Friends never let them dominate you

  • Posted on: 19 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On the morning of september 19th we smashed out 1 window of the US Bank in downtown milwaukee to express a love and admiration we have for a recently arrested comrade
Sorry it could not be more
What we share for each other is nothing next to our hatred for order

With respect
An anti-social social club</td><td><img title="like 2 windows? WWW!" src=""></td></tr></...


how many times you gonna keep writin' up these communic@'s, until they get so boring that this is what is written...come on, what we need is THE GREEN BAY PACKERS IN THE SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR!!!! break a window, let it stay broke, save the digital breath.

Sorry wrong season what you meant to say is we need the brewers in the world series


This is sweet. Love to you and him!

so is sugar. it also gives you diabetes. jump off a bridge you twee prick!!!!!

The title confused me. At first I thought they were saying "Never Let Friends Dominate You", and I was all like "wtf what if I'm a sub?"

than you better get paid

what does that mean? paid for what?

also, obama's gonna be in mke this saturday...

what if i like domination?

On some morning something was done for some reason. We wish that more something had been done. It was done for someone. We don't like each other as much as we hate everything. Signed, writers of the most useless communique.

Dumb, dumb comment. Blah blah blah. Communicating small actions is necessary or useful sometimes.

what defines an "action"? how small is too small? why is it necessary or useful? why do you think anyone gives a fuck at all?

You are dumb and totally missed the meaning of the above comment. It wasn't speaking about the futility of "communicating small actions." It was saying that this communique failed to communicate anything. It doesn't even say what comrade. Terrible communique.

yes! we must make everything comprehensible, in clear and scientific language!

So sometimes it is necessary to communicate, but we shouldn't be comprehensible. In that case this sucks because it is sub-par dada-ist poetry and I expect better.

eats, shoots, and leaves

A recently arrested comrade? Who? Matt Duran?

Whoever it's for, good work.

charlie manson.

i remember going to that bank in the late morning/early afternoon hours of september 11, 1991. i had received a call a bit earlier from a friend who told me to turn on the tv. the first thing i saw on the tv was a plane crashing into a wtc tower. i said the first thing that came to mind. "well, i hope they've learned their lesson, but i know they won't." i watched long enough to learn about all four planes. i could never have fathomed the reactions of the rest of the idiots in that cesspool called the united states of america. the first hint of which presented itself when i went to that us bank to cash an unemployment check. the streets were relatively deserted (and that is one of the busier parts of milwaukee during normal weekday business hours). cops were walking around with their thumbs up their asses. the inside of the building was fairly deserted as well (it's an office building with the bank on the ground floor). the only people inside were a few bank tellers. the suits that normally work in the bank had fled. my first thought was that they must have been afraid that there might be some impending doom coming to downtown milwaukee. and it just seemed par for the course that they would leave the lowest paid people behind in the danger zone. i joked with the teller that cashed the check for me that they should demand hazardous duty pay.

that reminds me, that us bank also was charging $5 to cash unemployment checks even though they were drawn on us bank. i called the state and bitched up a storm. us bank stopped charging $5 to cash unemployment checks. that's probably one of the most helpful things i've ever done in my life.

smash some more of those fucking windows!

-much love from a much better home in mexico!

When, in 2021?

haha. you're right. 2001. i don't know where 1991 came from. brain fart.

No!! I'm deadly serious, you are 10 yrs ahead of your time! Wot you, some sorta shaman?


Congrats on the amazing one-window break. Such worthy news. Slow days at A-news, i guess.

ohhhh THAT'S where that came from?!?! shoula known it was some stupid psuedo-hipster nerd reference.

keep fuckin that chicken.

So sweet, and not a small act by any means. #Solidarity from Australia. x

meow meow meow meow good feelings meow

OK, so you smashed a window. What do you think is going to happen? The bank is going to close or something? Nope, that won't happen. An occasional broken window is just a cost of doing business, they'll probably just take the amount as a deduction from their corporate income tax as a one-time casualty loss. They might inflate the amount of their loss to shield some income on the bottom line, too.

What was done isn't a tactic, unless it's part of a strategy to achieve a goal. If your goal is to drive the bank out of business, one broken window isn't going to do much. If you want to hit them hard, in a place they can't deduct or write off, find out about their loan portfolio. That's where banks make their money - on interest and service charges from loans. If loans go into default or non-accrual status, and end up as charge-offs, that amount is subtracted from the shareholders' equity capital in the bank, which typically is about 5% of deposits. When the equity capital goes to zero, unless the owners put more money in, that bank is done for, the FDIC pays off the depositors, and the executives and officers can try to find new jobs, although probably not in banking, more like WalMart or something.

did you even read the communique? They did this to express solidarity for a recently arrested comrade, not to shut down the bank. I suggest you read the very very short communique that you are commenting on and pay close attention to this part "to express a love and admiration we have for a recently arrested comrade".

Then it's entirely pointless and irrelevant. So anytime an anarchist wants to commemorate something, he or she smashes a window? Is this some kind of weird variant on smashing plates in Greek restaurants? If an anarchist has a birthday, do they celebrate by smashing one window per candle? Perhaps they should think of doing some things more useful and relevant. This is just stupid.

irrelevant? Its not irrelevant to the person who their expressing solidarity to. its not commemorating anything, its an expression of solidarity to someone who was arrested, there are similar expressions all the time, recently it has been for the grand jury resisters and there are actions like these all the time for anarchist prisoners. So just because it doesn't close the bank down, it doesn't mean its pointless.

who they're expressing solidarity to...

emptying the sea one teaspoon at a time

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