• Posted on: 7 December 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From: Free Radical Radio
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On The East Bay Anarchist Bookfair, Mass Shootings & Insubordinate Care

Hosted by Rydra, Squee, and Kelpsea. We discuss our day at the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair in Oakland, CA. We discuss tabling and presentations on mass shootings, self care for the damned, post-modernity, rojava, spiritual anarchy, and more.

What the fuck is nihilism? Are we nihilists? Can you be a nihilist? Is self care destruction? Is destruction art? Is art inherently irrational? Rydra and Squee finally get into a disagreement, it is over Rydra making claims to being ahistorical and Squee says context matters!

Time Stamps:
0:00 We have business cards, we say hi to Kelpsea. Rydra did 30 minutes of assembly line work with star wars legos. We have new T- shirts and we have been releasing audiobooks, so check them out and record some anarchist theory, fiction, communiques, whatever, and send it to us.

4:25 Rojava talk discussion

5:30 Discussion of the mass shooting talk from the East Bay Anarchist Bookfair: rhetoric behind the shootings, anti-society, anti-civilization?, what is the relevance of these(if any) to the anarchist project. It seems like anarchists do not enjoy children being shot. How does justice play into all of this? Why are anarchists outraged when people cops aren’t convicted. There seems to be a strong/loose relation between nihilist and anti-social anarchist ideas and some of the ideas espoused by some of the mass shooters, does this matter?

14:12 Discussion of “Self Care for the Damned”: Is embracing immorality not just another way to live morally? Squee attends despite a past history of violence and attack by the presenters. He made it through unscathed.

19:36 are we nihilists? What does that even mean? What does sexual perversion have to do with this? Rydra explains with help from Sam Delany

23:00 Aesthetics are apparently the most important and honest thing there is, so says Rydra. What do we want to see, smell, hear, and taste, in our lives.

25:00 an argument against linear time! It doesn’t exist?! Anarchy is now, in the moment? or is it?

27:00 because of civilization and society we are smoking cigarettes instead of eating omelets on the beach, what the fuck happened?

28:00 Discussion of “Insubordinate Care” by Crimethinc. Kelpsea posits that self care has a potential for destruction, Squee and rydra tend to agree. Squee and Rydra get personal and talk about their fucking feelings, aren’t you so glad?

31:20 discussion of fiber optics cables being cut and the value in there being zero communiqués for these actions. Is destruction art? Is it separable? Squee discusses art again! Apparently it is a mix of the rational and the irrational.

34:00 The most interesting thing about the book fair was how bold people were about where they smoked cigarettes. Rydra is full of resentment as usual, and wants everyone else to have cancer. Some wingnutting.

36:10 Rydra says that the essence of nihilism is littering and Squee claims that it is cluttering. Squee fears fire, and burning his house down.

37:30 We discuss Squee’s presentation at the book fair, which was about post-modernity and the appeal of anarchy.

41:30 Rydra discusses his arguments on roofs with Canadians about the history of rebellion and claims that he exists as an ahistorical entity! Imagine you were a alive in a society with no available history or people to discuss past rebellions, would you rebel? Would you know how to? How much does the shit around us effect our own ideas and actions? Rydra and Squee get into our first big disagreement over this, fight!

46:40 We get into another disagreement over how popular anarcho-communism is currently. Squee is proven wrong, but that is biased because Rydra is writing these timestamps!
47:45 We discuss and disagree about where power lies. Squee claims that power is in data analysis and marketing, Rydra understands this as who can read the matrix before. Is money power? Rydra argues power is power, clearly a well thought out argument!

49:45 Where does power lie? Is this a wing nut conversation or is it relevant? WHY ARE WE EVEN USING WORDS?

52:00 Rydra attacks Squee over his obsessive and creepy love for science!

We have T shirts!!! If you want a shirt email us at



promo design is still ugly as hell.

otherwise, pretty interesting episode.

What a bunch of pitiful narcissists.

Same here. For fuck sake, I thought there were big asses until I heard this. And then I heard this! And then I understood that in this world, there are asses so big that they just can't be crawled out from. And then I found the Revolution.

