FRR Audio: A Burglar's Guide to the City

  • Posted on: 22 December 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Some musings on the buildings around us and those that exploit it.

[link to audio]

A Burglar’s Guide to the City explores the architectural world around us by examining the movements of those that defy those structures and the “correct” way they’re supposed to be used. If we’ve managed to move beyond the social and moral boundaries of this world, burglars have defied the more literal functions of inside, outside, floor, ceiling, or path, hall, doorway – and maybe ‘human’.

“People cut into one room only to emerge from the one next door moments later—but they do so on all fours, using doors meant for animals, or they squirm through holes in the floor like worms, like serpents, as if shape-shifting back and forth between species, between minerals and plants, burrowing their way into buildings before disappearing again through the ceiling in ways that architects would never have imagined nor planned.”

This excerpt features many stories of burglars and criminals who messed up and got caught (or betrayed, in the case of George Leonidas Leslie – who was responsible for 80 percent of bank robberies in the entire country during his peak). If a burglary is successful, chances are the normie journalist who wrote this book didn’t hear about it (one major exception being the Hole in the Ground Gang). Maybe the best outlaws don’t make the history books… at all?

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Quote of the Year:
"Maybe the best outlaws don’t make the history books… at all?"

And the kings of history books also used to be bandits.

squatters/ex-squatters (a huge portion of us) make great potential burglars... just sayin..

the obvious comparison for this to me (yes, i know it's aluded too in the piece.:)) in the modern day is hacking. simply the application of linux, programing languages and whatnot towards breaking into systems and software instead of building them. The building copies of the banks in warehouses reminded me of setting up Virtual Machines with vulnerable or out of date software to practice exploiting them without a hitch. they even have a term for what's being talked about here, it is called Urban Exploration and cool shit like alarm and CCTV hacking has become prevalent with the 'IoT' hacking craze.

Loved it.
More like this please.

A group of new friends I've recently met up with rave about being buttocks- burglars, could someone please explain what this is as Im new to their scene and don't want to appear naive or inexperienced. There's a big party tomorrow and they've promised to 'initiate my sphincter' whatever that means. Thanks in advance ;)

Looks like you're on your way to get initiated to NA anarchism! But that'll be funnier if I don't explain what that means... But don't worry, as my buddies were telling me when I was a teenage skater, it first hurts, then afterwards the ride is smooter.

Thankyou so much, when you think of it, all of lifes journeys hurt at first and experience over time wears the path down so to speak. Can't wait to be inducted into the NA milieu, I shall stoically bear the initiation with pride and joy.

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