From France to London

  • Posted on: 5 April 2018
  • By: thecollective

From Act for Freedom Now!

A small gesture in Marseille to send our love and support for her in this moment and to all trans fighters struggling against state and terf repression.

received on 2/4/18

London: She-Wolf Trial – court date next week!

Amid a deafening silence from almost all cis-anarchists in London, the persecution of our comrade the ‘She-Wolf’ continues, with a trial date set for alleged assault on 12-13th April, at Hendon Magistrates court. Meanwhile the actively transphobic elements of leftism and ‘feminism’ – recipients of remarkable empathy from certain corners of the anarchist scene – continue to show their true faces, brandishing more and more interesting new friends: journalists, screws, politicians (including Conservative austerity-merchants), bosses, and of course cops and judges.

At a hearing on a cold morning in February, over 40 supporters attended including comrades from as far away as Bristol, accompanying our friend as she pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charge of assault (slightly less serious than the aggravated charge of battery which had been threatened). TERFs had promised to demonstrate at the court, but in the end some prominent TERFs advised against attending, and only the shameless and apparently near-friendless Venice Allan showed up, accompanied by two others and a ten year-old child. Crowd-control barriers and a van-load of cops stood idly by. The child looked confused.

In the context of months of persecution and harassment, the blossoming of old and new friendships under grey London skies anticipated the arrival of spring. The occasion reminded us of the connections and capacities we will need to develop to survive the conditions that are hardening around us.

Gatherings in solidarity with comrades are meaningless if this solidarity cannot be developed and used, ultimately, for attack. We are not talking about ‘opposing’ or even physically attacking TERFs. Clearly we do need to think strategically about their presence and influence in ‘radical’ and autonomous contexts, their willingness to mobilise liberalism and its institutions to serve their ends, and the continuum between these two areas of their activity. But our desires far exceed the politics of opposition, and of defending or demanding ‘rights’, representation, visibility etc… There is nothing for us in this world, that destroyed universes outside of cis-hetero statism, and now tries to sell us pacified bubbles of queer or trans life, a glittery version of the same corpse-existence, buttressed by work, destitution, borders and exclusions of all kinds.

The fight against TERFs is the fight for a life, single and collective, that is unintelligible to this bunch of obsessives, or anyone else who seeks to impose a unity on existence. Clearly we are already unintelligible to many who espouse Anarchist views, and are more interested in fortifying their place on the moral high-ground than meeting us at the point where we encounter most intensely the classist, statist and sexist violence on which the whole system is built. No, we don’t want to run another bookfair, we barely have time to read. We’ll grab whatever opportunities there are, in whatever depressing circumstances, for a shared moment, a stupid banner, a made-up song, in which we can try to snatch a sideways look of complicity, a muttered aspiration of something other than all this shit.

Some practical thoughts about the trial:

– TERFs are very likely to attend, at least in individual capacity, to do whatever grandstanding and provocation they can get away with.

– Cis accomplices are particularly invited to attend in numbers on 12th April, at 9am, to help make this impossible.

– Anyone familiar with TERF tactics won’t need to be told that a face-covering is essential.

TERF activity in London recently has focussed on a speaking tour, offering aspiring TERFs the opportunity to hobnob with Helen Steele, admired comrade of ‘Some Anarchists’, who distinguished herself at one event in February by pushing a protester down a set of stairs. Another such event was hosted by Tory MP David Davis in the Houses of Parliament, with contributors including a former prison officer, presumably sought-after for the specialist grounding in transphobia afforded her by her professional experience. TERF hate-pieces have appeared in the Morning Star, among other rags.

We wish to acknowledge the efforts of those who, confronted by the activity of TERFs in their gym, pub, or neighbourhood, have moved beyond silence and prevarication to forge space for feminist organising and culture that, ridding itself of dead ends, simultaneously opens up new intensities, new directions for action, new complicities and relationships.

This occasion of localised oppression has also shown us that closeness in struggle and desire is not geographically determined. Shortly before the plea hearing we received this message from criminal queers in Marseille:

“After reading about the situation of the comrade in London; we decided
to make this small gesture in Marseille to send our love and support for
her in this moment and to all trans fighters struggling against state
and terf repression.
Towards the end of civilization.
Some queer insurgents.”

Actions such as these help to make the situation bearable. We welcome communications such as this, and above all we welcome anyone who wishes to share these two spring days with us in rage and conspiracy ‘against the gendered existent’.

