Free Sergey!

  • Posted on: 6 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Sergey is a friend of ours who was arrested early this morning on suspicion of firebombing a cop car in NE Portland. Their family says Sergey was beat up by the police while in custody and is in the medical unit. They are being held on three felony and three misdemeanor charges, including attempted arson.

Please come to Sergey’s arraignment tomorrow (Tuesday): 2pm in Courtroom 3 of the Justice Center in downtown Portland.

Please donate to Sergey’s legal support fund! This money is going toward their $3000+ bail and to pay for a lawyer. The sooner Sergey’s family can raise bail, the sooner Sergey will be out.</td><td><img title="suspicion" src=""></td><...


worker, if you live in the same time zone as me, go to bed!

while it is important to get the word out there, let's make sure that the police's investigation of motive isn't assisted by dumb comments or statements or whatever.

From what I know of the police, and judging by this sentence:
"There was "minimal" damage to a police car, he said."
That cop car is fucked up. Way to go Sergey (if indeed you did it)!

lol @ the comments on Katu, get a load of that lee character.

"No more liek we have people starting to wage war on the police. YOU get the PICTURE!? rmeber t here was also an arson event that happened that destroyed several police units just last year? these events are increasing. and it is not one freaking bit funny, Police have familly to. but people are now starting to play for keeps just like that one guy in the white vehicle he exited with gun drawn in a down position making him a harder target and all 5 shots hit the officer. So you tell, Me what is going one.YOU tell me that removing all Morals of right and wrong including a Beliefs in Christianity isn't having an impact on people, You tell me MR know it all. You Tell me that when the criminals have more rights then US it doesn't effect people? You Tell me MR Know all, in fact any of you KNOW IT ALLS YOU TELL ME where were headed!"

apparently back to primordial soup

Nix the jesus and everybody immediately starts firebombing the establishment. As if the little jesus on their shoulder was the only thing holding them back. IT'S JUST THAT SIMPLE KIDS!

beneath the paving stones...JESUS!

this guy is pretty cute. solidarity.

it's so hilarious that he just casually did this on a bicycle

there's nothing hilarious about someone getting charges that could mean 25 years in prison. this is fucking serious.

Have anarchists just completely forgotten that all criminal acts are "alleged" while cases are still open, or are half the commenters here just fucking dumb? (I know, probably both.)

??? They're still alleged even when the case is closed, dummy.


I think you forgot that half the commenters on here are not anarchists.

KiKi is hard as fuck! In other news, a cop car in portland spontaneously caught fire?! shucks, what a shame!

Holy shit, it's anarcho-prince. I want to party like it's 1999 with this cat, Sergey is cute! Hopefully we can raise enough money to set him free!

get your words off his body.

for real. fuck anybody who is more inclined to support a prisoner just because they're cute. i hope you die ugly and lonely for treating people that way.

pronoun check

I am more likely to support a prisoner because I am cute. It is just how it goes.

hella ineffective. im not going to give my money i slaved away for to someone who was overcome by emotion and assumed this would be a constructive form of action. why is it that he wasn't rolling 50 deep like people did a few weeks ago? If you casually, and individually throw a firebomb at a police HQ in the morning, you're going to get caught and beat the fuck up. common sense. sorry ya'll

No points for initiative? No credit for breaking out of the spectacle and actually *doing* something? Also, it's likely this kid had shitty luck with the timing, which shouldn't be confused with the defeatism in your post.

might as well Leon Czolgoz to the lions, dick.

***>slaving away for money***

don't think. feel, and you'll be anarchy

In a gloomy bar where everyone is bored to death, a drunken young man breaks his glass, then picks up a bottle and smashes it against the wall. Nobody gets excited; the disappointed young man lets himself be thrown out. Yet everyone there could have done exactly the same thing. He alone made the thought concrete, crossing the first radioactive belt of isolation: interior isolation, the introverted separation between self and outside world. Nobody responded to a sign which he thought was explicit. He remained alone like the hooligan who burns down a church or kills a policeman, at one with himself but condemned to exile as long as other people remain exiled from their own existence. He has not escaped from the magnetic field of isolation; he is suspended in a zone of zero gravity. All the same, the indifference which greets him allows him to hear the sound of his own cry; even if this revelation tortures him, he knows that he will have to start again in another register, more loudly; with more coherence.

People will be together only in a common wretchedness as long as each isolated being refuses to understand that a gesture of liberation, however weak and clumsy it may be, always bears an authentic communication, an adequate personal message.

casually lobbing a molotov at a police precinct from a bicycle (allegedly!!) doesn't seem weak and clumsy at all. seems pretty cinematic - especially if your name is Sergey Yefimobich Turzhanskiy - although not at all wise as far as getting caught.


