FRR 88: We Just Want to Have Some Fun

  • Posted on: 5 November 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Rydra and Squee host and discuss the horrors of Highland Hospital in Oakland, give report backs from Crimethinc’s “To Change Everything” tour, discuss affinity and what means?, PBS documentaries on America’s youth and how that relates to anarchy, and boring vs fun politix/anti-politix

listen here:
or here:
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Here are some goddamned fucking time stamps:

0:00:00 – 0:07:20: Hospital Hell

0:07:20 – 0:14:44: Show contents, Announcements, Audio books, Old jobs New jobs

0:14:45 – 0:26:40: CrimethINC’s “To Change Everything” tour

~break~ 0:26:40 – 0:28:06: Sex Automata; by the Ex Models ~break~

0:28:07 – 0:37:49: CrimethINC – their audience and views, alienation from industrial infrastructure and TV shows about how shit is

0:37:50 – 0:46:00: Boring vs. Fun politics

0:46:00 – 1:06:00: Affinity?

~break~ 1:06:00 – 1:09:30: All Of California And Everyone Who Lives There Stinks; by World/Inferno Friendship Society ~break~

1:09:30 – 1:28:00: “Hydra” and Squee discuss the Kids and some PBS documentaries

This episode of FRR was brought to you by the disembodied, soulless, and amoral voices of rydra wrong & Squee.

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Shouldn't anarchist podcasts skip episode 88 like hotels skip the 13th floor? Just a bad luck number.

Should we also remove a key from every piano? Lol.

yeah, fuck that too

So, is this an audio-perzine now? The first 33 minutes (the time stamps above are totally wrong) have nothing whatsoever to do with anarchism, not even an everyday anarchist life.

Are you trying to make a criticism? If so, it's so weak that it is hard to tell. You seem to just want to whinge about something. Did they not talk about "the streets" enough for you?

her ber der bah der puh duh buh dewwww

tell me about the everday anarchist life. Wait, don't. This may turn into a perzine. Dweeb.

A fitting song for the title of this episode:



anarchists still not over screamo / electroclash

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