To those who seek to imprison us in ‘identity’, and in actuality with provocation and accusations… To those who prefer talking behind our back, over mutual support and critique on the terrain of shared struggle… To those who extend solidarity to abstract concepts, and remarkable sympathy with our tormentors… we can only say what we say to the state itself:

No Comment!

Not Guilty!

ITN Solicitors!

See you on the 12th and 13th,

Some Angry Tranarchists



she did what we all wanted to do.

This is your very own mind prison, camps. And you're the cops enforcing it. You started this incommunique by casting people into more IP categories, as if "cis anarchists" really are "cis" and if your martyr is a "trans". Sounds like a cool new roleplaying game where people really do get hurt and lose friends IR... but hey that's fine, for some unrelated I'll stick with D&D 5.0 and -in other news- maybe a LARP game in my area when summer kicks in. Come btw... you're all invited to try defeat my black mage hiding in the forest!


you don't actually think that the authors see cis or trans as essential categories do you? I mean to start, they're being used as adjectives... Its merely a descriptor. like calling someone tall, but with more of an impact on how others relate to them.

This is different than the ways terfs and other identity minded types use the words "man" or "female".

Only imposed identities. Like that same old tendency of putting people into boxes, coz an wholesale is easier than to look into each person's motivations, experience and interests. Essentialism is just one these ways to further legimate social categories that already being imposed. I know it's not all what queer and trans are about, just what they've become under this ultra-liberal Judith Butler queer theory.

Male and females do exist. Where conservative essentialists are still mistaken is that they aren't absolute binaries, and some, even if a tiny minority -which matters- of a population will have both sexes between the legs. They also are completely forcing people into broad constructs based on their mere sexual organs. But there's also the opposing tendency of over-categoriing people through hardly-significant criterias of sexual preference, that are also not absolutes. "cis" here is being treated as an absolute.

I do not consider myself as a cis dude since I rather see myself mostly as a women with a dick who tends to be into girls. The way I love girls is "girly" in itself. Made several women uncomfortable. I'm telling ya, that's how I always felt about myself. New development, I knows, but also it shouldn't be anyone's business, and even less POLITICS.

and don't have to agree. Eg, a human being who was born with a vagina and/or can get pregnant is a WOMAN and not a PREGNANT PERSON. A man who then self identifies as a woman is a trans-woman. Be proud to be a trans-woman.

ew weird essentialist Identity stuff. what about a pregnant men? why not be willing to call trans women, just women. Does any of this matter and why care so much about strictly enforcing existing identity categories? That seems incomparable with anarchy.

really its a shitty identity game either way, except one end of it wants to target trans people for state harassment and the other just wants to be left alone.

Because this is potentially usurping gender. Feminism is badly-undermined by the possibility for phallocrats to maintain their domination upon women by simply labelling themselves as "women". This has been done already, and little people in "progressive communities" will oppose it, or else.they can be difamed as "TERF" or heterosexist.


its comical to think that one of the groups most targeted by state and gendered violence, statistically more so than cis women, are some phalocrats dominating other people.

Its comical to see liberals use statistics to cover up for patterns of closet male domination happening in daily life, brah. Also much easier to dress up and pretend being a women when you're a phallocrat, than to be letting go of your drive for domination... Even if unconsciously. But hey... Once heteronormativity has been eradicated we'll be addressing this, right?

Get Zuckerberg's phallocracy out of your life, for starters.

Different commenter, do you ever hear yourself and think "wow, I sound pretty paranoid!"

Obviously we can assume there's transwomen out there who happen to be shitty people but why not assume most of them aren't taking such drastic steps just for "phallocratic domination"? Occam's razor?

Smh, shit is boring and played out, dramatic beyond reason and only related to anarchy cause people pay attention to both sides in this dumb ass debate about the minutia of human gender and sexuality. Stop making demands on people, if you don't want to be part of anarchy than don't! If you are unable to recognize that your 'view' of gender probably isn't correct and certainly isn't black and white than anarchy does not need you. Straight up, it's not anarchy and never was.

Very few people give a shit about your identity. People care about action and what you bring to the table. Your feelings are neither.

Many trans anarchists have similar views to you about the identity debate. What it comes down to for us is that terfs team up with pigs and prisons for this law and plan to use them against us.

I don't care whether or not its "anarchy" or whatever to punch someone who trys to use the state against you. Seems like a debate thats just as boring as the identity one. But I bet it felt good when she did it and I get why she did it. Plus shes an anarchist, so I'm interested in supporting her and keeping track of her case. Other people I know feel the same so its pretty appropriate for an anarchist news thing.