The real problem with this show is that Rydra's voice is so fucking annoying. Squee, I like yours. It's soothing and has a good tone that allows one to take you seriously. Something is wrong with Rydra's nasal cavity. It makes his voice sound terrible. God forbid he ever becomes a public speaker. Next time, just have Rydra write out what he wants to say and read it for him, but don't mimic his voice! That would be just awful! Read it as you would in your own voice. Thanks!

Rydra would make a good Bob Dylan impersonator, the answer is blowing in the whinge.

I actually find Rydra and his voice quite funny and energizing in a very boyish, sarastic way that's also socially-unfriendly. I'll have it anyday against the flat, soulless soporiphic style of social anarchists in their podcasts!

Anyone who says "social anarchist" as a diss is 1.) in the wrong century 2.) tiresome.

What is the "right" century to you... the 19th?

The "diss" of social (or civil) anarchist has been widely used among today's most radical anarchists over Europe and Latin America. Welcome to 21st century, brah!

question is -- is the government on they asses cuz they saying stupidly sketchy shit on air, or do the government not care cuz they wouldn't be able to take what's being said seriously enough?

If Rydra and Squee (?) are "anti"-social anarchists, why do they think it's important to express their opinions on the air? I need to start reading Delany, because I must be a masochist for listening to this show every time it's posted. Please Rydra! Please Squee! Give me a safe word!

I'm critical of "social anarchism," in the context the US especially; however, I'm not "anti" social anarchist. I usually phrase it as "anti-social" anarchist and this is in reference to the Social mass society. There's some particular things I don't like much or am against, like the Platform, the Left and working with them, humanism. None of which would put me at odds with media projects. Also, I'm a big fan of parties ...the fun kind with music and furries.

the first podcast project I participated in was ...if that clarifies anything.

There is no escaping mass society Squee. Also, are not insurrectionary anarchists also "social anarchists" despite being anti-left (whatever the definition of "left" means at any given time...) and against the Platform? I guess I'm must confused because I don't see anything relevant in your critiques. Though to concede, I did agree with you that less and less anarchists describe themselves as anarcho-communists today. I don't know which anarchists Rydra talks to in order to make his contrary opinion. Also before I finish this terrible comment I have one question for you: Can one be an anarchist and a communist, but not be a "social anarchist?"

I thought that your comment was fine. I could argue with your other points, but since you ended with a pointed question, I'll respond only to that question. The short answer is "yes;" but, it depends on the working definition of "social". I'm not using the term in the sense of anti-social personality disorder. I'm using the term to designate a specific orientation towards mass society: its means of production and its political forms. Communes are not fundamentally mass-based, so advocating for them is neither here nor there. Syndicalism is mass-based. The IWW is mass-based. Advocating for something like Mondragon is mass-based. Popular appeal is mass-based. The politics of the Left are typically mass-based.

How is social life produced? To what extent is your anarchism tethered to the preservation of mass society? Is your anarchism a totalizing prescription for the reproduction of the Social?

The thing about narcissists is that they need other people to feed into their self-aggrandizing delusions. They are not "anti-social" anarchists, they are social capitalists, and in a few years they will jump on the band wagon of the next new anarchist fad.

Like children who were never taught to share, or to not cut in line, or have basic consideration for others. Anti-social anarchism is the Ayn Rand for Millennials.

All these posts of finger wagging, offering no substantial insight.

Thank you for your lame as judgements

what the fuck did you say? Do we have to get personal? lawl

I've developed a fool proof strategy for feeding my own delusions of grandeur ...thank you very much. I've also been saying the same shit for 15 years, so I guess you'll have to add a caveat to your theory of band wagons.

Yup. Please stop posting every episode of FRR. That's so over the top in-crowd. It makes anews feel like its just a project for a couple of dozen west coast usa friends and their wider network, but certainly not encouraging to creating an international and diverse participant base. I'm sure rydra and squee are great people, but I really really don't need a synopsis of every show... I know, I could just scroll past, but like we come from monkeys and all that. Srsly. Please.

You have a point, but I'd conclude that more shit from other places should be posted ...not less shit from particular places.

