Freedom for the revolutionary struggle in Chile!

from Tekoşîna Anarşîst

Together with more than 20 anarchist organizations, we call for a general amnesty against the represion of the Chilean State.

Free all political prioners! International solidarity with the rebelion, with special voice for the anticolonial struggle of the mapuche people!

“That our companions do not feel alone, the people with whom they shared joys and sorrows, failures and victories, are with them more than ever, fighting with stubborn fervor. Feeling more love and hate every day. That love, and hate with which, together, we will change the world of bases”.

(Juan C. Mechoso – Acción Directa Anarquista: Una Historia de FAU)


More than a year has passed since the struggle overflowed the streets of different cities in the territory dominated by the State of Chile. And since that October, the peoples have maintained the cope without rest. Despite the repression, the pandemic, and hunger, the will to organize and fight flourishes. We are in times of fight and resistance in territories around the world, from the indigenous people in Ecuador to the proletarians in France. The peoples rise against the system of domination.

That is why internationalism, that old practice of the oppressed class, becomes urgent. The word and the action of solidarity is a constitutive principle of these fights. It is what leads it to project on a horizon of emancipation.


With the inherent difficulties of living, the fight communities using barricades, pots and pans, and self-defense, have exercised resistance in the territory dominated by the State of Chile. This has responded with bloody repression, wounded are thousands, maimed are hundreds, tens of dead, and thousands of prisoners. All this carried out by his henchmen defend their class interests, attacking our precarious lives, bodies, and territories.

Not only bullets and tear gas have been used against our class, but also severe repressive laws, which with the support of social democracy have been concretized in the “Anti-Barricades Law”, in the “modernization” of repressive State apparatuses such as the National Agency for Intelligence (ANI) by giving it new infrastructure to Special Forces in order to develop their state terrorism.

This repression, as is known, falls only on our class, since when war weapons and combat equipment for the State have been discovered in armed groups of the ruling class, they are considered only utensils. While breaking a showcase of a bank is terrorism for the State and, they can keep you kidnapped for years for such action. Today for us, to go out with a spoon and a pan in our hands or a sign shouting for social rights is a danger. We can go to jail because of that. Prison is a class issue.


Currently, there are almost 2,500 colleagues subjected to brutal judicial processes, processes that have dragged on for more than a year, keeping thousands behind bars, without any sentence, using “pretrial detention” as legal derision for those who have fought alongside their class in this year of the social outbreak. On the other hand, the few convicted face brutal sentences, between 11 and 20 years due to speculations of a prosecutor’s office which with the intention of revenge intends to punish those who have challenged the system of domination, for those who have dared to question the mercantilism and precariousness of our lives.

As if the above were not enough, the prisoners of the social outbreak have been kept in isolation, torturing them in their daily lives, preventing visits, or any other prison benefit.


We make a call for active solidarity, to put our minds and our bodies for the freedom of our prisoners, to organize days of protest in all the territories in a fight to achieve a GENERAL AMNESTY AND WITHOUT CONDITIONS. Whoever forgets the prisoners forgets the struggle. Therefore, achieving their freedom is imperative for the communities that are struggling. We call to strengthen popular organizations, to take the freedom flag from our comrades, to take part concretely in the various activities and days of protest that are being raised.


Finally, the reality of the political prisoners was not born on October 18, but it is a situation that has existed for decades. Historically, the State has sought to punish those who have fought for the breakdown of class society. For this reason, we also show solidarity with the Mapuche political prisoners and revolutionaries, who fight every day to remain firm in the prisons-companies of the State of Chile.

Freedom to the political prisoners of the social outbreak!

No more prisoners for fighting!

General amnesty without conditions!

End to the anti-terrorism law!

Repeal of anti-repressive laws!

☆ Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira – CAB (Brazil)

☆ Federación Anarquista Uruguaya – FAU (Uruguay)

☆ Federación Anarquista de Rosario – FAR (Argentina)

☆ Organización Anarquista de Córdoba – OAC (Argentina)

☆ Federación Anarquista Santiago – FAS (Chile)

☆ Grupo Libertario Vía Libre (Columbia)

☆ Union Communiste Libertaire (France)

☆ Embat – Organització Libertària de Catalunya (Catalonia)

☆ Alternativa Libertaria – AL/fdca (Italy)

☆ Die Plattform – Anarchakommunistische Organisation (Germany)

☆ Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet – DAF (Turkey)

☆ Organisation Socialiste Libertaire – OSL (Switzerland)

☆ Libertäre Aktion (Bern/Switzerland

☆ Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group – MACG (Australia)

☆ Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement – AWSM (Aotearoa / Newzeland)

☆ Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front – ZACF (South Africa)

☆ Federation of Anarchism Era (Afghanistan/Iran)

☆ Workers Solidarity Movement – WSM (Ireland)

☆ Anarchist Communist Group – ACG (UK)

☆ Αναρχική Ομοσπονδία – Anarchist Federation (Greece)

☆ Tekoşina Anarşist – TA, (Rojava – Nordth East Syria)

☆ Organizacion Anarquista de Tucuman (Argentinia)

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