FRR 81: Chained to Happiness

  • Posted on: 13 May 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

listen here:

or listen here:

00:01:15: Alien Nation-States: Göbekli Tepe, agriculture, and alienation

00:22:53: Music: “Vernon The Company Man” by Les Claypool’s Fancy Band from the album Of Whales And Woe

00:25:23: “Chained to Happiness: Slavery and BDSM in the Speculative Fiction of Samuel R. Delany

00:52:46: Music: “L.M.L.Y.P.” (18:44 through 22:41: the keyboard solo) by Ween from the album Live At Stubb’s

01:17:55: FRR’s Most Unreasonable Human Being of the Week: Chip Johnson against the First Amendement

01:20:55: Luddites Anonymous: Robots and Infantilization



Nothing but crickets.

In your social life, there is.

You Absolute Jizz Geniuses! Can you tell me where's that online "black and green forum" you've briefly (and quickly as usual) talked about in show #80... or was it '79?

Hold it... thanks, bras!

But Proboards has gotta be the worst forum host imaginable... barely can view it through Tor. Why the fuck do radical/anarchist sites always get to make these highly-suspicious tech choices, dogdamnit!?

Do it well of just don't do it! If you ain't geek enough to start forums/sites using ADEQUATE technology, then just do something else...

And there's open source and safer solutions than Proboards for forums.

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