Founding of a New International

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: thecollective

via Freedom News

The first reports are coming in from the Foundational Congress for a New International — an effort to draw together some of the biggest syndicalist unions worldwide.

Update, May 13th: The new name for the international is reportedly the Confederación Internacional del Trabajo (International Confederation of Labour). Besides the CNT (Spain), USI (Italy) and FAU (Germany), IWW (USA and Canada), ESE (Greece), FORA (Argentina) and IP (Poland) have affiliated to a basic set of statutes. Interest was shown by CNT-F (France), FOB (Brazil), Vrije Bond (Netherlands and Belgium), GG / BO (as observers) Germany) and the UVW (England).

The Congress, which began yesterday in Parma, Italy, is being held at the headquarters of USI and participants have said they view it as a continuity of the ideals of the International Working Men’s Association, the largest anarchist organisation ever formed in 1922. In a statement ahead of the gathering, organisers said:

Yesterday, as today, and even more so tomorrow, a combative libertarian, assembly and international trade union organisation is needed in order to defend workers effectively today and, at the same time, establish the pillars to build a new society in freedom and equality, without relation to the mechanisms of political and economic power.

Participants include unions which split away from the anarcho-syndicalist IWA in 2016 in a bitter dispute over the international’s future direction, such as CNT (Spain), FAU (Germany), USI (Italy) and FORA (Argentina) as well as independent groups such as ESE (Greece), IP (Poland), ARS (Bulgaria) and the IWW (USA, Europe).

A CNT* report on the first day of discussions noted:

Friday began in a relaxed manner with a tour of revolutionary points of interest of the city of Parma. By midmorning the accreditations of delegates and delegates had been collected. Subsequently, the collective “Cucine del Popolo” organised a social buffet offering lunch, snacks and drinks throughout the day.

The afternoon began with a greeting and official welcome to all attendees by USI. The first table was composed of members of IWW, USI and FAU, which gave presentations, starting with the GGBO of Germany, an organisation that fights for the labour rights of prisoners. Next was Cucine del Popolo, from Italy, an anarchist organisation that defends the principles of freedom, solidarity and internationalism and functions in an assembly and independent manner.

Presentations continued with the ARS (Bulgaria autonomous workers union) CNT France-Vignol (which has been intensely involved with struggles against Macron’s labour reform, Deliveroo and sections of Amazon), the newly-formed Popular Movement Rifeño and the Organization / Association of Workers of Brazil, which focuses on the precariousness of the education, oil and health sectors. Salutations continued with the WAS of Vienna, the IWW of the United Kingdom, the Argentine FORA and the Vraije Bond of the Netherlands and Belgium.

There is a dispute at present over the CNT name, with affiliates of both the new international and the IWA claiming it.



This is not from The Onion?

There's a few things you gotta learn from anarcho-syndicalosts... Like they got a particularly thick skull even by anarcho-leftist standards. They got those really silly big ideas that always contradict their daily practices, making them more like religious weirdos. They tend to be fanatical about their liberal politics, but that's another issue.

This is why we need to unite with the big unions and the DSA! United we are stronger... against individualist anarchist elements in our milieu.

I've actually brought up a suggestion recently on an all orange anarchism. Not for me of course but a new kind of baseline anarchist starting point fully distinct from blood stained red. A market agnostic position would be the starting point. Quite associating with the loser reds and leave them to their reenactment ideology. The syndicalists are the worst anarchists of all, syndicalists are about as bad as gold bug libertarian types without some of the interesting minds that come with the latter. It truly is a leftist cult that ruined anarchism up to and after ww1.

Anyway, here it is

You were watching "orange is the new black" on netflix and you thought to yourself to write a blog post about how catchy that sounds so anarchism should use it for their new color. Why not brown?

There’s more substantial reasons though. Anarchism, even in its left form, needs its own specific elective color beyond blood stained workerist red. Orange is something of a retroactive colour that helps to differentiate anarchism from the prole centered nonesense that since the 1st International has not been friendly to anarchism. Anarchism has always been a pan position for proles, peasants lumpens and, yes, non private owning producers. It is not a prole centered ideology as work abolition is one of its goals.

While I dislike the gold bug ideology they are an example of a distinct color ideology that’s developed itself over time. Anarchism already has a distinct existence beyond and even within leftism, it’s time to make the necessary disassociation to make anarchism better.

The aesthetics of orange also relate to an earthy ochre complexion representing the organic health and vitality of the free spirit.,.

To boil it down, red (social anarchism) + yellow (capitalism and liberalism) = orange. If people think about this, as you have, they may not want associate with the connotations of orange being derived of red & yellow aka social anarchism & capitalism.

Brown would be better because there are multiple colors that can be mixed to make brown like blue, red, & yellow makes brown or black(anarchism)+blue+green(obvs)+red(social anarchism)=brown. See with the latter, yellow can be discarded and it'd still make brown. I'm not sure what blue signifies but I have seen blue & black flag symbol being used by people on the internets. Probably means something stupid. While I think associating some color with anarchism is moronic to the xtreme. I still think brown would be the best bet.

sorry bro, but brown was already chosen by the nazis in the 1920s. catch up with your symbolism please. also, SE, orange is the color of the dutch aristocracy and those cretins in northern ireland, so no fucking way.

Colours have been shared by that which you like and hate, does not invalidate their potential context specific symbol.

To boil it down, orange is the color of turmeric, sacred color of the seer and herbal tonic for the liver soul, and the citrus orange, vitamin C foundation to bodily mental and physical equilibrium.

You are right about the color delineation but I have something a little different in mind then market anarchism. Really it’s more market agnosticism in the context of complex production, consumption and organization. Again the problem I point out with red anarchism is that it turns a branch symptomatic problem into a root perennial problem. There’s also the issue of Kropotkin trying preserve the same level of abundance as Proudhon minus exchange which tends to solve calculation problems, it’s just not happening. Anti-exchange only works in the context of a greater anti-organization reification and mediation critique. For this reason the red stuff has failed. There’s also the fact that red includes Stalinism which is worse then just about anything capitalism has ever given.

Orange is a good recalibrating colour for a baseline anarchism that wishes to shed a workerist color.

Blue is something I will right about in depth more but for me this would be an agnostic alternative to green on the issue of excess and human cultural complexity. It does share the broad ecological anti-civilized position in the same way that orange like red is anti-capitalist but it’s more flexible on things like machineology and consumptive desire. There is in my view a problematic puritanism that runs through red and green and it is linked to their all or nothing rejection of exchange and excess respectively without other points of theory and practice being in place.(the reverse cargo cult aspect of primitivism for instance with puritanical anti-desire implications).

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