Check your spectacular language, and throw it into the street

So we don't support them because their action wasn't methodical enough?

I hate the cinematic.wannabe shit too but upping the ante sometimes isn't all that bad. Ballsy too. At least its more interesting than broken windows...again and again and.... The states backlash and increased repression especially at a time like this should be taken into consideration though as well. At least from my privelaged vantage point.

And when did a Serbian sounding name become cinematic. Anarcho romantic but cinematic....Rosenbaum is too ethnic a name for Hollywood and not to be ethnocentric (wouldn't apply anyway) but well, there are a lot of Ross' and Silvers' (steins') in Hollywood.

cinematic, yes, cinematic. like the beginning of a Krzysztof Kieślowski film...

i like the one where the taxi cab dude gets his head smashed after the most painful struggle to steal his taxi cab.

That is not a Serbian sounding name -- more of a Russian or Eastern Slavic I'd say

it's russian, for sure

lol @ "serbian sounding"

*>Implying there's a separation between self and outside world*

here you go emile, an opening as wide as the wilammette

I'm not saying I'm shunning him or anything, but this action isn't anything to celebrate. It sadly represents an isolation amongst individuals in the A-community, and a lack of active & inclusive solid networks of resistance. Without solid networks bringing like-minded people together, you get individual acts of resistance, and what some call anti-social behavior. This is a reflection of frustration, and helpless anger which isn't a good thing when people who feel the same emotions fail to find one another. Just don't glorify, and realize it reflects our weaknesses not our strengths.

Want to give him money? Cool, I support that, but I wont be doing that. People go to prison every day.

What will you be doing?

Man accused of throwing Molotov cocktail at Portland police car held on $1 million bail

fucking shit.
no future.
we need you out here, comrades.

"He was seen throwing the bottle at a marked police car. The bottle bounced off the car and didn't break. The suspect walked over to pick up the still-flaming bottle and threw it again at the same police car, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in court Tuesday.

The bottle rolled off the car again and broke as it hit the pavement."

"The officer chased the suspect and caught up with him when the suspect crashed his bicycle. the device was made out of a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer bottle."

Sounds like Sergio was coming home from a long night of drinking, ya'll. This is Anarchism in America. lol.

Nothing about this is funny. Its upsetting and sad for a myriad of reasons.

Just drop it under the god damn gas tank next time. Fucking A, really? Do people need a fucking shit up for dummies book?

If anyone else I know gets a 1 million dollar bail amount, I'M going to throw a molotov at a cop car.

Won't want to miss out on the fun, huh?

I grew up in a small sububan town, and where I grew up this is just called mischeif not political action, not anarchist news, this was just a person throwing a thing on fire at a cop Car stop acting like its such a big deal. Dude just knows how to have a good time... On the offchance they decide to treat him like a terrorist, he'll then need our support. But til then I just thjnk he's a rad dude. Congrats comrade jail aint all that bad.. Sincerely a felon, friend of all "criminals" and anarchist.

This (A)n hero didn't read enough anarchynews.

A comment on the last article about a Portland molotov (

"do not just use a molotov to start an arson. making a molotov is a federal felony. constructing an unregistered destructive device. possessing a molotov is a federal felony. possessing an unregistered destructive device. all that is in addition to attempted murder or arson or conspiracy or whatever else you are doing.

from what i can tell from sitting at the keyboard all the recent communique molotovs have failed to do much damage. there are much better ways to simply start a fire if that is the intent.

people probably should not mess with molotovs unless they are using them as a weapon. the history of the molotov in insurgencies is as a weapon to disable vehicles like tanks. if not disabling a vehicle a pipe bomb or a bullet makes a better people killer."

Despite this comment evidently being written by a Kaczynskist, the sentiment is quite correct. Don't add inches to your dick. If you're going to add inches then know how to use them. This Sergey character added inches to his dick, still couldn't quite get it up, and now the single felony he is charged with is the molotov. Everything else is just a misdemeanor!

Save the molotovs for your Tumblr. Go Berlin or go home.

Stop objectifying his identity by commenting on his dick size please. Thanks.

Jokes on you identity objectivity concern troll - he is a they!

Actually throwing molotovs may make your balls grow, but dick size... not so much. Believe me the ladies (or dudes if that's your thing) are not nearly as impressed with gigantic balls as they are with a huge dick. So if you want a bigger shlong stick to pills and cock push-ups and leave the molotovs to the pros.

God i hate the internet sometimes.

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