenthused about this shit aren't scared of fucking cops. beyond the shitty/non-horizontal way that these marches were organized, many don't feel like committing themselves to another bunk Occupy day/weekend of action, probably its final one, wherein success is measured by how many people turned out and how many mentions we got in the media.

you are scared of cops, but not scared of being a subset of occupy*? kill yourselves now.

non-trolls should understand that every spectacular protest here for the past year has been treated as an Occupy one by police, independent media, Occupy itself, and even some other anarchists. having 100 cops show up at the convergence point before you and then getting easily corralled onto the sidewalk is pretty demoralizing and defeats the primary purpose of an anti-authoritarian march.

How many time are you going to repeat you're not "scared" of the cops? Everyone knows that anyone with "history" won't be going to this because NYC is a shitty terrain to demonstrate in - a fascist island. It's like Tampa times a thousand.

Occupy *is* dead. Meeting a bunch of strangers on FB to talk about tactics, or expecting any of them to have my back against these pigs? I don't think so.

Sounds like a bunch of folks don't want this - But i think we need this, I think we need a lot... The US Anarchist movement is turning into a bunch depressed nihilists, and god knows the majority of the Marxists will collaborate with the fucking state until it crushes them... A lot of you need to realize that we don't have the fucking luxury of leaving this up to the new kids or the next generation, our earth is being murdered by the capitalists and if we don't stop this shit, nature will. No, I'm not saying that a giant bloc in NYC is gonna magically fix everything, we must organize on community and regional levels, and organize various different things, we must empower the community. As i said before, a giant bloc won't fix everything,it's a showing of force though, and it will help the movement. - A disappointed anarchist

America is the heart of the empire, and you are up against the current largest repressive force on the planet. What do you expect? The large, sinister, and brutal state you face is not exclusive to one city in America it's just the reality you will face in the heart of global capital. So just give up because you live in the U.S.? That's the logic behind "don't do it, it's a police state".

This is not comparable to the failed, and outdated strategy of "summit hopping". Occupy was just a name, but the reality of it is, it represented a building social tension. It worked to disrupt the illusion of a peaceful society, but failed to break from the confines of flawed and watered down theories on capitalism/class. This is mostly the case on the east-coast. This is the anniversary of the day that social tension took the form of a large visible struggle in time where the crisis of capital is more apparent. Don't see it as the Media's "Occupy". Go there, effect things as Anarchists for the better. Bring a fresh, more concrete understanding of capitalism/resistance with your words and actions. The east-coast needs to stop feeling isolated from one another, and come together as Anarchists.

But that requires, like, nuance, depth of thought, and actual conviction... There are people out there who have these things, too bad so few of them use this website.

7am! Starts at 7am!

How can we put this at the top? The time is listed in correctly on this posting. 7am! Start at the same time! Start early!

What the fuck is this shit? Nothin like the smell of fresh astroturf in the morning folks. Be safe. Remember - it's the cops that burn the buses. (unfortunately). If a nice old man comes up to you and says "Hey kiddies, fo you wanna buy some bombs?" You say.... "Stranger Danger!" and GTFO as fast as your legs can carry you!

Either there's someone who had the exact same thought as me or there's something fishy going on...

this might explain some things:

KaosSec - Tue, 2012-09-04 16:15

it's not my "bloc" i don't even personally live in NYC im one of the non-local @'s organizing it.

wht r u talking about? im not the author...

it's a trap...

The Euro has a possibility of collapsing in the next 2 weeks (Sept 6-14), and if the quarterly jobs report from FOMC here in the US is lower than expected, you can bet your ass that capitalist markets are going to collapse, again.

I know you all aren't into spectacle, but if there was ever going to be a time to coordinate with the never ending fall of capitalism, while presenting a militant stance against it and the state (albeit a purely spectacle frozen action), September 17th would be the time.

This call out doesn't have to be THE militant action of the week. If anything, this callout seems sketchy as to who is "organizing" it. It could possibly be a trap to funnel radicals on S17 into one location where they're ineffective, or even just an opportunity to data mine information on subversives through facebook. Either way, S17 is the day to do SOMETHING. Seriously. It's not just a damn Occupy thing.

Yes. Do you guys remember just a year ago? Do you remember the long silence as our North American organizing attempts were beginning to feel futile in a time of growing conflict? Do you remember when that silence was suddenly broken, people essentially built communes in capitalist centers, and faced violent repression against the police. Many participants will never forget this repression they faced. Forget the media constructed word occupy, and 'professional occupiers' who wish to limit themselves within it.

Occupy was a tactic called for by your usual radical/anarchist crowd that was actually successful in reaching every sector of society. Due to how fast it spread and became open, unlike past recent U.S. radical phases, more floods of ideas and flawed theory showed in action/rhetoric. September 17th isn't the anniversary of the liberal idea of something that doesn't exist "occupy", it's the anniversary of the first signs of resistance being broadened. So if yous want to show the people are more serious,action ready, and understanding of the system after facing a year of attack, and a few months of passivity then fucking work to do it on the streets.. not bitch on the internet.


9/15 action: no one showed up

9/16 action: no one showed up


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