Well the communique above makes it bold.and clear that they associate their divisive IPs with anarchy. Beyond that, all what politics of divide through social identities are doing is making me quite worried -not angry or frustrated- about the fate of not just "anarchism", but humanity as a whole. Not that I care too much, as I got prolly less years ahead of me than behind and should devote myself to more immediate concerns...

And jsyk, Canadian military is officially accepting trans people. This means their acceptance in the police n the near future.

19:45 thanks! My feelings exactly. I would just add that these debates remind me of this shit on Facebook where young people who clearly have zero interest engaging with IRL action and politics end up arguing endlessly about mundane, pointless shit like sex robots in between calling each other out. They do so to avoid anything that actually may impact them. And it's not that trans issues don't impact trans people, it's that pushing the debate onto anarchy as a whole (when almost all anarchists will agree with your views on gender generally already) reminds me of a general attempt to lessen the impact of anarchists action.

We saw it in Ferguson with a different but similar set of political discourse, mostly young white people flipping their fucking lid that mostly white anarchist bogeymen were going into the streets and fighting alongside black people. How could they do this to "the black struggle." When what they really meant is, anarchists, don't make me feel uncomfortable and put me at risk.

Too many strawgays in Idpol arguments to get a non-emotional objective discussion.

Is it like... Gay dudes alluding to someone else's being hetero?

a queer identifying sack, unable to bash back?

Its a gay red herring using transgender identity to cloud an argument which is about the fact that gender is a semantic construct in the first place. Very confusing.

for example, have you not heard of the pay gaps between people of different identities? Have you not heard of many more black people being killed, thrown in jail and/or stopped by the police when compared to white people? Have you not heard how children are ignored and/or beaten because they are young (and presumably not worth listening to)? There are thousands of other comparisons regarding identities. So, yes, identity matters massively. I am a white male in the west. Would I want to be a black female in the so-called third world or hard-lined patriarchal Muslim! So, I can understand why women born with a vagina and/or who can give birth would challenge a male self-identifying as a woman. He isn't a woman and neither is he is man. This person is a trans-woman or trans or trans-person. I am absolutely not objecting to trans-people. Trans-people have their identity battles. Naturally born women know what it is like to be shat on simply by being a woman. Woman (and men) can understand why somebody would need to change their identity but that doesn't make it 'right' to then be expected to be treated as a 'woman' (as in naturally born). To be treated with respect and as a trans-woman is what you can and should expect in my opinion. As I said: be proud to be a trans-woman. As for the toilet issue. I don't like using public toilets. As a man, I don't (and no longer do) stand at the urinal; I prefer to use a cubicle. I understand that trans-women have been challenged using both male and female toilets. I think it's time we have unisex cubicle toilets with mirrors, soap and a small basin in each cubicle. I am sick of anarchists saying identity doesn't matter. What a ridiculous notion. Stressed out identities need to solve this together. I do not want to see trans-people excluded or harangued as gays, lesbians, black people, women have been (and still are).

You are a racist because you don't want to be a black woman in an underdeveloped country. I would swap my white western identity for that of a poor black woman anyday.

Black women in poor countries typically shoulder the responsibility of trying to keep themselves fed, their children fed and fend off male rapists or sold into prostitution. That is why I wouldn't want to be a black women in a 'third world' country, fuck all to do with racism.

By becoming a poor black women I would embrace the challengers life has given me in my underprivileged he'll and endure it as an existential adventure better than being a bored hetero-normative bourgeois racist white guy with a 9-5 desk job .

speaking not as a poor black oppressed stressed out woman as many women in that oppressed 'life' desperately want out of their miserable existence. I've never heard any ever say 'Yes, I'm embracing my existential adventure...'

That is because they have not crossed into the existentialist-nihilist zone.

Possibly the splainiest comment ever?
IGTT 8.5/10

"As a white man, I wouldn't want to not be a white man." Lol so woke bro!

*whoosh* goes the airplane!

I want toilets for families/handicapped people where we can also have the room and privacy to fuck/masterbate freely with whoever we want, and no less!

These fools need to leave their isolated bubble they reside in if they think and believe "the fight against TERFs is the fight for a life." I would love seeing these people try to explain this terf & nerf shit to random french guy of engrish bloke. It's likely as funny as trying to explain to an average american why using the word "stupid" is ableism and oppressing people.

Seriously there should be a reality tv show focused on far-leftists trying to explain this shit to an average person on the street. Hilarity would ensue and i'd maybe watch.

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