Free Nyki Poetry Contest

  • Posted on: 9 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>A year has passed since the free Nyki poetry contest. The contest brought hundreds of poets together from across the globe in support of wrongfully convicted artist, poet, and community activist Nyki Kish.

Nyki is still in prison awaiting her appeal and as we wait each day to get her back, she strives for social change from behind prison walls. Art and community are tremendously important to Nyki, lets show her once again that they are important to us too. Submit up to three poems of any length and style before November 1st to to participate.

Approximately 15 poems will be featured in bound for Glory Magazine, a Hamilton Ontario based arts and literary publication, as well they will be published in a contest anthology, which will include last years featured poems as well.</td><td><img title="" src=""></td></tr></table...

All authors whose poems are featured will receive a copy of bound for glory.
This years top three prizes include a one of a kind hand bound version of the anthology as well as a copy of Nyki’s own anthology.


Submissions are to be sent to

Deadline is November 1st, 2012

Previously published poetry accepted
While we reserve the one time privilege of publishing submitted work in both the magazine and poetry anthology, the author retains all ownership/copy-right over all that they contribute

All poems are considered by Nyki, names of the authors are removed prior to consideration, and while this contest’s coordinators cannot afford to award every contributor a prize, every poem is valuable and a winner in Nyki’s eyes (she even asked that we try to refrain from terms like ‘winners’).

Please do know that every poem serves to brighten Nyki’s day while she struggles through the dark day of prison to get her freedom back.


<3 Nyki and CeCe
anarcho-murder gets me excited

a contest, how anarchistic of you.
What next a raffle

lol @ a radical publication called Bound for Glory

not a radical publication. it's a local arts mag

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