Thks for responding. I expected that response. My problem is that there are dozens of anarchist radio shows in NA alone. Are we going to announce each episode of all of them? That would be really overwhelming.

It seems ok to announce new issues of essay oriented print/digital magazines that come out irregularly or only a few times a year. But are we going to drown anews with an announcement of every regularly anarchist zine, some of which come out weekly?! There are at least 3 weekly anarchist oriented radio shows in my region. It would be ridiculous to post each episode of each one at anews.

Anyway, I actually share your perspective generally, so it isn't because I don't feel a camaraderie or kinship. It just seems strange that you post every episode-i think that's why it comes off as narcissistic or self-absorbed. Is everything you say (every episode) worthy of dedicating a whole comment section on anews to?

Practically maybe a permanent link on a side bar to anarchist radio shows and podcasts would be cool. Those of us interested could browse through and check out whichever ones we want to. We could do the same with magazines/web sites.

"Practically maybe a permanent link on a side bar to anarchist radio shows and podcasts would be cool. Those of us interested could browse through and check out whichever ones we want to. We could do the same with magazines/web sites."

That's what I think would make sense. Releases are only news if you're like... on a street team or involved in some way. I'd never want to catch myself telling people to contribute less, though. I have my position and critiques and blah blah blah, but I'm way more interested in seeing a feast of anarchist thought and activity than fighting out this stupid corner position that gets attention via a lack in other shiny objects. Y'know, when I work on a project I want to at least try and polish it with some pizazz. But when there's less of that around it is a bit of a faux pah. Whatev *shrugs* I'm sure shit will pick back up.

"civil anarchism" is not synonymous with "social anarchism."

To Rydra but not just to Rydra but the others who went through that part about the hardcore homo-erotic book without being shocked about the Hakim Bey aspect.

I find this detail very worthy of being discussed, by anarchists and especially gay/queer anarchists. I don't wanna call you names upfront, but like... this story is about a preteen boy wanting sex from grown-up guys and it got quite well received by the two other hosts of the show. Isn't this a banalization of pederasty?

How about the main character of this book would be a young girl of the same age, drooling to get screwed by adult men, would you be have had reaction towards the book, the story and its author, or just call it an all-out promotion of "rape" and "child abuse"?

There's been this sketchy trend of allowance of sex with underage kids among a lot of gay people, and I'd like you to adress this question. How come it takes so much a different moral value from boy to girl rape? Or how is gay sex with boys being lesser terrible rape or youth abuse than hetero sex of the same sort?


No but seriously, why do you think that Rydra is cool with pederasty just because he likes a novel that features it. It could easily be that the story was told well with good characters. I of course have no as such issues it. Also lulz at moral value, what kind of anarchist but a stupid and confused one would have such alien values. And what do moral values even have do with it anyway?

BTW Rape is involuntary just to remind you. Cocksucker has agency in the story from what I can glean.

No I don't pretend having more of these than Rydra.

But the apparent fact that boy-loving may be more morally acceptable to some gay people and thier female buddies than, say, being derided as a faggot sounds like a gleaming instance of moral double standards.

I don't see any rational connection between anarchism and cleansing yourself from any moral values, more than a cause why anarchists should have more of these than the rest of the people...

Furthermore to say that anarchists aren't supposed to have moral values FOR SOME REASON is a moral value in itself (!!!) and that also makes you sound moralistic. You can't take the moral out of anarchism, primarily because seeing a problem with authoritarian relationships, and refusing to put some alienating abstractions between you and the world. Also why we don't torture and kill cats for the thrills. Coz being against animal cruelty is also morality. In any interpretation of "anarchism" you can get, there is a moral value hidden underneath, as negation or affirmation You just can't deny that.

On pederasty, I don't believe an adult should be proscribed that much, like in this hypocrite society, for having some level of physical love with an 11 years old who's really into him/her, as far as consent is respected. Truth is... the intense repression against it makes tons of child abuse being restricted to the households and some well-respected social institutions (schools, foundations, nonprofits, entertainment industry).

But given the naivety of children compared to the often devious, abusive intents of adults to exploit relationships of authority, that's one big flip of the coin which directly concerns anarchists.

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