FRR Audibooks: ITS Communiques 3+4 and Buffo the Clown!

  • Posted on: 14 May 2017
  • By: Dirtroll

Free Radical Radio is on a fucking roll and we won't stop until our rock hits the bottom, at which point we will push it back up this mountain, or maybe another one!

We continue the Individualists Tending Toward The Wild recording series with communiques 3 and 4, and we also bring you Buffo the Clown by Angela Carter!

There has been exactly one important thing published in response to our first release of ITS communiques #1 + #2. Maldición Eco-extremista linked to the release and provided a brief history of the evolution of ITS. Atassa then translated it to English. I suggest you read it, as it can very useful to put these earliest communiques into the present context. Like you and I, ITS hasn't a static position or identity.

Speaking of identity, the Angela Carter reading, pulling from Nights at the Circus, tackles themes of identity. Identity, not as in "our inner self" or "who we REALLY are" but as a malleable creation that is ours to design (though we are not free of the consequences), with nothing underneath. A traveling circus is the perfect place to create a spectacular expression of performative self. A feat that is not easy - after all, it's "given to few to shape ourselves". What happens when one's identity/self-hood begins to crack - to flake away, like white paint off of a clown's mask - and one is confronted with the void?

As always, you can contact us at with criticisms, praise, electronic parcel bombs, thoughts on the readings, or suggestions for future readings!



Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

Good to know, chaps!

These eco-radicals belong on the lunatic fringe not hanging around us trying to stink up the good name of anarchy.

Ha keep up with the good name of anarchy bra. Anarchy only becomes interesting when its not good. Fuck thats where anarchy starts.

Tag queen. Keep up the good work FRR. Finally interesting ideas.

4th isn't there


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