FRR audiobook recording: Against the Logic of Work by Apio Ludd

  • Posted on: 8 June 2017
  • By: thecollective

Listen here

Work dominates most of our lives… so much so that even when we’re able to escape from our employers, we often re-create its logic by working towards a revolution, or some other abstract ideal of the future.

So take a break from your work, from your future, and enjoy this short recording featuring scintillating musical interludes and an exotic accent for your aural pleasure.

This is the first in a series of short pieces by Apio Ludd.

Recording by ChooseLife

The text this recording is based on can be found here



Against the logic of work -- SSI benefits!

Passive drop-outs of the US, unite!

work work work, that's all he does -- for the benefit of the working class.

If you posers would get a grip for once and finally grasp that Keating may not be the guy we want but perhaps he's the guy we need. He predicted the downfall of the Bay Area to yuppie scum and as long as people ignore the message for the messenger, we are all going to die. Support humanity. Support Keating.

Especially when he pretends to be someone else and not him who is posting to show "support" for Keating.

He predicted the downfall of the Bay Area to yuppie scum - and couldn't do anything about it because he's just as much of a loser as the people he makes fun of except worse because he doesn't realize it

There is clearly something psychotic about his inability to realize what a caricature he has become.

for me as I question & test the values & assumptions underpinning my relationship with the concept. Two days without food, and I've imbibed water for the first time in about twelve house hours as a part of these inquiries. A fine line between egoism/nihilism & strugglismo in the end, I suppose. Looking forward to listening.

"...a revolution, or some other abstract ideal of the future."

Only an anarchist subcultural gasbag who has never attempted to assert their precious principals outside of their very small and narrow comfort zone posits that revolution s just an "abstract idea." Why would you want to take part in real world social struggles when you can get SSI benefits, anyway? opposed to people who're too busy at work to take part in any practice that rejects capitalist structures?

Is it me or you're just spouting more of the reactionary condescendence against people on welfare? Perhaps you could try being friends with them instead of just hanging out with your hacker elite crowd of hard-workers, and that would give them a reason to do something more relevant than nothing.

Sheepishly and passively objecting to work is harmless. It's on the exact same wavelength as that line, if you don't like your job, go get another one. This society can endlessly tolerate passive objections to its prevalent institutions. It can't tolerate resistance that threatens its cycle of value -- that means mass collective direct action, in the real world, among people who don't struggle to accrue subcultural capital by selling 'zines at anarchist bookfairs. Atomized anti-work stuff from career SSI beneficiaries is also in harmony with the self-indulgent, trivial and relentlessly juvenile character of most of what I encountered in what gets called anarchism in the United States in the third of a century that I was in or around that scene. The anarchist subculture is a safe space for puerile fantasy projections and magical thinking. What maters is an authentic commitment to ongoing real world social struggles against market society, not being passive and dependent and then arrogantly fantasizing that this makes you a great rebel. A little more fully adult-type self-awareness is required here.

I don't think there's anything wrong with getting SSI -- although I would not choose to do it myself -- but pretending that this is a hallmark of implacable inssurectionism is only useful as a punch-line from Bart on 'The Simpsons.'

We already inhabit "mass collective direct action." That is the status quo, the paradigm, the mode of life in mass society which we are familiar with. The only way to cooridate massive numbers of people (greater than the dozen or hundreds) is to step out of the natural, embodied human abilities to communicate and sense their world. An external system becomes required. A technology. A synthetic nervous system becomes the coordinator. That is what we know, and what you are espousing.

Many people desire to control the reigns. The pastoral mindset. These people wish to fight each other. These people require supporters sympathetic to them, and utilize the most unsavory means in order to garner them. Which ones might you use?

Clearly you qualify for SSI...

Even the smallest forms if state dole I've considered aren't within my grasp due to appearing too healthy, or I'm assumed to occupy too comfortable an existence already. Skin's not dark enough, facial proportions not compatible, in decent health, incorrect sexual organs. Big one is needing permanent addresses, something I've been without for a long time. There's a zillion hoops you have to jump through to get state donations, usually all decided via sexist or racist criteria. This is the modern manifestion of old Democratic slave-caretaking mentalities--the owned & managed subject who is required for the plantation owner/bureaucrat.

Not to paint this all as a necessarily "bad thing." The common "northerner" alternative was the rented subject. Wage slavery. It fit with the Christian work ethic, which also required much piety & virtue signalling; hence, abolitionism.

I think Chomsky once brought up the hypothetical: is it better to be owned or rented?

The address thing is true but you strayed off in to the shithead swamp when you implied that racism and sexism are preventing you from getting the dole, sounds like whiny bullshit. I'm a relatively able-bodied white boy who's been on welfare, it also varies by region and many other variables but no, not discrimination except in regards to your presumed poverty. Focus on class and avoid sounding like a shithead comrade! ;)

"Focus on class and avoid sounding like a shithead comrade! ;)"

Can this be the new tagline for @news?

I'm sure Aragorn would be pleased

The other person chose to just mock you and that's understandable but seriously, don't you think the context of collective action is pretty important? You can make primmie arguments about how anything beyond a band of hunter/gatherers always involves coercion and exploitation but I've personally seen exceptions to this rule.

So you are causing harm to capitalism by... going to work. Got that.

And you think I'm refusing... or just not being too motivated by work just out of some desperate will to change something with mass society, to have an effect on it? Did the thought ever occured in your mind that people may be doing things out of self-interest, like say... you only maintaining contacts with some dudes or dudettes based on implicit, half-conscious sexual drives, desire to have fun with friends, to gain personal status in a gang, or just have some good friends?

Nowhere did I implied SSI to be any "hallmark of implacable inssurectionism". For me and many ohers it's only a partial -and hopefully temporary!- solution to NOT having any other means of sustenance within or especially without the money system. Like you know the means that some anarchs around could be developping if they weren't so much into being unaccountable for their ideas and pretenses.

For instance... I've known many French anarchists who've cancelled their suscription to welfare. Not for some jobs. Not even because they were begging in the streets. But because they were living in occupations, stealing/dumpstering/begging for food, and beyond that they didn't require much money for the rest.

But feel free to keep working hard towards the Great Evening that will happen sometime in either 2057 or 2268.. depending on the weather conditions.

As opposed to your ethos of weakness, self-indulgent, individualist drop-out trip. You are no threat to anything, at a time that is more optimal for conscious, ongoing, organized mass collective direct action than any previous period in the existence of the US.

Haha you're funny with these lazy projections. THe fact that I don't work for some wage slavery job doesn't make me less apt at breaking you in at least a few parts or zooming in on you big time on a bike for a side kick.

"at a time that is more optimal for conscious, ongoing, organized mass collective direct action than any previous period in the existence of the US."

Yeah we really bit a bullet there with not getting elected. There'd be even fewer marches than there are now. Thankfully we got Trump, who will inspire the one true Rev. Did you vote for him, comrade? Should have.

I suppose we could start a crowdfund to pay Keaitng a ticket to either China or Nigeria so he gets to be on the frontlines of working for benefit of the global proletariat.

Scrape a thin layer of dirt off of the perspectives of people like the author of "The Strange Binary World of 09:55..." (Okay, let's make that a thick layer of dirt!) and you've got the subculture stinker's version of the prevalent vales of US consumer society; its rank adolescent narcissism and it's demand that the rest of the world will simply have to indulge these dull and sheepish people.

values, not "vales."

invokes the industrial factory worker paradigm. Those jobs would be preferable to service & computer operation. They are less alienated from the worker's efforts & embody forms of the heroic. This fueled industrialism's golden age & it's worker's pride; built all the old rust belt cities.

Laptops are a machine more complex than the cogs & wheels seen in evocative black-and-white photos, yet no one present the keyboard-bound computer-user as slaving over a machine.

Good point. Those photos of 1960s typing pools are not far removed from slaving over a machine, sweat-shops, especially pre-electric type-writers, arthritis in the hands etc, though in those days it was a rite of passage preceding marriage and urban bliss as a house wife and mother. The heroic worker building armaments was the penultimate image.

An artifact of the 1960s? What about pushing one's mind & body to their limits in the pursuit of a goal, or skill, or technique? This is often painfull. Sometimes it hurts to make art, the sublime, or exercise. This is struggling.

What of the distinctions between pain, discomfort, effort, toil, and work?

Whether or not some other random fucker that you don't know or care about is profiting off of your efforts.


"I've known many French anarchists who've cancelled their suscription to welfare."

Then they are hella-stupid. Thee's nothing wrong with getting or scamming benefits for the bourgeois state --but anyone who puts this fairly miserable survival option forward as the ne plus ultra of insurecto-ism is a narcissist fool who has a lot of growing up to do. And they are probably also a kind of harmless passive social parasite, since there's a high ninety percent chance that they do not now, nor have they ever, contributed time and effort to some kind of real world social struggle against bosses/landlords/the sate/market society. The sluggards I encountered in a context of anti-gentrification efforts in San Francisco 18 years ago who were into this line of passive and self-indulgent hooey were of total practical uselessness in real world social struggle terms.

Well you obviously don't know French bureacracy and how it makes it many times heavier and exhausting to stay on welfare than in, say, Sugar Daddy State Canada. While they jobless are granted free access to fulll healthcare including dental care -France having one of the best healtcare infrastructure in the world- the rest of the benefits are pretty scarce so they aren't worth all the pains especially if you don't need them.

Oh and btw, Kevin Keating fuck off to Cambodia or something.

"Oh and btw, Kevin Keating fuck off to Cambodia or something."

The usual rational, easy to take serious, adult response in stinky -- oops! Let's make that,'personal hygene-challenged' --adolescent-to-prepubescent-feeb-land...burn what you believe to be your opponents effect, they always go run to mommy...

"Sugar daddy state Canada..."

Says an anarchist of the right-wing variety.

Says a so-called anarchist of dogmatic Left-wing variety...

And yeah, compared to other G8 countries Canada still has quite a generous welfare system, even though it's been eroding and being constrained lately.

And this just in... welfare States are still contrary to anarchy. They are the best compromise to buy out the proles, who ARE being massively bought out.

Go back to your socialist pipedream, bozo.

for someone who proclaims he is anti-commodity and anti-consumerism, this well-known clown can't stop himself from shilling for the deodorant industry: "The usual rational, easy to take serious, adult response in stinky -- oops! Let's make that,'personal hygene-challenged'"

If the stink in thy nose offends thee, Keating, cut it off -- your up-in-the-air nose, that is -- and thou shall smell no more.

The suggestion here is for hot water and soap -- for all too obvious reasons this is quite alien to you...

Only with toned-down language and no insults.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

But how long will this last? When will your pathetic resentment and jealous rise up again, and choke you?

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